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A Project Report On


GUIDED BY Prof. K.G.Taunk Prof.Mital Shah

I undersign Mr. makasana sanjay v. a student of F.Y.B.B.A. studing in om vvim college of morbi, Declare that the project work done in this report is prepared by me under fully supervision of prof. mital shah and has not been previously submitted to any university for any examination. Date: Place: _______________ [Sign of Student]

In today’s modern business world is placed on a very complex and intricate political and economic environment. The new technologies are adopted and have influenced by environmental factor. The opportunity and challenges provided by these environment have profound import on the business type of product to be manufactured and marketed. Business may also be considered as one of the essential function of the society carried on primarly on the society. To know about more as a student of F.Y.B.B.A. conducted industrial visit of BALAJI WAFERS. From his visit much knowledge of practical studies is gained more than theoretical studies. Thus, I take this project as an opportunity to make better future this project report is the result of co-operation of company. By guide, and my hard effort. So in respect of my practical training, I am presenting this report.

I am thankful to saurashtra university to include such type of practical subject in our study. An attempt was made by me regarding this subject to Know more. This project have given me better understanding about the subject. I am also thankful to the company BALAJI WAFERS for giving me ample assistance to make this project great success.

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(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) General Information The Company Brief History Production Department Personnel Department Marketing Department Finance Department Research & Development Strategy

(10) Future Plans & Goal (11) Suggestion (12) Conclusion


Taluka: . LTD.”  Address: Balaji Wafers Pvt. Gujarat (India)  Form of Business: Private Limited Company  Head Office: Balaji Wafers Pvt. Gujarat (India)  Chairman: Bikhubhai Virani  Banker: Co-operation Bank  Auditor: D. Ltd...Rajkot – 360 003. District: . K. Vajdi (Vad). Ltd. Patel & Company .Lodhika. Name of the Company: “BALAJI WAFERS PVT.Lodhika. Kalawad Road. Kalawad Road.Rajkot – 360 003. Taluka: . District: . Vajdi (Vad).

 Establishment Year: 1982  Phone No.000 Sq.BalajiWafers.: 91-281-2783755-56-89-90-91-92  Fax:  E-mail: contact@balajiwafers.281 – 2783747  URL:  Total Area Covered: 85. M. .

Converting dreams into reality it leads them to the biggest potato wafers plant of India. present and the future of Balaji group. You are invited to travel the past. The Balaji plant covres over 85. Its big taste revenue i.The Company The makers of ‘Balaji Group’ brand wafers and namkeen food products has deep faith in God & in good taste.000 sq. turnover touched to the crore rupees milestone. .e. m. Balaji Group has 90% shares of wafers market and 70% shares of namkeen market in Gujarat. area in the outskirts of Rajkot city.

Due to the short supply of that product they decided to make their own product line in year 1982.Brief History The journey of Balaji Group in year 1976 by the member of Virani family. The fame of taste reached to the whole Gujarat hence it was time to takeover the whole Gujarat so the biggest automatic plant of Gujarat came into the picture. Rajkot. By the overwhelming retail success they inspired to set a semi automatic plant. . Quenching the demand of Gujarat. Instead of preparing wafers by the traditional frying method this semi automatic plant boosted the quality. Maharashtra and Rajasthan region Balaji group is now looking forward to march over India. taste and more sales also. For supplying wafers and namkeens of local brands to the patrons of Astron Cinema.


Production Department PRODUCTS: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) Potato Wafer Masal Potato Wafer Banana Wafer Masala Banana Wafer Farali Chevdo Alu Sev Ratlami Sev Chana Dal Mung Dal (10) Vatana (11) Sing Bhujiya (12) Tikha Mitha Mix (13) Masala Sing (14) Sadi Sing (15) Chataka Pataka (16) Masala Sing (17) Tomato Masti .

Objectives of Production Department  The Nature of production issues & ways to improve effectiveness & efficiency.      Manufacturing Process: “Manufacturing process means step by step conversion of one form of material into another through chemical or mechanical process. Probable future Development is operations planning & control. Managerial planning & control for nature of production & operation. Managerial techniques is required for planning & control. Techniques for improving productivity.” .

