MARKETING STRATEGY OF PARLE-G A Project Report Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the

Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration 2007-2010

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This is to certify that I have completed the Industrial Exposure “(MARKETING STRATEGY OF PARLE-G DELHI AND)“(BVIMR)” under the guidance of “(Ms Bhawna Dhawan)” in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelor of Business Administration of Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. This is an original piece of work & I have not submitted it earlier elsewhere.

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the Industrial

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“MARKETING STRATEGY OF PARLE-G)”is an academic work

done by “Gagan Deep Kaur” submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Degree of “Bachelor of Business Administration” from “Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune” under my guidance & direction. To the best of my knowledge and belief the data & information presented by him/her in the project has not been submitted earlier.

Ms. Bhawna Dhawan


Certificate This is to certify that the summer project titled “MARKETING STRATEGY OF PARLE-G)” is an academic work done by “(Gagan Deep Kaur)” submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Degree of “Bachelor of Business Administration” from “Bharati Vidyapeeth University. Pune”. Sachin. Dr. S. Vernekar (Director) 4 .


Cremica.000 small & tiny bakeries across the country. as at 200001. up to 1999-00. The industry consists of two large scale manufacturers. Parle Bakeman. in accordance with the Govt Policy. The annual turnover of the organized sector of the biscuit manufacturers (as at 2007-08) is Rs.75% where in 2002-03 the growth is around 3%. mainly due to 100% hike in Central Excise Duty (from 9% to 16%).350 crores.30 million tonnes.5% in 2000-01. The annual production of biscuit in the organized sector.4 Lakh tonnes in 1997-98 In the next five years. Nezone. Production in the year 2001-02 increased very marginally by 2. continues to be predominantly in the small and medium sale sector before and after dereservation. Elite. Dukes. Parle G. The major Brands of biscuits are . In terms of volume biscuit production by the organized segment in 2007-08 is estimated at 1. was unreserved in 1997-98. The unorganized sector is estimated to have approximately 30. based on the recommendations of the Abid Hussain Committee. the balance 40% being contributed by the unorganized bakeries. Biscuit industry which was till then reserved in the SSI (Small Scale Industry) Sector. 6 . Craze. besides various regional/State brands. biscuit production witnessed an annual growth of 10% to 12%. 4. Anupam.Britannia. around 50 medium scale brands and small scale units ranging up to 2500 units in the country.CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION BISCUIT INDUSTRY IN INDIA Biscuit industry in India in the organized sector produces around 60% of the total production. The annual production was around 7. The annual Growth showed a decline of 3.

Export are expected to grow only in the year 2006-07 and beyond. Kellogs SmithKline Beecham. Exports of biscuits from India has been to the extent of 5.The Union Budget for 2005-06 granted 50% reduction in the rate of Excise Duty on Biscuit i. According to the NCAER(National Council Of Applied Economic Research) Study. from 16% to 8%. biscuit is predominantly consumed by people from the lower strata of society. with the exception of SmithKline Beecham (Horlicks Biscuits).00. However the average utilization of installed capacity by biscuit manufacturers in the country has been a dismal 60% over the last decade up to 2006-07. On the other hand. Though dereservation resulted in a few MNCs. most of them.5% of the total production. particularly children in both rural and urban areas with an average monthly income of Rs. The Federation's estimate for the current year indicates a growth of approximately 8% to 9%. Sara Lee. Biscuit can he broadly categorized into the following segments: (Based on productions of 2007-08) Glucose Marie Cream Crackers 7 . Heinz etc entering the biscuit industry in India. However. volumes and different tastes. Biscuit is a hygienically packaged nutritious snack food available at very competitive prices. needs to be examined with cautions.e. import of biscuits. specially in the high price segment has started from 2000-01. recent imports from china industries cheaper verities of biscuit. 750.75% of the consumption of biscuits in the country in the year 2001-02. the quantum of imports has not so far increased alarmingly and has remained at around 3. which is operating at 60 % of the total installed capital.e. especially in the context of the price as the low margin based domestic industry. i. but however. have ceased production in the country.

because of their low water content. biscuits became the ideal travelling food since they stayed fresh for long periods. the countries which led this seafaring charge. 8 . were ideal food to store. Not only this. such as those in Western Europe. They were often flavoured with nothing more than the finest butter. journeyman. As people started to explore the globe. The English. are the ones where biscuits are most popular even today.INDUSTRY PROFILE The word 'Biscuit' is derived from the Latin words 'Bis' (meaning 'twice') and 'Coctus' (meaning cooked or baked). The seafaring age. sometimes with the addition of a few drops of rose water. Back then. Biscotti is said to have been a favourite of Christopher Columbus who discovered America! Making good biscuits is quite an art. and finally master baker. baking was a carefully controlled profession. and history bears testimony to that. Scotch and Dutch immigrants originally brought the first cookies to the United States and they were called teacakes. The word 'Biscotti' is also the generic term for cookies in Italian. one had to complete years of apprenticeship . thus.working through the ranks of apprentice. During the 17th and 18th Centuries in Europe. Hard track biscuits (earliest version of the biscotti and present-day crackers) were part of the staple diet of English and American sailors for many centuries. the amount and quality of biscuits baked were also carefully monitored. Cookies in America were also called by such names as "jumbles". managed through a series of 'guilds' or professional associations. biscuits were unleavened. hard and thin wafers which. "plunkets" and "cry babies". In fact. witnessed the boom of biscuits when these were sealed in airtight containers to last for months at a time. To become a baker.

like 'soft' wheat flour (which contains less protein than the flour used to bake bread) sugar. have been traditional Christmas cookies in Austria and Bavaria for centuries. The inspiration for fortune cookies dates back to the 15th and 17th Centuries." NutriChoice SugarOut is the most novel product range to have been introduced in the market. though they are known by different names the world over. Today. as time has passed and despite more varieties becoming available. Peter the Great of Russia seems to have enjoyed an oval-shaped cookie called "lady fingers" when visiting Louis XV of France. 9 . and yet contains no added sugar.seems to have originated in an Italian monastery in 1892 during the French Revolution. The macaroon .a small round cookie with crisp crust and a soft interior . the price of sugar and flour dropped. SPRING-UHR-LEE.nothing beats the biscuit! Some interesting facts on the origin of other forms of biscuits: The recipe for oval shaped cookies (that are also known as boudoir biscuits. such as butter and oil. sponge biscuits. Naples biscuits and Savoy biscuits) has changed little in 900 years and dates back to the house of Savoy in the 11th century France. people agree on one thing . This led to the development of manufactured cookies. They are made from a simple egg. such as baking soda. Chemical leavening agents. flour and sugar dough and are usually rectangular in shape. These cookies are made with a leavening agent called ammonium carbonate and baking ammonia. NutriChoice SugarOut Sounds like yesterday when people commented that healthy foods meant "compromising on the taste. sponge fingers. became available and a profusion of cookie recipes occurred. The product is not just sweet but tastes great.As technology improved during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. when Chinese soldiers slipped rice paper messages into moon cakes to help coordinate their defence against Mongolian invaders. the essential ingredients of biscuits haven't changed . and fats. Interestingly.

giving biscuit special treatment that it deserves on account of the exceptional nature and sensitivity to price increase. the Finance Minister who had imposed a 100% increase in the rate of Excise Duty on biscuit from 8% as a part of the rationalisation of CENVAT and introduction of single rate of Duty did not offer any concesison on the Budget for 2001-02. after 3 years. 10 . It is a matter of great satisfaction that the Govt. has.Central Excise Duty on Biscuits In the Union Budget 2007-08.Budget Memorandum for 2009 demanding at least 50% Excise Relief. During these years and in 2006. On the other hand the 50% exemption to small packs was withdrawn. The Federation submitted its Pre. acceded to our demand and grated reduction in Excise Duty (from 16% to 18%) in the Union Budget for 2007-2008. the Federation submitted strong representations to the Union Finance Minister seeking relief in the Excise Duty on biscuits.

