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Al-Minhaj Al-Wadih - The Path of Sunnat

Al-Minhaj Al-Wadih - The Path of Sunnat

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Published by: Mujahid Asaadullah Abdullah on Mar 12, 2009
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Every government has formulated a set of rules to govern

its subjects and all aspects of their lives. Obedience to

these rules and laws are necessary upon all subjects and no

government tolerates disobedience. If a citizen of Pakistan

has to decide to introduce the use of British, Indian or any

The Path of Sunnah

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other country’s currency, then the government of Pakistan

will haul him to court and file a case against him. If a

Pakistani soldier has to report for duty in an American or

any other country’s uniform, then his fate is known to all.

Leave alone this soldier donning the uniform of a foreign

country, even if he wears the uniform of a train or bus

conductor, we all know what his fate will be.

In essence whatever uniform is stipulated by the governing

body of any sector, becomes necessary for all the

employees in that department to dress accordingly. A

person travelling on a train cannot use any other ticket

besides the stipulated train ticket as his pass and he cannot

gain entry if the price is 20 rupees with a 10 rupee ticket. If

the relevant authorities will take objection to such

impudence, what anger will there not be if the Path of

Allaah Ta`ala and His Rasul ρ is substituted and altered?

Allaah Ta`ala has set a certain standard for our deeds and

measure for our actions. He has given us the model to

follow in our lives, which is none other than the lifestyle of

our beloved Nabi ρ. The Sahaabah τ, Tabieen and Tabe

Tabieen (rahmatullah alayhim) were paragons of this

model. Every other way and means which conflicts with

the ‘uniform’ and pattern shown to us by Nabi ρ, is

rejected and an anti-thesis to our success and salvation.

In summary, no government has left its subjects to follow

their desires and fancies in matters decreed by the state,

just as we do not allow our workers and servants to act as

they please, whilst in our employ, so too will any act which

conflicts to the Deen and the Sunnat not be accepted from


This brief outline is sufficient for us to understand the

correct position and difference between the Sunnat and

bid`ah. Yes, as for those who will not accept, volumes

The Path of Sunnah

- 151 –


upon volumes will not be sufficient (to convince them). If

the Sunnat (which includes the statements and actions of

Nabi ρ), is kept in its pristine purity, then it will remain

that invaluable gem, whose worth will never be exceeded

by this entire world and whatever it contains.

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