                             Raw Materials: Choicest Potatoes Edible Oil Chilly Powder Iodized Salt Sugar Choicest Banana Pipper Powder Peanuts Splits Choicest Gram Splits Choicest Peas Black Gram Blown Math Bean Flour Starch Mint Oil Rich Flakes Corn Flakes Green Gram Curry Leaves Sesams Coriander Black Peppets Currim Seeds Ajovan Roasted Gram Splits Amchur Powder Turmeric Powder Black Salt Rich Meal .

 Inventory: There is no question arise for inventory because it’s a good industry so all the production will be the brush so there is no need for inventory arrangement. Ltd.  Waste Mgt. System: There is no specific waste Mgt. . Production Process: Raw Material Washed of Potato Packing Boiling of Potato Masala Mixing Slices of Potato  Production Lay Out: Company follows line production layout. Water used in Balaji Wafers Pvt. is lean & pure. System.

. strength. dimensions. weight etc. workmanship. According to Alott and Beauty quality control is the mechanism by which products are made to upto the specifications determined from the customers demands & transformed into sales. Ltd. Quality control is a technique by means of which products of uniform. Ltd. As like other department Balaji Wafers Pvt. technology. Ltd. Technology: Company manufactures their product through high & imported  Quality Control: Quality is related concept related to certain predetermined characteristics with such asshaps. It is concerned with making things right rather than discovering and rejecting those made wrong.  Capacity of Production: Capacity of production of Balaji Wafers Pvt. test their quality is laboratory. Acceptable quality are manufactured. color. composition. In order words is the systematic process and which subsequently affect the excellence of the finished product. is 4500 Kg. of chips per hour.   Quality Standard: Quality Testing: ISO Balaji Wafer Pvt. finish. has also quality control as Balaji Wafers is good and their product are fresh. engineering and manufacturing requirements. time. Potato and make 1200 Kg.


Thus this type of atmosphere in the organization has ultimately created feeling in the employees to be loyal & efficient in their work. Personnel management is that part of general manager which is primarily concern with human constituents of an organization or from the national point of view the knowledge. So that they get maximum satisfaction out of their work & give their best efforts to the organization. Ltd.Personnel Department Introduction “Personnel administration is a method of developing the potentialities of employees. Balaji Wafers Pvt. skill creative abilities talent. Because of this importance. company has also its own separate personnel department. this is effectively describes the process of planning & directing human resource in an organization. the workers are fully satisfied in every aspect. The relation between the top management and workers are very good. & aptitude obtained in the population whereas from the view point of the individual enterprise they represents the total of the inherent abilities acquired knowledge & skill as accomplices in the talent and attitude of employees. The work of the personnel department is concerned with procurement. Major goals. The problems of workers are given importance and are solved in the best possible manner. . development compensation integration & maintenance of personnel with an object of continuing forward organization.

the most valuable assets of company is human being is well managed by the personnel department. .  Organization of Personnel Department: The internal or structure of the personnel department varies widely in different companies. Company. personnel function are discharged by time executives. But in the large company. in small companies. Ltd. Personnel department is managed by personnel department manager of the company of personnel department is Mr.Thus. Raghuvirsinh Parmar. where personnel activities are generally as complex nature a separate department is organized for the purpose which is called personnel department as in Balaji Wafers Pvt. depending upon that size for example.

In practice however prospective employees to seek out organization just as organization seek out them. Therefore. the job of recruitment is based on the musing ready where success of both parties is dependent on timing. in the organization. The three factors should be considered as the time of recruitment is as under:  The source of recruitment can be divided as follows: (1) (2) Internal Source External Source . According to above definition recruitment is a prospecting job where organizations make such for prospective employees.Recruitment. Selection and Induction  Recruitment: Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employee and stimulating them to apply for the job.

This makes selection a negative “function”. In doing so naturally many application are rejected. newspaper advertisements.  External Source: External source include recruitment and human resource agencies. It is also called internal source. Sometimes but at different location. Selection is done comparing the requirements of the job with the applicants qualification an attempt is made to find a round page for a round word. An employee working in the organization is asked if there friends relatives etc. (1) (2) Internal Recruitment. Internal Source: Internal Source means source are sought from within the organization. . is using following sources of recruitment. wish to work in the organization. Ltd. Balaji Wafers Pvt.  Selection: “ candidates are screened by the application of his test qualified applicants go on to the next hurdle. External Recruitment. while the unqualified are eliminated. campus interviews etc.” Selection as the name implies involves speaking for hire a subset of workers from the total set of workers who have applied for the job.