Having already established a reputation for quality. Apart from Glucose and Monaco biscuits. made Parle decide to concentrate on the more popular brands. 11 . However. the Parle brand name grew in strength with this diversification. the shortage of wheat in those days. Parle Products began manufacturing biscuits. Parle did offer a wide variety of brands. Despite the odds and unequal competition. to manufacture sweets and toffees. this company called Parle Products. survived and succeeded. we now have a wide range of biscuits and mouthwatering confectionaries to offer. so that people could enjoy the price benefits. That's why. there's no dearth of ingredients and the demand for more premium brands is on the rise. by adhering to high quality and improvising from time to time. during the Second World War. How Parle fought to make biscuits affordable to all.CHAPTER 2 COMPANY PROFILE A long time ago. all domestic biscuit production was diverted to assist the Indian soldiers in India and the Far East. in addition to sweets and toffees. a small factory was set up in the suburbs of of Mumbai city. Biscuits were very much a luxury food in India. Parle Glucose and Parle Monaco were the first brands of biscuits to be introduced. in 1959. Apart from this. Thankfully today. which later went on to become leading names for great taste and quality. when the British ruled India. A decade later. when Parle began production in 1959. The year was 1929 and the market was dominated by famous international brands that were imported freely.

Melody. such as. in Rajasthan and at Bangalore in Karnataka. Parle Products also has 14 manufacturing units for biscuits & 5 manufacturing units for confectioneries. the Parle name symbolizes quality. Parle enjoys a 40% share of the total biscuit market and a 15% share of the total confectionary market. The Quality Commitment Parle Products has one factory at Mumbai that manufactures biscuits & confectioneries while another factory at Bahadurgarh. such as. Parle has grown to become a multi-million US Dollar company. health and great taste! And yet. since 1971. Mangobite and Kismi. 12 . Be it a big city or a remote village of India. on contract. in India.The strength of the Parle Brand Over the years. Great care is exercised in the selection & quality control of raw materials. This can be seen by the success of new brands. enjoy a strong imagery and appeal amongst consumers. The factories at Bahadurgarh and Neemrana are the largest such manufacturing facilites in India. Parle has manufacturing facilities at Neemrana. are market leaders in their category and have won acclaim at the Monde Selection. the Parle brand grows from strength to strength. Poppins. in Haryana manufactures biscuits. such as.biscuits or confectionaries. Monaco and Krackjack and confectionery brands. In this way. All Parle products are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions. Hide & Seek. Today. Many of the Parle products . so as to ensure a constant output & easy distribution. Parle-G. The Parle Biscuit brands. or the single twist wrapping of Mango bite. packaging materials & rigid quality standards are ensured at every stage of the manufacturing process. Each factory has state-of-the-art machinery with automatic printing & packaging facilities. Apart from this. All these factories are located at strategic locations. we know that this reputation has been built. by constantly innovating and catering to new tastes. by concentrating on consumer tastes and preferences and emphasizing Research & Development.

Parle Biscuits and confectioneries. The Customer Confidence The Parle name conjures up fond memories across the length and breadth of the country.25. After all. The value-for-money positioning helps generate large sales volumes for the products. caters a range of products to a variety of consumers. since 1959. This is based on our cultivated understanding of the Indian consumer psyche. Parle has nearly 1. Parle biscuits & sweets are available to consumers. We constantly endeavour at designing products that provide nutrition & fun to the common man. The Parle marketing philosophy emphasizes catering to the masses. Parle Products also manufactures a variety of premium products for the upmarket. Maximizing value to consumers and forging enduring customer relationships are the core endeavours at Parle. The consumer is the focus of all activities at Parle.The Marketing Strength The extensive distribution network. A two hundred strong dedicated field force services these wholesalers & retailers. is a major strength for Parle Products.500 wholesalers. there are 31 depots and C&F agents supplying goods to the wide distribution network. the Parle brands have found their way into the hearts and homes of people all over India & abroad. catering to 4. 13 . And in this way. Today. even in the most remote places and in the smallest of villages with a population of just 500. Most Parle offerings are in the low & mid-range price segments. urban consumers. continue to spread happiness & joy among people of all ages.000 retail outlets directly or indirectly. However. the people of India have been growing up on Parle biscuits & sweets. Additionally. built over the years.

Awards .Monde Selection Year 1959 (Brussels) 1962 (Geneva) 1973 (Paris) Products Cheeslings Monaco Gluco Monaco Gluco Cheeslings Cheeslings Rank Gold Gold Silver Gold Silver Silver Silver Gold Silver Gold Gold Silver Trophy Of The International High Quality Gold Gold Silver Silver Gold Gold Gold Silver Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold 1974 (Bruxelles) Monaco Gluco Cheeslings Monaco Gluco Monaco Monaco Cheeslings Gluco Krackjack Monaco Cheeslings Krackjack Gluco Gluco Monaco Cheeslings Krackjack Krackjack 1975 (Amsterdam) 1976 (Britain-London) 1977 (Luxembourg) 1978 (Geneva) 1979 (Paris) 14 .

Monaco Cheeslings Gluco Krackjack 1980 (Vienne) Cheeslings Monaco Gluco Cheeslings 1981 (Amsterdam) Monaco Gluco Krackjack Cheeslings 1982 (London) Monaco Krackjack Gluco Cheeslings 1983 (Rome) Monaco Krackjack Gluco Gluco 1984 (Madrid) Monaco Krackjack Cheeslings Gluco Monaco 1985 (Lisbon-Portugal) Mini Recipe Krackjack 1986 (Geneva) Gluco Gold Gold Silver Gold Gold Gold Silver Palmes(Gold) Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Gold Gold Gold Palmes(Gold) Gold Gold Cheeslings Gold 57 Gold Silver Gold 15 .

Monaco Mini Recipe Krackjack Marylong Gluco Krackjack 1987 (Bruxelles) Monaco Mini Marylong Monaco Cheeslings 1988 (Athens) Marylong Gluco Krackjack Gluco Krackjack Monaco 1989 (Luxembourg) Marylong Cheeslings Melody Fudgy Cheeslings Rol-A-Cola Krackjack 1990 (Luxembourg) Monaco Gluco Poppins Melody Gold Cheeslings Gold 57 Gold Silver Silver Gold Gold Gold Cheeslings Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Bronze Gold Gold Gold Silver Gold Gold Gold Grand Twist Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze wrap Gold Gold with Palm leaves 16 .

