The Technology nowadays plays a very important role in our society. It lessens human error by using machines. It makes us work easier and faster and reduces materials and labor costs. Manual processes and transactions can be computerized by using software applications or computer systems to make work easier. Nowadays, computer based system is commonly used by every company and institution and one of this is the Payroll System.

The Payroll System is the heart of the Human Resource Management of an Organization, Payroll System is one of the many transactions that can be processed on a computer. The proponents worked on a custom-made payroll system done for the specific need of an organization to provide an option to generate the salary automatically every month. This software also equipped with to enter the attendance of each employee in the organization, it helps them to track each employee attendance, based on this we can generate the salary. It also has option to generate the report for payroll deductions.

Description of the Existing System

The proposed payroll system provides accurate and efficient computation of employees’ salary. The computation which includes deductions takes less time to accomplish. Attendance recording and monitoring thru the Daily Time Record is included in the system which makes getting the total number of hours worked fast and easy. The payroll covers all the transactions for all types of employees and contains payroll information of employees such as the ID, name, position, address, etc. who would receive an automatically generated salary for each pay period.

The payroll process starts by getting the hours worked by the employees within the inclusive dates. After getting the hours worked, the system automatically computes salary for the given pay period. The salary of the permanent employees is based on the position while the wages of the employees with contractual status is based on the departmental project budget. The Leave of Absences of regular employees is deducted from the leave points, which is 1.25 days gain per month. The computation includes deductions of personal shares of which are: GSIS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, and withholding tax and other deductions such as loans. Accurate calculations are done in order to come up with the correct amount of salary. Computation for the Benefit and Allowance of permanent employees that receive Allowances such as 13th month pay, clothing allowance and productivity allowance is also included in the payroll.


The proponents would like to express their deepest gratitude to those who helped them complete this project.

Huge thanks to the parents and loved ones for the encouragement and support, both financially and emotionally and for providing them with everything they need.

To their Instructor, Mrs. Michelle Alisna, who has been very considerate and understanding from the start.

To Mr. Ryan Carlo Santiago, for his positive and encouraging criticism that guided the development of this project.

And above all, to Our Almighty God for giving them strength, guidance and blessings for, without Him this piece of work would not be possible.

Scope and Limitations

The system is designed for an enhanced and effective computerized payroll system.

Functionalities: • • The system covers all the transactions for all generated type of employees. The system will determine the total number of hours rendered through the Daily Time Record. • The system should effectively and efficiently compute the deductions such as: Withholding taxes and Loans. • The system will automatically check and compute Leave of Absences incurred within the pay period.

The system is capable of accomplishing the objective to provide better performance which is managed by providing desired flexibility, fast response, ability to support changes and ability to maintain the quality of services

On the other hand, this study limits only to the proposed enhancement computerized payroll system.

Limitations: • It does not support network topology implementation, online program or online transaction. • The system is incapable of eliminating the problem of insufficient and incomplete information.

Business Rules

An employee is either a Contractual or Permanent employee but not both. The Permanent Employee attributes are Emp_ID, Emp_Name, DOB, Sex, CivilStat, Address, Phone, and CellNo. A Contractual entity has Project, Date and Dept_code attributes, while the Permanent entity has GSIS, PHILHEALTH, LeavePoints, TIN, ID_No. and PAG-IBIG. A permanent employee may or may not apply Leave. Leave has DateOfFiling, Type, and inclusiveDates attributes. A Department has many positions. A Department has dept_code,and description attributes. The Position has a salary grade, description, and MoRate. An Employee has a mandatory one DTR for his/her Daily attendance record. The DTR has Time_in, Time_out, InclusiveDates and TotalHours Worked attributes. An Employee receives Gross Pay. Gross Pay has attribute Allowance of which has many types and a Net pay. The Deductions attributes are PAG-IBIG, PHILHEALTH, GSIS, WitholdingTax, and TotalDeductions. A Permanent employee may or may not avail a Loan. Loan has Loan_ID, Description, term, MoAmmortization, Bal, and StartDate attributes. • • • • • • • • • An employee is either Contractual or Permanent but not both. Many employees belong to one Department only. A Department has many positions. An Employee must have one DTR. An Employee receives one Gross pay. A Gross Pay may have many deductions. A Loan has many deductions. A Permanent Employee may or may not apply Leave. The DTR checks for Leave of Absence applied by a Permanent employee.

DATA DICTIONARY File Name: EMPLOYEE Field Type Emp_ID Emp_Name DOB Sex Address Phone Cellphone Emp_type File Name: CONTRACTUAL Field Type Project Date Dept_code VARCHAR DATE NUMBER Length Description VARCHAR CHAR DATE Length 10 35 MM/DD/YYYY Description Employee ID No. Employee Name Date of Birth

File Name: REGULAR Field Type GSIS PHILHEALTH ID_no. TIN PAG-IBIG LeavePoints Length Description



File Name: DEPARTMENT Field Type Dept_code Description NUMBER CHAR Length Description

File Name: POSITION Field Type Description Salary Grade MoRate Allowance Grants CHAR NUMBER Length Description

Description Salary Grade MoRate Description Salary Grade MoRate

File Name: DTR Field Type TotalHours Worked Time_in Time_out InclusiveDates File Name: GROSS PAY Field Type Allowance Net File Name: DEDUCTIONS Field Type PAG-IBIG GSIS PHILHEALTH WitholdingTax File Name: LOANS Length Description Length Description Length Description


Field Type Loan_ID Description Term MoAmenortization Bal StartDate File Name: LEAVE Field Type DateOfFiling Type InclusiveDates





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