Final Selection. There is different procedure for application for in different organization.  Application Form: An application form is a traditional widely accept device for getting information for a prospective applicant which will be able for manager to make a proper selection. Ltd. It attempt to discover qualification and characteristics of the job application at each step we learn more about the prospective employee. The selection procedure is basically a series of personnel studies. reference etc. Placement. hobbies.The selection produces the works best on foundation provided by the job analysis and requirement. Reference Checking. Here candidates has to write some information like biographical letter. educational achievements. expected salary. . But basic process remains the same as above. work experience. (1) (2) (3) (4) Application Form. company adopts following steps for selection of right person on the job. if an information given by candidate is right then company will select them for next stage. Due to above described important Balaji Wafers Pvt. The form provides preliminary information as well as aid in the interview by indicating areas of interest and discussion.

 Patterned Interview: Patterned interview is the interview in which questions to be asked to candidates are pre decided. Its purpose is not to make a detailed probe of qualification but application form to those who can’t be employed because some genuine reason.  Un-patterned Interview: Un-patterned interview is the interview in which questions to be asked to candidate are not pre decided. Other forms of interview are patterned interview and unpatented interview. . Interviewer prepares a question bank to ask to the candidate. A preliminary interview becomes necessary. Two interviews – preliminary and final. Generally occur during the selection process. Interview: An inter view is a face to face observation and personnel appraisal method of evaluation the applicant where the interview is higher & status is in a dominant role. The interview asks the candidates question on the spot. which kind of & how to ask un-patterned question. It depends on the interviewes and interviewer. Where as large number of candidates are asking for application form.

It creates an interest for candidate to use this abilities.  Final Selection: If a candidate successfully passes. policies and purpose of the organization. The surroundings & introduction to the parties. it is well coming process.  Induction: Induction is a technique by which new employees rehabilitated in to the change. make him fill as home & generate in him a felling that his on job. In other words. The procedure places reliance on the evaluation of former employers friends and professional persons checks on references are made by mail or by telephone & occasionally in person or by using a reference form. Reference Checking: The use of reference checking is common in most selection as it involves little time and money and minimum of efforts.  Placement: Placement may be considered as the determination of the job to which and accepted candidate is to consigned. It is the task to match people with the position. however small his meaningful as significances as pass of the total organization. This is the last stage for selection procedure. then he is finally selected for a vacancies which occurs into the organization. . The idea is to well a new comer.

There are different kinds of training following are the type of training. Training by ment or etc. the most careful section does not eliminate the need for training. he will feed his family. . knowledge. Classroom Training. he will eat it. The training & development needs of its employees without seriously arrihilating its performance.Training and Development  Training: “Training is short term process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which known managerial personnel who born technical knowledge and skill for a definite purpose. No big industrial organization can long binger. It training work is good. Balaji Wafers Pvt. Role Playing. (1) (2) (3) (4) On the job training. also gives training to their workers in on the job bases. then company gives service to these employees. Ltd. Employee training is the process where by people born the skill. Even.” “Give a man a fish.” This is a same which highlights the importance of training a man. attitude and behaviour needed in order to perform their job effectively. train a man to fish.

(1) (2) (3) (4) To increase job knowledge. Attitude change. function. . Performance change. which aim at full development of managers at whatever level they are development is a systematic process of maintaining and growth by which managerial personnel gain and apply skill knowledge attitude and insights to manage the work in that organization effectively and efficiently. They are that part of the enterprise. learn conceptual & theoretical knowledge for general purpose. Following are main objectives. Development: “Development is long term education process utilizing a systematic organized of procedure by which managerial personnel. For decision making ability. Development activities are used inter change ably.

Relation with other managerial staff. Working conditions. In following manner a proper job description can be collected. Job Description: Job Description is the written record of the duties. (1) (2) (3) (4) Observation of employees at work. and hazards. The job description can be adopted for a middle level as well as executive personnel at managerial level. So the job description means providing guidelines and information to the candidate about their job for which they are selected. Discuss with departmental head and outside experts in the business. Job summary. Duties and Responsibilities. Machine tool and equipment. A study of special maintenances duties. responsibilities and requires of a particular job. The contents of job description remain same in the most organization. It is statement escaping job in term of its title location duties working conditions. . The following are most contents of job description. Reviews of critical incidences. Position and status in organization. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) Name of the job.