Melody Kismi Mango 1991 (Barcelona) Rol-A-Cola Gluco Krackjack Monaco Cheeslings Gluco Krackjack 1993 (Amsterdam) Monaco Cheeslings Nimkin Gluco 1996 (Brussels) Krackjack Monaco Cheeslings Gluco Monaco 1998 (Paris) Krackjack Supermilk Cheeslings Gluco Monaco 1999 (Roma-Italy) Krackjack Supermilk Cheeslings 2000 (Lisboa) Gluco Monaco Toffee Silver Bar Bronze Bite Gold Gold Gold Silver Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Grand Gold Silver Grand Gold Gold Gold Bronze Grand Gold Gold 17 .

Krackjack Supermilk Cheeslings Gluco Monaco 2002 (Brussels) Krackjack Supermilk Cheeslings Gluco Monaco 2004 (Brussels) Krackjack Cheeslings Sixer Jeffs Gluco Krackjack 2006 (Brussels) Monaco Sixer Jeffs Cheeslings Parle-G 2007 (Brussels) Krackjack Monaco Hide & Seek Parle-G Krackjack 2008 (Brussels) Monaco Hide Marie Choice & Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Grand Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold & International High Quality Trophy Silver Gold Gold Gold Seek Silver Gold Gold 18 .

The offerings from Parle Gare of best quality when it comes to taste and hygiene. 2. 3. Now the brand has taken a dent though among the present generation with competitors coming up with more powerful advertising campaigns and offering more variety.The major products offered by Parle-G industries are the following: 1. Styling & Packaging: Parle Gofferings have the innovative designs and packaging as compared to what is offered by the competitors. As it's a variety seeking product the styling and packaging helps in getting more customers. Brand Name: GoodDay and Marrie from Parle Gare stable and are the most established brand in biscuit segment being equated for biscuits for long time. Under it's mission statement "eat healthy think better" 19 . Quality: Parle Gname is associated with quality.

G is the winner of 8 Gold and 11 Silver awards at the Monde Selection Awards – the global standard for quality in Food category. Parle . Parle-G Magix What is the power of taste? Can it get government officers to get your papers through faster? Probably! Can it help you make friends and influence people? It's worth a shot! Can it land you a lead role in a blockbuster movie. even if you can't act? 20 .Product mix Parle-G There are always some kids who seem smarter than the rest. then probably you've never eaten Parle-G. Providing kids with the vital vitamins and minerals necessary for all round mental and physical development. Apart from being the world's largest selling biscuit. Parle-G is the new generation's official power supply. Ever wonder how they got to be that way? If you had to think real hard for the answer.

once you bite into one of these power-packed biscuits. Parle-G Milk Shakti What have you heard about Parle-G Milk Shakti? Think hard.Should be unforgettable. Now try and memorise this . And energises the body too.Fact is. have the exciting variant of Monaco . Krackjack A little sweet . very delicious! This delightful biscuit is acclaimed in India and across the world for its controversial sweet and salty taste. The same light salted biscuits that lift your spirits now comes delicately seasoned with Zeera. Relish this unique taste at all times of the day.Choco & Cashew. You can enjoy Krackjack any time plain or with a host of beverages like tea. But the real question is. you're absolutely is the only milk biscuit with the goodness of honey. It aids mental stimulation. coffee or milkshakes. Krackjack has won 11 Gold. now eat a biscuit. Ok. 21 .The Zabardast Zeera Flavour. Monaco Zabardast Zeera To add some spice to life. 3 Silver and 1 Bronze award at the 'Monde Selection'. people will do anything for a taste of Parle-G Magix. Got it? Yes. Go ahead & wield them wisely. will you be willing to share your packet of Parle-G Magix to find out exactly how much power you can exert? With two delicious tastes .A little salty… That's what makes Krackjack very. Parle-G Magix has put great power in your hands.

In reality they are actually using (misusing) tea as a ready excuse to indulge in another packet of Parle Marie Choice.tasty itna. ensuring that it has the highest 22 . After all . Whatever the reason. Try as you might. Parle Marie Choice has fast become a preferred teatime accompaniment. As you crunch into it.Marie Choice More and more people are now discovering the pleasures of a cup of hot steaming tea. ki dil aajayee. chai toh hai bahana. Hide & Seek Let your taste buds indulge in the sinful pleasure of a delightful game. Find out for yourself over a cup of tea. A delicious biscuit filled with cream till the edges. Seek out the chocolate chips that aren't really hidden. you just can't hide from the sheer delight of munching a mouthful Fun Centre There might have been times when you were unsatisfied with the amount of cream in the middle of cream biscuits. these chips melt in your mouth. With Parle Fun Centre. Or so it seems. you'll have no such problems. And relish a delectable experience called Hide-&-seek .

lip-smacking flavours like chocolate. butterscotch. wheat-cereals in biscuits have their own natural sugar content. we have one less thing to worry about. This range is available in 3 delicious variants namely Litetime. these irresistible cream biscuits whet your appetite NutriChoice SugarOut This is because NutriChoice SugarOut is sweetened with "Sucralose. Parle Ghas chosen to represent these biscuits with "No Added Sugar" claim. along with inadequate sleep and frequently eating-out.cream content in its category. . Even with 100% no-added sugar. these delightfully tasty biscuits are amongst your healthiest bites of the day. as there is no added sugar in the processing of NutriChoice SugarOut. missing walks. It is also relevant for consumers with sugar related ailments.NutriChoice. Chocolate cream. and Orange cream. 23 for more. In your next visit to a shop just look out for its Golden-green international carton pack. which provides the same sweetness as any other biscuit." derived from sugar. 24/7 we are engrossed in our busy schedules. At least with the new and improved NutriChoice Digestive Biscuit. Nutri Choice Digestive Biscuit Nothing can be more difficult than making small efforts in our daily life towards healthy and active living. strawberry and milk cream. all take a heavy toll on our health. Available in a variety of mouthwatering. Made with 50% whole-wheat and packed with added fibre (10% of our daily dietary needs). targeted towards all health sensitive people. without the added calories of sugar. skipping meals. We are sure that you will be pleasantly delighted with its great taste and equally surprised to know that it has no added sugar. Try one and you'll know that you've made one smart choice . and also make for a perfect dessert. Don't be taken for a ride when you read "Sugar Free" label on many biscuit packs marketed in India or abroad.

Treat Fruit Rollz So go on and treat yourself to the lip-smacking snack! New Parle-G Milk Bikis Milk Bikis. the new biscuit prompts the ‘Kid’s will love it’ reaction amongst mothers. Whoever said that ‘good food’ needs to look ‘dull and boring’. will just have to take a look at Milk Bikis. With a unique and attractive honeycomb design and an enhanced product experience. Recently re-launched in its existing Southern & Eastern markets. now brings greater value and delight to all with its new product and pack design. the favorite growth partner of Kids. and extended across India. the new Milk Bikis is all set to add excitement and appeal to ‘nutritious’ food. The milk goodness in the recipe is now enhanced with SMART 24 .

