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A fire burned deep inside my soul, it would give my mind no rest So to rid myself of hope and dreams, I embarked

upon this quest. I armed myself with all I had, bittersweet regret and sorrow; Just the memory of your laughter, had I sought in vain to borrow. To the heart of the great, ancient forests, slowly I made my way; In the solace of their long shadow, there I stopped down to pray. And in there I saw, the color, with which their hearts were built; And the rustling of brown leaves, spoke unto me of great guilt. My journeys took me ever forward, by my thirst I was known and bound. To seek the deep primordial rivers; flowing free beneath the ground. And I asked them to recount their story. To the surface, how they rise? And they told me of the secret life they lead, hidden deep inside your eyes. From the slumbering earth I rose, filled now with knowledge quite profound, I searched for the secluded lakes, where trace of man is seldom found. In their waters I found enlightenment, of your presence but a trace; They told me of the time you visited, and had filled them with your grace. With forlorn steps, my desire led the way when my will was all but weak To the farthest reaches of forsaken mountaintops, up, upon on their highest peak My sight fell upon the whitest snow; now covered in shame and sin, Ever since it gazed upon you; envious of the color, of your alabaster skin. My eyes took to the skies, and in the brightest stars I found you there! Your smile was there, just out of reach, the pain more than I can bear. I took a step, I tried to grab you, alas; it was a step too far. And I fell down to the ground, broken; in vain tried reaching a star.