RCCG – THE AMBASSADORS Sunday school Preview – Lesson 16 16 December 2012 Topic: FISHING FOR MEN’S SOULS (PART

TWO) Text: John 4:7-15 Memory Verse: Proverbs 11:30 Objective: To discover how to proceed on soul winning. LESSON OUTLINES:

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Seek and pray for opportunities to contact a soul and use them well. Generate a discussion which will lead to conversation and finally to salvation. (Mk 16:15) You must deal with sinners as if you are a fellow sinner. This means you must come down to the sinner’s level. (Romans 3:23) Be courteous and cheerful so as to create a relaxed mood. Do not be overbearing or argumentative. (Acts 8:30-31) Present your facts about salvation in a very simple way using simple language. (Acts 17:23) Choose to speak to a person at a time. Avoid handling more than a fellow at a time to avoid losing grip. (John 4: 7-15) It is easier and more fruitful to deal with your own age group and gender because they will listen better and it ensures free flow of information. (Titus 2: 3-4) Do not expect people to be converted by your oratory, logic or arguments> Men are born again by the word of God and not by the work of men. (1 Peter 1: 23) Do not force people into taking a decision because such a forced decision might not last forever. Be patient and prayerful after every fishing exercise. (Heb. 10: 36) Remember to pray for the person whom you have witnessed. Giving physical support to a newly saved soul helps to accelerate the growth and level of spiritual development. (James 2: 15-16)

Class Activity 1: Students should mention obstacles that could prevent being involved in soul winning .

WHAT DO I STAND TO BENEFIT? i. Your life will radiate the beauty of the Lord and shine as stars. (Dan. 12: 3) ii. You will wear the soul winner’s crown. (Phil. 4: 1) iii. You will become a carrier of signs and wonders. (Mark 16: 17-20) iv. You will get quick and positive answers to your prayers. (John 15: 16) v. When you sow souls, you will reap everlasting joy. (Psalm 126: 5-6)

Class Activity 2: What other benefits can those who engage in soul winning have?

Summary: To win a soul is an important task that must be done. Conclusion: Jesus won souls, we too must win souls.