The increase in profit has been achieved despite the continuing and unprecedented increase in prices of key commodities like flour. rest assured that kids will look forward to munching these crunchy.6% to Rs. And yes. “We continue to build on the growth momentum of last year. 485 MM was more than double for the corresponding quarter last year of Rs 212 MM.6% higher than last year. an extension of the Treat franchise with ‘double masti’ of chocolate & caramel and also 25 . 12. 6. whether its breakfast time or snack time at school. while net profit at Rs 846 MM was 64. So. said. reported sales of Rs. Ms. (PARLE G ). Net Profit for the quarter at Rs. reflecting 20% growth over the corresponding quarter last year. The tangy and distinctive pepper flavoured biscuit. also ensures that the biscuits remain fresh and crisp. radio. For the half year ended 30th September 07. We have added 340 basis points to our margin through higher price realization as well as innovation. outdoor and in-store display materials to events. besides appealing to kids. growth momentum continues Mumbai.588 MM for the quarter ended 30th September 2008. Managing Director. traditional and new media were blended synergistically to create excitement and curiosity about the unique taste of the biscuit. adults won’t be far behind in reaching out for a pack! Parle-G 50-50 Pepper Chakkar The launch of the latest 50-50 variant left everybody guessing "What it is?" From TV ads.356 MM. The 50-50 Pepper Chakkar launch is truly a case of leveraging the marketing mix to best advantage. revenue grew 19. iron and iodine. 2007: Parle-G Industries Ltd. caught the imagination of a younger audience craving something to nibble on.NUTRIENTS – 4 vital vitamins. proven to aid mental and physical development in growing kids. that's thin and crispy and more like a snack. October 23rd. oils & dairy products. milky biscuits which even helps in their development. Vinita Bali. the Company launched ‘Treat Choco Gelo’.” During the quarter. The premium packaging. a website and SMS and email blasts. one of India’s leading food Companies. Commenting on the performance. Parle-G profits up 125 % in Q2.

introduced a range of premium indulgence cookies under ‘Pure Magic’ brand. 26 . Investment in Advertising and Sales Promotion has been increased by 50% to fuel the innovation led growth. MEASURES UNDERTAKEN BY GOVERNMENT The Food Processing Industry have been experiencing the adverse affect of multiplicity of various Acts/ Rules and Regulations for food standards under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act Standards of Weights & Measures Act. The Ministry of State for Food Processing Industries is the Nodal Ministry to coordinate the Parle G l. the Meat Products Order. Food Products Order. affected the Food & Food Processing Sectors. the Bureau of Indian Standards & MMPO (Milk & Milk Product Order). of India has decided to set up a Group of Ministers (GOM) to propose legislation and other changes for preparing a Modem Integrated Food Law and related regulations. As a consequence of various representations of industry. They need to be modernized & converged. etc. the Govt.

Further follow up is in hand. covering the broad frame work required for the food legislation as well as specific issues such as: The main objectives of the new Integrated Food Laws & its structure Methodology of development of Standards Provisions of Labelling Acceptance of a basic list of additives Matters relating to GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice). 245(E) Dt.2008 has provided for printing of statutory symbol on all products containing vegetarian ingredients.12. 20. As members may be aware the Govt. Prevention of Food Adulteration Act / Rules Members reported various instances where the PFA authorities in the States are adopting penal action. GHP(Gud Health Plan) Issues related to Codex Procedure for sampling& launching of Prosecutin Grading of violations according to the nature of discrepancy. of India vide its Notification No. Our Federation along with apex organizations such as CII(Confederation Of Indian Industry) & CIFTI (Confederation Of Indian Food Trade & Industry)have represented to Hon'ble Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare seeking extension of a minimum period of 6 months for implementation of the notification. Recent Changes / Amendments Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. particularly on account of hardships in printing vegetarian symbol in advertisements.Our federation submitted its recommendations and suggested to placed before the Group of Ministers. even in cases of very minor offences / errors under the PFA 27 . The notification came into effect from 20 June 2008.4.4. Govt.2001 provided for statutory printing of the symbols of food packages containing non vegetarian ingredients. has earlier amended PFA Rules vide notification No. GSR 908 (E) Dt. A delegation from the industry met the Secretary. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and apprised him of the hardships faced by industry. This notification has already come into effect from 4 October 2008.

of India that. The Sectoral Group on Bakery Products consisted of FBMI ((Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Federation Of Biscuit Manufacturer Of India). after detailed deliberations by the Executive Committee. as a step towards eventual adoption in the various states in accordance with the International Codex Alumnus. the Federation submitted our comments and suggestions. Introduction of HACCP/GMP/GHP The Govt. the Dept of Health constituted Sectoral Groups on various categories of food processing industries. suggested to the Govt. This issue has also been referred to CII (Confederation Of Indian Industry) & CIFTI (Confederation Of Indian Food Trade & Industry) for further follow up. as Convener and FBMI and SIB as members. in the context of trade terms and regulatory. in the first instance projects for imparting training to the Managers/Executives and workforce in the bakery industries should be organized so as to create awareness 28 . FBMI. FBMI (Federation Of Biscuit Manufacturer Of India) suggested that such minor errors etc should be compounded. has formulated proposals to introduce the concepts of Hazard Analysis Control Convention Procedures (HACCP). keeping in view the ground realities in the bakery sector and due to the fact that the implementation of HACCP/GMP/GHP may be beyond he financial and technical capabilqities of majority of the biscuit manufacturers and compulsory introduction of these regulations would adversely impact the via Parle G ity and may lead to closure of a large number of bakeries in the country.Rules. After detailed deliberations. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Hygienic Practices (GHP). highlighting the hardships that the biscuit units would face in the event of statutory enforcement of HACCP/GMP/GHP. harassment and resultant losses to biscuit units. After discussions with FBMI and other organizations. measures under the WTO regime. The Federation suggested that the concepts of HACCP etc should be made voluntary in the first two/three years. avoiding prosecution. of India (Ministry of Health).

at reasonable prices benefiting consumers particularly those in the lower and middle segments of the society. Agro Based industries in the country. There are much multiplicity of implementing / enforcing Agencies / Departments for watch one of these Acts and Rules. Weights & Measures Act. which are also different in the States. Agmark. the food processing industries. PFA Act / Rules are recipe based. with main focus on development and promotion of the Food Processing. there have been plethoras of amendment.e. Unfortunately. MMPO(Milk & Milk Product Orders) under Essential Commodities’ Act / Rules. many a time there are instances of overlapping and even contradictions between such Agencies / Departments. Similarly.and knowledge on these complex regulatory aspects and educate the personnel in the industry on various aspects of HACCP etc. FICCI. encompassing the existing legislation’s mentioned above. in the Standards of Weight & Measures Act and PC Rules. which would also result in higher productivity and better revenue for the Central and State Governments. CII. and focus on prosecution / penal action. consumption of varied types of safe food products of good quality. paving way for creation of large employment generation. PFA Act / Rules. both at Central and State levels. including AIMBA the Government constituted the Justice Venkatachalam Committee 29 . Packaged Commodities Rules. and proposals for more restrictions on the food processing industries including Biscuit and this has resulted in unavoidable hindrances in the development and growth of the industries. BIS etc. including Biscuit / Bakery segment. are subjected to and administered by a large number of statues i. As a result of such concerted efforts and presentations by organizations of industry. PHDCCI urged he Government to evolve a single Integrated Food Law. even for minor / technical errors etc. Exports and better capacity utilization also need to be encouraged in the proposed Integrated law. Unified Food Laws – Need for As members are aware. It is in this context that our Federation in close coordination with CIFTI.

