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Mahesh Satish Saraf J-54/A, Ground floor, Vijayshree Colony, N-5, CIDCO, Aurangabad 431003


CONTACT (M) +91 9595377977

To accept challenging problems in VLSI and Embedded systems and use successfully new skills for implementation and enhancement.

S.S.C. ( class x ) , Mukul Mandir, Aurangabad, Maharashtra State Board, 86.16%. H.S.C. ( class xii ) , D. G. Ruparel, Mumbai, Maharashtra State Board, 62.00%.. B.E.( E & TC), JNEC, Aurangabad, Dr. BAMU.,67% Aggregate Marks : 60% M.Tech (VLSI & ES), COEP, Pune, SGPA 5.86/10 (end of 1st sem).

PROJECTS SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED : (i) Project on digital notice & announcement board using wireless system, JNEC, (July 2011-April 2012) Description : The Project is based on the wireless Displays using AVR
microcontroller and AUBTM-23 (Bluetooth) which displays the notices and announcements simultaneously by using a LCD & Speaker simultaneusly.

Key Results : By using AUBTM 23 Bluetooth IC and interface with the AVR
microcontroller we can send data in the form of Notices on the LCD and an audio file as an announcements on Speakers in a finite area, so that we can save the time and human efforts and lots of paper work simultaneously.

Signal processing application including etc.8 to 1 MUX.(ii) Mini project on automatic traffic signal control by using 8051 controller. (Jan 2011-April 2011) Description : The working set up having capability to control traffic at precise time interval. JNEC.E (e.etc) Matlab. with the interfacing of 8051 microcontroller and LEDs as traffic signal. Fifo etc.g. 8 to 1 MUX. Assignments in M. PROFICIENCY IN PROGRAMMING : (i) C language.E.g. Shift Registers. Key Results: It controls the traffic by using the specific delay. . Assignments in S.g. Assignments in F. Assignments in B.(e.E I have used C language in the projects of B.) Embedded C language.Tech (e. course (e. Movable Thumb potentiometer reading using adc and data display on PC via UART etc) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) RECENT TRENDS / RESEARCH INTEREST : PSoC – 3 microcontroller by Cypress References will be furnished if requested. Assignments in M.) Verilog HDL language.g.