Defining Data Warehouse Structures

Data Warehouse Data Sources Staging Area Data Marts End User Data Access

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Data Warehouse Structures Overview Data Warehouse OLAP End User Data Access Data Marts .

Sales_Fact TimeKey EmployeeKey ProductKey CustomerKey ShipperKey Sales Amount Unit Sales . Customer_Dim CustomerKey CustomerID ....The Star Schema Employee_Dim EmployeeKey EmployeeID . Product_Dim ProductKey ProductID .... .... Time_Dim TimeKey TheDate .. Shipper_Dim ShipperKey ShipperID ...

Describing Dimensions   Describing Business Entities Containing Attributes That Provide Context to Numeric Data Presenting Data Organized into Hierarchies  .

Identifying Primary Keys  Primary Keys   Identify Uniqueness Are the Dimension Columns Referenced in the Fact Table product_dim_key product_id_app  Two Candidates  Application Keys (app suffix) Are Source Data Values That Identify Uniqueness Surrogate Keys (key suffix) Are System-generated Integers That Identify Uniqueness  .

Defining Hierarchies Understanding Benefits of Hierarchies   Allow end users to view data at different levels of summarization Provide drill down / drill up paths of analysis Drill Down Drill Up   Implementing Hierarchies   Denormalized star schema dimensions Normalized snowflake dimensions .

Snowflaked Dimension Tables   Defines Hierarchies by Using Multiple Dimension Tables Is More Normalized than a Single Table Dimension .

Customer. Product. and Order Date Inventory Data By Inventory Date.Describing Fact Tables Sales Data By Product. and Warehouse .

Identifying Fact Table Components Dimension Tables customer_dim 201 ALFI Alfreds customer_key product_key time_key quantity_sales amount_sales 201 25 134 400 10. and order date .789 Sales_fact Table Foreign Keys Measures product_dim 25 123 Chai time_dim 134 1/1/2000 The grain of the sales_fact table is defined by the lowest level of detail stored in each dimension associated with the fact table The grain of the sales_fact table is sales data by customer ID. product ID.

Defining Foreign Keys FOREIGN KEY Constraint time_dim_key product_key customer_key order_date_key FOREIGN KEY Constraint customer_dim_key FOREIGN KEY Constraint product_dim_key  Physically implement the relationship between FK columns of the fact table and PKs of dimension tables Enforce referential integrity between the dimension tables and the fact table  .

Relational Schemas and OLAP Data Warehouse OLAP End User Data Access Data Marts .

OLAP Database Components  Numeric Measures  Data values or facts that users analyze  Dimensions    Business categories that provide context to numeric measures Sourced from columns in star schema dimensions Members are organized into hierarchies Combine dimensions and measures into one conceptual model  Cubes   Logical storage medium for an OLAP database .

Relational Dimensions vs. OLAP Dimensions REGION West East STATE CA OR MA NY REGION West West East East REGION West CA OR East MA NY OLAP Relational .

OLAP Dimension Fundamentals Year Time Dimension Table Year 1999 1999 Quarter Month Q1 Q1 … Jan Feb … Quarter … Month RELATIONAL OLAP .

Dimension Family Relationships  Drinks is the Parent of Tea and Coffee Tea and Coffee are Children of Drinks Tea and Columbian are Descendants of Drinks Drinks Tea Lemon Earl Grey Coffee Columbian       Tea and Drinks are Ancestors of Earl Grey Tea and Coffee are Siblings Lemon and Columbian are Cousins All are dimension Members .

Cube Measures      Are the Numeric Values of Principal Interest Correspond to a Fact Table’s Facts (or Measures) Intersect All Dimensions at All Levels Are Aggregated at All Levels of Detail Form a Dimension .

The Cube Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2002 Ave Units Sales Net Sales Units Price Dollars Measures Dimension Grapes Cherries Melons Apples .

Querying a Cube Q1 1000 Q2 Q3 Grapes Cherries Melons Apples Ave Sales Net Sales Units Units Price Dollars Measures Dimension Q4 .

Defining a Cube Slice Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Ave Units Sales Units Net Sales Price Dollars Grapes Cherries Melons Apples Measures Dimension .