After due consideration of all aspects and by inviting suggestions from Govt. The said Draft Food Parle G l 2002 has been formulated to “provide for the review the entire gamut of the existing Food Laws and to recommend the ways ad means and basis for unifying these Acts / Rules and regulations into an Integrated Food Law (Act). ensuring high degree of objectivity and transparency and to provide for the establishment of a Food Development an Regulatory Authority of India an the Council for Food Standards and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. the Committee submitted its report containing detailed suggestions / recommendations on the imperative need for integrating the existing multiple food laws. Industry and Commerce as well as consumers and other important sections of the community at large. formed a Group of Ministers with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries as the nodal point and this comprehensive exercise has resulted in the Draft Food Parle G l 2002 presented to the Group of Ministers. imparting new inputs of market dynamics. Accordingly. manufacture. introducing new technologies. 30 . the Govt. processing and sale of safe and suitable food systematic and scientific development of food industry.. and to create an enabling environment for innovation and value additions.

MARKET GROWTH Parle G is a star BCG as shown below: RATE LOW 31 RELATIVE MARKET SHARE HIGH .MARKETING STRATEGY FOR PARLE G • Cost leadership: It is a cost leader in its industry except in cheese and glucose biscuits where it lags behind Parle respectively. rationalization of brands and packs has been undertaken and the existing brands have been clustered into more cost efficient portfolio through a process of brand concentration. The company has undertaken modernization program in order to improve productivity. To focus resources. • Economies of scale: Parle G is adding capacity at regular intervals depending upon the economic environment It has the advantage of being able to source raw materials and even HIGH packaging at cheap rates because of large scale of operations.

* PARLE G The BCG growth-share matrix shows that Parle G is a STAR BCG. being a market leader in a high growth market 32 .

so conscious and price sensitive SUBSTITUTE’S FORCES Household snacks Bakery biscuits Fast food 33 .FIVE FORCE MODEL FOR PARLE G COMPETITOR’S FORCE (Major MNCs likely to diversify and get into related business of Parle G SUPPLIER’S FORCE (Very large number less of bargaining power PARLE G PARLE BAKEMAN’S REGIONAL BUYER’S FORCES (more quality suppliers.

From Warehouse or Depots the Stock either reaches the Superstockists or the Authorized Wholesalers. From Superstockists the stock goes to either UPDs (Universal Printer Driver) or 34 . From factories the finished goods are then sent to the Regional Depots or the Mother Depots.PARLE G SUPPLY CHAIN Supply chain Describes a longer channel stretching from Raw materials to components to final Products that are carried to final Buyers. The Raw Materials are converted into finished goods in the Production Units or Factories. From here the stock reaches the Warehouse for distribution to the Authorized Wholesaler. Parle G Supply Chain include Authorized wholesaler. UPDs and Retailers. Superstockists. RPDs.

Different rural markets have different set of Superstockists (SS) which further have RPD’s (Rural preferred Dealers) and UPD’s (Urban preferred Dealers) under them.RPDs (Radiation Protection dosimetry) from where it finally reaches to the markets of Rural India. sales promotion is one of the four aspects of promotion." In marketing. Sales Promotion Sales promotion. Sales promotion is media and non-media marketing communications employed for a pre-determined. The Sale of the Stock from Depots to Authorized Wholesaler constitutes Primary Sale while the Sale of the Stock from Authorized Wholesaler to Wholesaler constitute Secondary Sale. Retailers sell Company Products to the End Consumers. mostly short term. (The other three parts of the promotional mix are advertising. Examples include: · coupons · discounts and sales · contests · point of purchase displays · rebates · free samples (in the case of food items) · gifts and incentive items 35 . personal selling. and publicity/public relations. designed to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of particular products or services by consumers or the trade. a key ingredient in marketing campaigns.) Sales promotions are non-personal promotional efforts that are designed to have an immediate impact on sales. stimulate market demand or improve product availability. The Authorized Wholesaler buy goods from Company and from them the Stock goes to the Retailers. consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools. limited time to increase consumer demand. These UPD’s are the dealers of very small regions only which are considered rural only and are not completely urban.

good value. Purpose of sales promotion.  Coupons: Certificates entitling the bearer to a stated saving on the purchase of a specific product: mailed. or premi-urns.· free travel. or distribution channel members (such as retailers). sales staff. who are primarily looking for low price. MAJOR CONSUMER PROMOTIONAL TOOLS  Samples: Offer of a free amount of a product or service delivered door to door. A free sample stimulates consumer trial. or featured in an advertising offer. Sales promotions targeted at retailers and wholesale are called trade sales promotions. Sales promotions are unlikely to turn them into loyal users. sent in the mail. sales promotions can alter market shares permanently. such as free flights Sales promotions can be directed at either the customer. whereas a free management-advisory service aims at cementing a long-term relationship with a retailer. or inserted in magazine and newspaper ads. picked up in a store. Sales promotions often attract brand switchers. to reward loyal customers. Sellers use incentive type promotions is to attract new triers. In markets of high brand dissimilarity. Sales-promotion tools vary in their specific objectives. Sales promotions targeted at the consumer are called consumer sales promotions. Sales promotions used in markets of high brand similarity produce a high sales response in the short run but tittle permanent gain in market share. enclosed in other products or attached to them. attached to another product. and to increase the repurchase rates of occasional users.  Cash Refund Offers (rebates): Provide a price reduction after purchase rather than at the retail shop: consumer sends a specified "proof of 36 .

 The freebies procurement & logistics planning is additional activity.  The production centers may be different from regular production centers.The promotional offers were limited to Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. To promote products to consumer. The consumer promotional offers are based on the principle of elasticity of demand.  The distribution strategy may be different from regular one. Parle G Industries Ltd.  To achieve internal customer satisfaction level to 95%. How Consumer promotional offer products differ from normal product without offer ?  The product is marketed under some scheme.  To penetrate market with greater share of business. Objectives : To deliver right SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) & Gift item to right place in right time. Complexities involved were promotional offers limited to some region of our country and rest of country was on normal product.  And to increase the consumer base for newly launched product. Marketing Department decides to run promotional offers on brands with following objectives. Planned to launch six promotional offers in the month of May and June 2008. giving freebies with product etc.purchase" to the manufacturer who "refunds* part of the purchase price by mail.  To leverage Parle-G brand by having association with some other known brand. Following consumer promotional offers were conceptualized for May and June 2006.  To counterattack competitor’s strategy.  The packaging is different from normal product. 37 . company devises some scheme like discount on MRP.

