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IV – Narra
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Mr. Jerry Tejares

Situation : Tina and Rose went to the mall to buy things they need at home.

Tina : We only have ₱273.50. What should we buy? Rose : Mother said, “ We have to buy things that would cost about ₱273.50 only. What should we buy? Tina : We go to the kitchenware section and see if there is an item worth ₱273.50. Rose : What kind of kitchenware do you think we can buy with ₱273.50? Tina: That’s why we go there and see. Rose : I know now what to buy. Tina : What? Rose: We lack plates because I accidentally broke 5 plates yesterday, remember that? Tina : Good idea. Rose : How many plates can we buy with ₱273.50? Tina : That will depend on the kind of plate we want. Rose : Ok! Let’s go now.

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