responsibilities. But as far as Balaji Wafer Pvt. and workers must be intelligent to know and learn. a higher status or rank. The work and also must be well experienced in their particular field. where and how perform the job.Promotion and Transfer Policy  Promotion: Thus the job description provides knowledge what. Ltd. company the head of the department. the clerks. Some type of job description is also present in Balaji Wafers Pvt. “Promotion is the transfer of an employee to a job which pays more money or one that carries some proffered status.  Transfer: “A literal shift causing moment of individuals from one position to another without involving any marked change in duties. skill needed by compensation. Thus promotion us an upward advancement of an employee in an organization to another job. company is concerned the base used by the company’s performance along with experience then it is always a risk to give him promotion because he hasn’t gone through all the things occurred with higher post.” Promotion is a term which covers a change and calls for letter responsibility and usually involves higher pay and better terms and condition of service and therefore. Different company has different task for promotion.” . Ltd.

section. rude behaviour etc. . department. plan or position to another as the same or another place where salary. There are several reasons for transfer like unsatisfactory performance. status and responsibilities are same. shift. Ltd.Transfer is a horizontal or retrial moment of an employee from one job. person can transferred from one sight to another shift without hanging the salary authority and responsibility. Here in the company Balaji Wafer Pvt.

most development up slow and let effective if the employee is not systematically appraised and feed back information is not concerning. . Ltd. company performance apprised is done by the management to find out how effective it has been in selecting and placing employees.Performance Appraisal System Despaired the multiplicity and compare nature of many training and educational programmers. In Balaji Wafers Pvt. If any problems are identified steps are taken to communicate with employees and try to remedy them.

leaves etc. are given best working condition and atmosphere to work. gives wages as well as salaries to their workers or management on performance bases. at Balaji Wafers Pvt. Balaji Wafer Pvt. There is no fixed wages or salaries. They are given additional benefits as per the performance of individual. Ltd. Company pays wages and salaries after deduction of provident fund. Ltd. Wage is the remuneration on paid for the service of labors in production process.Wages and Salary Administration “Wages and salary administration refers to the establishment and implementation of sound policies and practices of employee compensation”.  Employees Benefits and Services: Employees. where as salary normally refers monthly rate paid to clerical employees. .

In this company. The grievance handling procedure is usually through or in connection with the company that with a labor union. the company and the made union to investigate and discuss the problem as issued in any way interpreting peaceful and orderly conduct of business. If unable. Therefore. The broadest interpretation of the term would include any discount and dissatisfaction that affects organization performance. there are no disposes. . then workers is allowed to go to the top management. the relation between the employees and employers are very satisfactory.Grievance Handling Procedure The definition of grievance varies company to company and author to author. legitimates or ridiculous. If there is any problem. return or oral. As such it can be either stated or unvoiced. the worker talk with supervisor and if he will not be able to solve the problem.

Among 2500 workers are employed by Balaji Wafer Pvt. fully automatic plant is there. . Following details regarding an employee are maintained as record: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) Name Age Date of Birth Sex Qualification Experience Working Department Date of joining Blood Group Nationality Local address and contact no. of workers is 2500. Personal Records: Personal record is an important tool to collect the information about the present employee. Personnel department of Balaji Wafers Pvt. 90% of are female workers and 10% are male workers. it is 8 to 5. and if there is any need of extra shift then they arrange extra shift. has maintained such record system... Ltd.  Employees Working: In Balaji Wafer Pvt. Ltd. Still the no. Permanent address Designation and salary of the time of joining  Working Hours and Shifts: There is only one shift. Ltd. It is also useful to decide whether the employee should be considered for promotion or not.


is done by Katariya Enterprise. In Balaji Wafers Pvt.Marketing Department  Marketing Department: Marketing management is for creating customers by persuading them through advertising and personal salesmanship that the company’s products or services match their indicated needs and preferences more closely then competitors. Marketing department is managed by marketing manager Vallabhbhai. has a separate marketing department. time and place the customers want. by developing products and services through technical and market research which appear to offer profitable sales opportunities and at a price. Marketing of Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. offerings. Balaji Wafers Pvt. ..  Distribution Channel: The distribution of gods is the most important activity in the process of marketing. Ltd. We can define the distribution channel as the set of marketing institutions participating in the marketing activities in the movement or the flow of goods or services from the primary procedure to the ultimate consumer.

 Generally the distribution channel follows as under:- MANUFACTURER DISTRIBUTORS (kataria) WHOLESALERS SEMI WHOLE SALERS RETAILERS CONSUMERS .