Jun'06 RPDs (Radiation Protection Dosimetry) in all SURE Territories Sales target achievement for the incentive period Targets for the period to be set by the SO/ ASM in consultation with the RSM Minimum swing of 40% in May and June'06 MA sales over Jan-Mar'06 MA sales To qualify the RPD must have minimum current sales of Rs.PROMOTION IN RURAL MARKET MERA RPD MAHAN CONTEST Mera RPD (Radiation Protection Dosimetry) Mahan contest was a dealer incentive contest which was designed for the dealers of the Rural market.30000 PM. The details of this contest are as follows: Period Scope Criteria May. This contest was held in the month of May and June. Mechanics  1 Top RPD to be selected as the "Mera RPD (Radiation Protection Dosimetry) Mahaan" per RPD PSM PJP.or cash if preferred 38 . This contest was designed to motivate the RPDs (Radiation Protection Dosimetry) and UPDs (Urban preferred Dealers) to reach their Sales target of 35. 500/.000 respectively. 3000/.000 and 50.(Nokia MoParle G e Phone Proposed  All other RPDs to get a gift article worth Rs.  This RPD to get a gift article worth Rs.30000 PM or the Target sales should be a minimum of Rs.

which accounts for high breakage The semi-sweet category accounts for the maximum turnover in the mass marketthe Tiger Anytime being a member of this category is perceived as a tow quality product. by which the company will have a volume advantage 39 .WEAKNESSES • • • The Company takes a lot of time in handling the UCA (Supply Chain Company) claims of the authorized wholesalers. which will account for volume sales and require minimum investment • • Performance-based incentive to motivate the sates staff is not existing in the Company Yearly incentives don't motivate the dealers of mass market brands OPPORTUNITIES • • • Mass market is growing with established preference for biscuits Growing middle class in India can provide more opportunities for Parle G 's pillar brands Credit given to dealers will help Parle G in expanding the width of reach. this may liquidate Parle G 's brand equity in the mass market • Parle G has positioned it's Tiger range on health and taste. which means that the brand is under-positioned. premium mid super-premium category. this market is approaching a saturation point Parle G 's mass market is not segmented properly. but my findings show that health consciousness in the mass market is low. this !eads to demotivation Warehousing norms are not followed. the best strategy would be to concentrate on these segments of the mass market. Parle G cannot afford to go all out in the mass market. since the market doesn't consider "health1 as an important benefit in biscuits • • Parle G 's strength is in mid.

therefore there is a chance of the consumers to shift to other brands in the near/distant future • • • Too much concentration in the mass market may affect the companies market in this established segment Mass-market venture may account for this cannibalization A large number of competitors each having respective bold in different markets of the company's pillar brands will account for high contribution/orrir 40 .• • • Taste plays an important role in mass market which can take care of price sensitivity to some extent There is low differentiation in the mass market brands There is a fairly good market for a high count salty cracker variety and a cream cracker variety in the mass market THREATS • • De-reservation of the biscuit industry may attract foreign players who initially will try to attack the premium segment. which is already established for Parle G A characteristic feature of premium market consumer is that this segment is not brand loyal.

Sunfeast. etc. There is a high competition in biscuit manufacturing industry’s such as Parle-G. 41 . This study helps in determining right choice for them.  To find out the satisfaction levels towards service provide by PARLE G. Company manufactures according to the consumer’s interest. Biscuit manufacturing industries has lot of scope in the Indian economy. family. consumer prefers to take that product which not only satisfy him but also his colleagues. OTHER OBJECTIVE  To find out the consumer preference according to retailer view.  To find out the major competitor of PARLE G BISCUIT.CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY PRIME OBJECTIVE To find out the competitive activity and merchandising through retailer of PARLE G BUISCUIT in south Delhi. SCOPE OF THE STUDY FMCG Sector is a growing sector in India at high pace. natives. Priya gold.

retailer survey was conducted sample of 30 rational retailers were taken and they were supplied with a structured non-disguised questionnaire. In order to accomplish the job. The data collected was collected from different retail outlets of biscuit namely:  Shops  Confectioners  Kirana and general stores 42 . Data can be classified as: • • Primary data Secondary data PRIMARY DATA It is gathered for the first time by the researchers. Secondly to complete the job in a more genuine way.DATA COLLECTION METHOD Data collection is an elaborate process in which the researchers make a planned research for all relevant data. the researcher goes for primary data. the researcher adopted the two-way strategy to collect the primary data. COLLECTION OF PRIMARY DATA The researcher was assigned to do a comparative study on PARLE G BISCUIT. Data are facts may be obtained from several sources. Data is the foundation of all market research. The idea was to seek out the market position of PARLE G BISCUIT. If the secondary data is found to be inadequate or unavailable.

Its interpretation has been provided in most easy to understand manner with the help of suitable diagram & charts. it’s the back bone of any Market Research Project. researcher had to undergo a lot of Field Work. Field work basically consists of collection of primary data.SECONDARY DATA Secondary data is the data borrowed from secondary sources by the researcher. Simultaneously survey of both retailers and consumers was carried out. The whole area which was to be surveyed was divided into different segments randomly. . Secondary data can be internal or external i. As a matter of fact. internal records of the company or information available from library and other statistical organization.e. The researcher worked in the field for a span of one & half months. 43 . For the purpose researcher has a visit various cinema halls. Later on whole data which was collected from field was well scrutinized & tabulated for analysis. colleges & school canteens etc. In this project. In a Market Research Project Field Work has a very vital role to play. public attractive places.

The Effect of these Promotions on the total Sales was calculated. In Addition to this the the total Percentage of Stock reaching the Rural market and the Urban market was also calculated. These has been introduced to increase the sale of these biscuits in rural market. The total Percentage increase in Sales from April to May and then subsequently from May to June was analyzed. Eastern UP. May and June were compared and the Percentage increase in Sale was calculated. The RPD’s and the UPD’s of each and every Superstockist was tracked.000 or not. At each and every step the Percentage increase in Sale of euery region was calculated. The total Sale of these SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) without Promotion i.CHAPTER 4 DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS The Sale of 6 SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) in 4 Regions namely Western UP. For all the three months the Overall Sale as well as the RPD and UPD Sale was Calculated for all the four Regions. Thereafter the monthly reports of April. Central UP and Rajasthan was analyzed for a Period of three months from April to June. in the month of April was compared with the total Sale of these SKUs with Promotions in the month of May and June. If they have not met their targets by when are they going to meet their targets and what is the reason they have not yet met their sales target. In April.e. It was tracked that whether the RPD’s have meet their sales target of 35. These promotions are launched especially for the rural marketsand therefore their effectiveness is to be tested in the rural market only. 44 . there were no Promotions on these SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) while in the Month of May and June these SKUs were offered with Promotions.000 and UPD’s of 50.

