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Twitter is a new social media that helps people connected to other.

This media attracts everybody because it provides oppurtunity to share activies quickly and easily. People agree that twitter is interesting because it can be used easily. Beside that, on twitter we do not need to confirm someone who wants to be our follower. Another benefit of using twitter is we can follow many celebs that we like. We are able to know what they have done recently. People prefer twitter because it acan be navigated easily. The twitter has only a few buttons to operate. Some people say that they dont like twitter. They fell taht twitter is not intersting. There are only a few character that can be posted on twitter. It is only 140 characters. It makes people very difficult to express their idea freely. People seem to dislike Twitter because it is often over posted. They say that yhey are often disappointed when they cannot log into twitter because of full tweeps. Twitter is good for someone who wants to tell something in short text. It seems more effective and efficient.

Situation : Kholid is walking while playing handphone, suddenly he run against fadhil

K : sorry-sorry i didnt look you F : its okay K : my name is kholid F : im Fadhil, it semms that youre playing handphone? K : yeah youre right, im online twitter F : twitter? K : yes, do you have any twitter account ? F : no, i doesnt have K : why you doesnt have, its very pleased if you have a twitter account F : i dont really like twitter K : why, twitter is have a lot of fun you know? F : not for me, i think twitter is not interesting at all K : why do you think that? F : beacuse There are only a few character that can be posted on twitter. It make me difficult to express my idea freely, and sometimes people can fights because of twitter. K : but, ithink twitter is very interseting, because we can follow many celebs that we like, and we can know what they have done recently. And we can share our experience or other. F : yeah, youre right about that, but im still think that twitter have more disadvantage. K : all of the things have advantage and disadvantage depend on who used it. F : yeah, i have to go now, see you K : see you

Name Class

: Fadhil Arrizal Z (16) M. Kholid S. (25) : XII IPA 4