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Autodesk Revit Tutorial

Autodesk Revit Tutorial

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Published by: Pasupuleti Chennakeshavulu P on Mar 22, 2013
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In this exercise, you create a door schedule. After creating the fields, you specify a sorting order and reformat
the headers to clarify the schedule organization.



Training File


➤ Open.

■In the left pane of the Open dialog, click Training Files, and open

Create a door schedule

1Click View tab ➤ Create panel ➤ Schedules drop-down ➤ Schedule/Quantities.

2In the New Schedule dialog, under Category, select Doors, and click OK.

3On the Fields tab of the Schedule Properties dialog, under Available fields, select Mark, and click


4Using the previous method, add the following fields to the schedule in this order:




■Frame Type

■Frame Material

■Fire Rating


5On the Sorting/Grouping tab, for Sort by, select Mark.

The schedule will be sorted by door number.

6On the Formatting tab, under Fields, select Mark, and for Heading, type Door #.

7Under Fields, select Frame Type, and for Heading, type Type.

Later, Frame Type and Frame Material will be grouped together in the schedule under the heading
Frame, so you delete the word ''frame'' from the individual headers.

8Using the previous method, change the heading for Frame Material to Material.

9Click OK.

The schedule is created and displayed. Values already assigned to the objects in the projects
automatically populate the door schedule.

272 | Chapter 16 Defining Schedules

Group the schedule headers

You group the headers for the frame columns and the door size columns.

10Click and drag the cursor to select both the Type and Material column headings.

11On the Schedule panel, for Headers, click Group.

12Click in the new header, and type Frame.

13Using the previous method, group the Width and Height columns, and in the header, type Size.

14Close the file with or without saving it.

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