The maximum swing in the total Sale was observed for 50:50 150gm which is about 44 tonnes in June as compared to only 10 tonnes in April.150G WESTERN UP TOTAL SALE(in Tonnes) 50 40 30 20 10 0 91340 50:50 150G 91344 TIGER KESAR KULFI 100G 91345 TIGER ROSE MILK 100G 91346 TIGER ORANGE CREAM 100G 91347 TIGER ELAICHI CREAM 100G 91350 TIMEPASS CLASSIC S.Also in this region. The Total Sale of all the rest of the SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) has also increased Marginally during this time Period. 45 .The Analysis and Finding of this Projects are as follows: SALES ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER PROMOTION MATERIAL 50:50 150G TIGER KESAR KULFI 100G TIGER ROSE MILK 100G TIGER ORANGE CREAM 100G TIGER ELAICHI CREAM 100G TIMEPASS CLASSIC S.150G TOTAL SALES (in Ttonnes) APRIL MAY JUNE 10 13 44 1 3 4 2 3 7 10 15 22 1 1 1 3 7 5 44 APRIL MAY 7 1 1 1 JUNE 3 5 22 10 13 4 1 3 2 3 7 10 15 It is clearly depicted from the above Graph that there has been a tremendous increase in total Sales of all the SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) from April to June due to the Promotional Schemes offered with these SKUs during this Period. The Percentage increase in the total Sale of this SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) from April to June was 120%. The sale was increased from 10 tonnes in April to 22 tonnes in June. there has been a noticeable increase in the total Sale of the Tiger Orange Cream 100 gm.

the maximum Percentage increase in total Sales was for 50:50 150gm and Timepass Classics 150gm.150G TOTAL SALES (in Tonnes) APRIL MAY JUNE 35 56 109 1 1 7 1 0 6 61 62 70 2 4 8 3 7 27 EASTERN UP TOTAL SALES(in Tonnes) 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 91 340 50:50 1 50G 109 56 35 11 7 1 0 6 70 6162 27 8 2 4 91 346 TIGER ORANGE CREAM 1 00G 91 347 TIGER ELAICHI CREAM 1 00G APRIL MAY JUNE 37 91 350 TIM EPASS CLASSIC S. There has been a tremendous increase (212% for 50:50 150gm and 800% 46 .1 50G 91 344 TIGER KESAR KULFI 1 00G 91 345 TIGER ROSE M ILK 1 00G It is clearly seen from the bar Diagram that in this region.MATERIAL 50:50 150G TIGER KESAR KULFI 100G TIGER ROSE MILK 100G TIGER ORANGE CREAM 100G TIGER ELAICHI CREAM 100G TIMEPASS CLASSIC S.

There has been a increase in sale of this SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) from 47 . There has been a Marginal increase in the Sale of rest of the SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit). The Percentage increase in Total Sales of 50:50 150 gm from April to June due to Promotions was 1000% and for Timepass Classics 150 gm was 800%. the Maximum increase in Percentage total Sales was Observed for 50:50 150 gm and Timepass Classics 150 gm.for Timepass Classics 150 gm)in sale for these SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) due to promotional Schemes offered with these SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit). An unusual trend in increase in sale was Observed in case of Tiger Kesar Kulfi 100 gm.150G APRIL 8 6 4 13 3 3 MAY 12 8 5 14 4 4 JUNE 88 6 6 18 9 27 CENTRAL UP TOTAL SALES(in Tonnes) 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 91 340 50:50 1 50G 91 344 TIGER KESAR KULFI 1 00G 91 345 TIGER ROSE MILK 1 00G 91 346 TIGER ORANGE CREAM 1 00G 91 347 TIGER ELAICHI CREAM 1 00G 91 350 TIMEPASS CLASSIC S.1 50G 88 APRIL MAY JUNE 27 8 12 6 8 6 13 14 4 18 3 5 6 4 9 3 4 In this region also. TOTAL SALES (in Tonnes) MATERIAL 50:50 150G TIGER KESAR KULFI 100G TIGER ROSE MILK 100G TIGER ORANGE CREAM 100G TIGER ELAICHI CREAM 100G TIMEPASS CLASSIC S.

TOTAL SALES (in Tonnes) April to May but there has been a Drop in the Sale from May to June. This is because of the non availability of this SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) in this Region.


APRIL 36 8 7 16 6 2

MAY 41 10 7 13 7 13

JUNE 70 11 13 32 4 19

TOTAL SALE(in Tonnes) 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0
91 340 50:50 1 50G 91 344 TIGER KESAR KULFI 1 00G 91 345 TIGER ROSE M ILK 1 00G 91 346 TIGER ORANGE CREAM 1 00G 91 347 TIGER ELAICHI CREAM 1 00G 91 350 TIM EP ASS CLASSIC S.1 50G



32 11 13 16 19

6 7 4

8 10

7 7



As it can be seen in the above chart sale of 50:50 due to promotion shoot up like anything in month of June that is a increase of around 89%. Also other SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) like TIGER ORANGE and TIGER ELAICHI showed a decreasing trend due to unavaiParle G ity of stock of the given product.


80 70 PERCENTAGE 60 50 40 30 20 10 0
91 340 50:50 91 344 TIGER KESAR KULFI

67.7 60 50 50 40 57 43 57.9 42.1 32.3 %Rural Sale % Urban

0 0

The affect of promotion is clearly seen in the Eastern UP. The target rural sale according to superstockists contribution should be 61%. Only TIGER KESER KULFI and TIGER ORANGE are close to the target whose Rural Sales Percentage are 60% and 57% respectively. For all the rest of the SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) the Percentage Rural Sale is very less than the targeted in this month. The SKU named TIGER ROSE MILK does not show any sale neither Rural nor Urban in this region. This is due to non availaParle G ity of this SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) in this region during the month of May. %Rural aterial 50:50 TIGER KESAR KULFI TIGER ROSE MILK TIGER ORANGE TIGER ELAICHI TIMEPASS CLASSIC Sale 6.7 18.5 5.4 28.7 16.3 20 % Urban Sale 93.3 81.5 94.6 71.3 83.7 80


100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 93.3 81.5 71.3 94.6 83.7 80


%Rural Sale 28.7 18.5 6.7
91 340 50:50 91 344 TIGER KESAR KULFI

% Urban 16.3 20


The target rural percentage sale should be at least 34% according


Superstockists contribution in this area. TIGER ROSE MILK has done the least sale among all the SKUs(Stock Keeping Unit) . There should be slight increase in sales of TIGER ORANGE i.e. up to 5% so as to reach the targeted rural sale Percentage. None of the SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) has reached the targeted Sales Percentage in the month of May. %Rural Material 50:50 TIGER KESAR KULFI TIGER ROSE MILK TIGER ORANGE TIGER ELAICHI TIMEPASS CLASSIC Sale 38.3 50 50 40 28.3 43.6 % Urban Sale 61.7 50 50 60 71.7 56.4


TIGER ORANGE and TIMEPASS CLASSIC are close to the targeted Sale and need slightly more efforts to reach to the targeted Percentage in the next month.6 %Rural Sale % Urban The target rural percentage sale should be at least 48% according to Superstockists contribution in this area.RAJASTHAN 80 PERCENTAGE 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 91 340 50:50 91 344 TIGER KESAR KULFI 91 345 TIGER ROSE M ILK 91 346 TIGER ORANGE 91 347 TIGER ELAICHI 91 350 TIM EPASS CLASSIC 71. Rest all the SKUs are below the target sale Percentage.3 50 50 40 28.7 50 50 38.7 61.4 43. TIGER KESAR KULFI and TIGER ROSE MILK has reached their target Rural Sale Percentage.3 60 56. PERCENTAGE RURAL AND URBAN SALE SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) WISE IN MONTH JUNE % %Rural Material 50:50 TIGER KESAR KULFI TIGER ROSE MILK TIGER ORANGE TIGER ELAICHI TIMEPASS CLASSIC Sale 10 10 6 12 17 45 Urban Sale 90 90 94 88 83 55 51 .