 Distribution Rajasthan: Channel for Maharashtra and COMPANY  C&F SUPER STOCKIST DEALER RETAILER CONSUMER . Ltd.Distribution Channel for Balaji Wafers Pvt.


but in the global or national market there are competitors for the company like. Lay’s. . Demand and Supply in other countries are indirect. etc.  Competitors: There is no any competitor in local market. Ltd. The main global market is Dubai for this company. If there is no sufficient transportation arrangement for distribution of goods then goods (product) will be useless and parish because of non-durable nature of the product. Transportations and Arrangement: Transportation arrangement should be sufficient for food industry because food is non-durable product.  Global Marketing: The company has also global marketing in Dubai and other countries. Samrat Namkeen. has 30 trucks for transportations for supply of goods. Balaji Wafers Pvt. Balaji group has ideal distribution channel network that ensure to supply fresh product to any corner to Gujarat within 24 hours.

Ltd. Advertisements: “Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of communication to target buyers and publics. Organizations handle their advertising in different ways. The high tensile fasteners with the brand name “Balaji” does not needed any type of advertisement because of its popularity and monopoly in local area enjoyed by the Balaji Wafers Pvt. goods and services to the target buyers and publics. they have their own advertising agency through which they deliver their ideas to the public. Then they can proceed to make the given major decision to develop advertise which are known as the 5 Ms. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Money Mission Message Media Measurement Thus advertisement is a useful component to attract the prospective buyers.” . In large company.philip Kotler Advertising is the most common tool. In developing an advertising program marketing manager must always start by identifying the target market and buyer motives. In small companies. . companies use to direct ideas. advertising is handled by someone in the sales or marketing department engaged with advertising agency.

analysis of sales data. analysis and measurement of market demand. analysis of market show of a firm. So.  Market Research: Market research is a branch of marketing information system. Market means actual and potential customers. that budget is on task based. when.” It deal with research on customer demand e. what.  Advertising Agency: Company’s ads are given from the in-house and no ad agency is appointed for the brand.g. why and how of actual and potential buyers. That is on requirement of the advertising. behavior and attitudes marketplace. etc. where. Market research is continuously done by the Balaji. Advertisement Budget: There is no fixed advertisement budget for the advertising in the company. The major decision regarding to market is taken by the chairman of the company. Market research is primarily concerned with investigation. . Market research is the systematic and intelligent investigation or study of the “who.


the purpose is earning. It is said that “business man takes money to take money”. by managing the money means by the extra ordinary management of finance. But it is so how the business man makes money. In short money is the master key to provide access to the variable resources and man power for being employed in manufacturing and merchandise activities. The answer is quite simple i. by considering this. . Sureshbhai Shakhiya.Finance Department  Finance Department: “Finance function does not cover only procurement of funds but also effective utilities in the business.e. It has a good finance department. According to him. It is impossible to imagine business without finance.” Haward and Upton It is universally accepted thing that behind old economic activities. So. we can say that “money or finance” is in the center of the business world. The head of finance department is Mr. Ltd. The finance in the modern business world is the life blood of business. The Balaji Wafers Pvt. the company at present is financial sound. Company works very well in the field of finance.

 Financial Planning: “Financial Planning pertains only to the function of finance and includes the determination of the firms. the present position of the company.” Walker and Baughn. Planning is very necessary for the smooth running business. formulating and promulgating financial policies and development financial procedures.  The financial planning can be classified into two ways: (1) (2) Long term financial planning. A sound planning is necessary for a firm so that the funs required can be made available as and when necessary in order to formulate the financial planning. the activities to be done for the achievement of organizations over the objectives. . financial objectives. Financial planning refers to the estimation of the requirements of the fund and the sources available to a firm. Short term financial planning. Planning means to decide in advance. A business can not be carried out with successfully without proper planning. the competition etc. The financial manager has to take various things in mind such as past records. Finance management being a part of the over all management also needs planning.

bonds and debentures. However. issues. a company should decide about the kinds of securities to the issued. reserves etc. A company procures funds by issuing various types of securities i. shares. In what proportion will the various kinds of securities be issued. capital structure includes are the long term capital resources including loans. Before issuing any of those securities. Capital structure of a company refers to the make up of its capitalization. should also be considered. are the components of the total capital. preference shares.e. .” Weston and Brigham To build up the capital structure of a company is a very important problem as regarded as the earning and profitability of the concern. preferred stock and net worth. Capital Structure: “Capital Structure is the permanent financing of the firm. bonds. represented by long term debt. ordinary shares. in broad scene.

