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Increasing Market Penetration in the Adult Milk Industry

Syndicate 6:
Habibi Hersa Inayah Zara Zentira Shella Tegar 29112005 29112079 29112082 29112016 29112043 29112049

Indonesian Milk Industry Fonterra Company

Indonesia Milk Industry

4 segmentation:
Adult Children Infants Pregnant lactating

Indonesia milk quality products lower than other development countries.

Fonterra Company
PT Fonterra Brands Indonesia (FBI), New Zealand Milk Indonesia (NZMI) coorporate to Tigaraksa Satria Tbk (1990). Positioning: expert in bone nutrition with High Calcium. Age segmentation- adult




Anlene Actifit (19-50 years) Anlene Gold (>51 years)



PT Fonterra Brand Indonesia

Market Share (2007)

Advertising Spending (2006)

Powder Milk Liquid Milk

Rp 44 Billions

PROBLEM Infant and children milk segment has a larger segment market than adult. Costumer has very low awareness of osteoporosis

The Marketing Way

PRODUCT Innovation: Anlene Actifit & Anlene Gold Flavors : Vanilla, Chocolate Packaging: Powder Milk, Liquid Milk PRICE 300 gr : IDR 28k 600 gr : IDR 54k 200 ml : IDR 4k

PROMOTION - In Store Promotion: Open bone scan station In strategic hall of modern with Supporting Sales Promotion Girl (SPG). - Advertising Media such as TV, Magazine, Newspaper, Tabloid, etc - Business Partner: PEROSI and PERWATUSI - Seminar - Campaign: Melangkah Bersama - Brand Ambassadors such as Indy Barends and Anggun C Sasmi.
PLACE/ DELIVERY - Big cities to small towns, Hypermarkets to traditional markets - 60 distributors points throughout Indonesia

Hi Lo Produgen Calcimex


PT Nutrifood Indonesia

PT Tigaraksa Satria Tbk


PT Frisian Flag Indonesia


Market Share
Advertisement Spending Product Innovation

Rp 36 Billion Hi Lo Active Hi Lo Gold Hi Lo Teen Hi Lo Soleha Hi Lo Joint

Rp 5 Billion Produgen Vitafirst Produgen Gold

Rp 13 Billion Calcimex Vitalize (Men or Women aged 19-50) Calcimex Vitagold (Men or Women over 50 years.

Potential Competitors For Lactose intolerant costumer: High Calcium supplement, e.g. Redoxon (contain Calcium, Vitamin C).

SWOT Analysis
STRENGTHS -Pioneer of High Calcium Milk -Operates to many places: Traditional Market and Modern Market -Highest content of Calcium -Enriched with D3 Vitamins and Magnesium -Low Fat Milk and Ideal For costumer who have cholesterol problem -Famous Brand Ambassador WEAKNESS High Price Products Limited Flavors variants of the product Limited segment

OPPORTUNITIES -Increasing awareness of osteoporosis -Supported by health organizations (PEROSI & PERWATUSI)

THREATS Competitors

As Market Leader in High Calcium Milk Overall cost leadership: lowest production and distribution. Less skill in marketing. New Innovation of : flavors , value-content-added targeted osteoarthritis suffers To reach middle-low consumer: create small packaging (sachet) Expand the market segmentation of high calcium milk for children and teenager (or other consumer) Develop strategy of marketing to open caf of booth.