Natural Beauty

A nice mountain drive a hike up the open trail Watching an Eagle soar on the warm air of spring Driving a country road see horses the wind on their tail The foal first stands on shaky legs close to mare they cling Just to observe a birth is absolutely a miracle before you're eyes I was fortunate to participate in the birth of my son The first hands he ever touched were my hands 21 now, time flies First steps are fascinating to watch then walk turns to run To watch the leaves change color this beauty is free so vividly bright Stop and smell the roses although as in life beware of the pricks A walk the canal towpath sees all the ducks line behind Mom so tight The geese in the water squawk to those overhead to join in the mix Life garners so many naturally beautiful living people, places and things From working everyday to nothing sharing pictures n poetry is now my duty Soon mine, Mom's and much other favorite smell lilac, such aroma brings It is as simple as walking listening and observing all can enjoy Natural Beauty ©2013 I.M. Nobody

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