Discrepancy noticed on such verification as compared to books record has being properly dealt with in the books of account. stock. are the assets having being physically verified by management at reasonable. then ultimately it will result into the benefit to the company. including quantities details situation of fixed assets to us. The assets which are used for long period called long term fixed assets. None of the fixed assets revalued during this year. If we can manage our fixed assets very well manager. In other words. we can say that an item owned by the company having financial minatory value is known assets. The decision of the purchasing fixed assets should be taken very carefully by the management. cash and bank balance etc. Management of Fixed Assets: Fixed assets are the assets of a relatively permanent nature used in the operation of business. Where as short term assets include debtors. The company has maintained proper record showing face particular. intervals during the year. .

authorization and control. evaluation. In this unit the capital budgeting is done by the chairman and directors in a co-ordinate way.” Hayners and Massie The most important aspect of capital budgeting process is identifications. has accurate fund in a much planned way. The Balaji Wafers Pvt. The authority may be delegated subject to adequate control and accountability. . A company has a sound capital budgeting for the purpose of selecting the most advantageous project to make the sound decision regarding investments. The identification refers to the identity of the project. Ltd. Capital Budgeting: “The objective of the capital budgeting is to rank various investment opportunities according to the prospective earnings they will yield. Identification of investment ideas is the most critical aspects of this process once the investment ideas are well identified they should be evaluated and the correct real should be evaluated the most beneficial project.

If operational goal is to manage the current assets and current liabilities in such a way that a satisfactory level of working capital is maintained.  The management of working capital is divided in to three arts: (1) (2) (3) Management of inventories. are assets normally converted into cash within one year.W. current liabilities and the inter relationship between them. by definition. The net working capital represents that part of current assets which are financed with long term funds such as cash. current assets and current liabilities. fixed assets and the current assets. It is a continuous process which involves control of everyday cash and flow of financial resources circulating in the enterprise in one form on other. Both types of assets should be managed carefully so as to maximize the profit with minimum investment of funds working capital management is concerned with problems that arise with attempting to manage to current assets.C. Working capital management usually concerned to involve the administration of this assets namely cash and marketable securities.e.” James C. Management of Cash. receivables and inventories. Management of receivables.e.) i. Management of Working Capital: “Current assets. The working capital refers to the Net Working Capital (N. marketable securities. Von Horne There are two types of assets in each concern i. . debtors and stock and current liabilities etc.

Recently company launched two new products & got high sales volume.Research and Development By synergizing human mind. So stay tune in with the zing taste and pure quality. Under the strict laboratory tests each & every batch of raw material passes and then goes for further processing. . their likes and sometimes their beliefs helps a lot. clubs demands some zing flavors it is always in considerations and planning of new flavors to rock them with their taste. As goers of Multiplexes.

Winning the heart by quality and great taste and distributing sufficient dealer margin is a winning strategy of Balaji group. . Indeed in a neck to neck competition era one must implement new ideas and balaji group has developed the think tank who continuously update strategy in the right direction. Think win-win & Stay ahead with us. Its ‘Value for money’ strategy enables even a kid to buy fresh & healthy food in small prices.Strategy This simple mantra rocked and changed the definition of a chip world.

. Keyur Virani as a R & D director. The company will enhance its product range by adding some futuristic and Indian traditional taste company will plan to some extruded snacks and western products to their Global market. Kanubhai Virani as a Technical Director & Mr. At Balaji progress is a life line. Chandubhai as a Managing Director.Future Plans & Goals Balaji Group perceive in growth rather say development to touch the sky. The future will see more of Bhikubhai Virani as a Chairman. Mr. Recently company has acquired more space where its entire namkeen unit will be shifted. Mr.

I would like to suggest that they should advertise more and television. and should put their product to the international market. . But in present era there is one thing that I would like to suggest. So that the company can progress more and more. And there is no chance for suggesting them.Suggestion Balaji wafers is a very good company manufacturing wafers.

Conclusion The company Balaji Wafers Pvt. So that they can create more market of their product and increase sales and due to increase in sales high return can be received. Ltd. . is a well known company for its production and quality not only in Gujarat but al over India. The company is increasing their production day-by-day.