50:50 (12.8% according to Superstockists contribution in this area.e. % %Rural Material 50:50 TIGER KESAR KULFI TIGER ROSE MILK TIGER ORANGE TIGER ELAICHI TIMEPASS CLASSIC Sale 47 60 71 60 50 46 Urban Sale 53 40 29 40 50 54 QUESTIONNAIRE ANALYSIS 52 .3%) and TIGER Cream(Aggregate 14.Only TIMEPASS is doing exceptionally good but rest SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) i.WESTERN UP 100 PERCENTAGE 80 60 40 20 0 10 91 340 50:50 90 90 94 88 83 55 45 %Rural Sale % Urban 10 91 344 TIGER KESAR KULFI 6 91 345 TIGER ROSE M ILK 12 91 346 TIGER ORANGE 17 91 347 TIGER ELAICHI 91 350 TIM EPASS CLASSIC The target rural percentage sale should be atleast 16.6%) are less than the target percentage.

customer like changes and in need to taste new consumable products.Monaco .1. Write down the first brand name that comes in your mind regarding biscuits? According to retailers survey. If company manufactures according to consumers interest then he will definitely be satisfied. etc 2.What others brands of biscuits can you recall? 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 1 2 Parle-G sunfeast Cremica Elite Craze Nezone Dukes Britannia Parle-G sunfeast Cremica Elite Craze Nezone Dukes Britannia 14 3 2 1 6 1 1 2 In this survey. Krack Jack crispy cream .What is the frequency of biscuits you take? 53 .Digestive Marie . Various variants of Parle-G such as krackjack . 14% of the consumers have keen interest in Parle-G products. Rest go to other brands out of 30% 3. If he/she is a consumer of parle-g biscuits than not for all the time he will stick to that.Hide & Seek .

etc 54 .10 8 6 4 2 0 Once in Tw ice in thrice in a Week a Week a Week Any Others Series2 Series1 Once in a week Twicw in a week Thrice in a week Any others 5 8 9 8 Frequency of biscuits that consumer’s take is Thrice-A-Day. What brand do you have on occasions? 1 6 1 4 1 2 1 0 8 6 4 2 0 Parle-G Sun Feast Priyagold Britannia Series2 Series1 Parle-G Sun Feast Priyagold Britannia 14 5 6 5 Most of the times Consumers prefer Parle-G biscuits rather than Sunfeast . 1.Priyagold .

5.price to high .etc 55 .Which biscuits gets you best freshness? 10 8 6 4 2 0 Mariegold 50-50 Good Day Krack jack Series2 Series1 Mariegold 50-50 Good Day Krack jack 7 9 6 8 50-50 biscuits are preferred for freshness which is also light and crunchy as compare to other brands.Have you any complain about the biscuits? 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 to N o on hi gh A va i la bi l Sh i ty or ta ge Ba d qu al ity O th er s pe rs Series2 Series1 w D irt y ra p Dirty wrappers Price too high Non Availability Shortage Bad quality Others Pr ic e 2 6 2 8 7 5 8% Consumers deal with shortage problem rest deals with Dirty wrappers .4.

If Britannia is not available to particular retailer customer would like to taste something new and accordingly he can shift his taste to like parle-g biscuits. 56 . if the brand is not available in shop 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Yes No Series1 Yes No 17 13 Definetly consumers mind are flexible . 7.Which brand do you prefer mostly? 1 6 1 4 1 2 1 0 8 6 4 2 0 Parle-G Sun Feast Priyagold Britannia Series2 Series1 Parle-G Sun Feast Priyagold Britannia 14 5 6 5 14% people go for parle-g for every time of occasions.Can you change your mind for others brand.6.

 It helps to increase the repurchase rate of the occasional buyers  Since the promotions were designed for rural market and rural market contributes to 70% of the total market hence attracting more consumers.  Products which are less popular among the consumers like Pepper Checker are also get Promoted.e. 57 .CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATIONS Sales Promotional Offers helps the company to increase the over sales of the product under promotion because consumers tend to buy in ample amount due to small duration of the promotion and feel value for their money.  But through these promotional schemes company earns less margin. it attracts new triers.  It also helps in widening their consumer base i.  Sales promotion also attracts brand switchers who are primarily looking for low price good value of premiums. And turn them to loyal users  It enhances brand image  Since attractive promotion attracts consumers hence retailers push products under promotion rather than competitors products of same kind.  It creates the brand awareness among the consumers about the newly launched product like Tiger cream.

In some areas the stock was supplied more which was not in accordance with the Percentage area contribution of that region while in some very less stock was supplied as compared to their Percentage 58 .  Also Attract more RPDs and UPDs to take participate in the contest because of the incentives. Due to their unavailaParle G ity the Promotion for that Particular SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) was not carried for that Period of Promotion.  Allocation Problem: The allocation was the most prominent problem during this Promotion. and price reductions so as to attract more consumers.Learnings through Trade Promotions:  to persuade the RPDs and UPDs to carry the brand because they are more concentrated in making sales of the given company product so as to get maximum incentives.  Non availaParle G ity of Freebies: It was observed that sometime during the Promotional Period the Freebies which has to be given with the main Product were not available.  Problems  Stock out: It was observed that most of the Promotional SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) were out of stock at most of the depots during the Promotional Period which has effected the total sales of these SKUs in these four regions tremendously. display.  to induce RPDs and UPDs to promote the brand by featuring.  to stimulate RPDs and UPDs and their sales clerks to push the product than competitors products otherwise they wont be able to reach their sales target. The stocks were not allocated in the Rural and Urban markets according to their Percentage area contribution.  to persuade the RPDs and UPDs to carry more units than the normal amount as they have to reach the target sale under Mera RPD Mahaan Scheme.

area contribution. The retailers in these regions have not taken appropriate efforts so as to promote the promotional products skillfully.  Poor sale promotion skills: According to observations.  Dispatch Problem: There was no proper schedule for dispatching & receiving of orders generated. 59 . Generally the Stocks are Dispatched late by about a week from the depots due to which the stock reaches late to the wholesalers and during that week the wholesalers face the problem of non availability and are left with very less or no stock to sell. Due to this most of the time major part of the stock was dispatched in the Urban markets which has seriously affected the Rural sales. sale was not promoted skillfully in most of the Regions.

so in order to implement it effectively and efficiently we would like to suggest certain recommendations to the company: Production department should make efforts to make available all of the product varieties in the depot norm wise. There should be a system from where different distributors can see the stock position of company and as well of other distributors. Proper allocation of the stock from the depot according to the Superstockists contribution so that neither there is excess stock in one region nor stock outs in other. there should also be individual SKU wise target so that RPDs and UPDs are able to make sales of unfamiliar products also. It will help the distributor in a way that if some distributors who wants the same. 60 . I also recommend to increase average number of lines so that all the SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) are available in the market. Apart from setting overall target for all the SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit). To increase the sales margin the price value of the main brand should be relatively higher i. around thrice of the Freebie for example instead of Rs10 pack of 50:50 150G Freebie Pepper Checker should be given with Rs15 pack of 50:50. So that a proper production forecast for each variety can be maintained by the production department. So that each and every variety should be available according to the generated order so as to meet the stock out problem. there are certain issues and flaws associated with Sales Promotion. I recommend strong coordination between production and the sales department. Contests like MERA RPD MAHAAN should be held every quarter.e.Recommendations As already discussed above.

B.Gupta T.N.CHAPTER 6 BIBLIOGRAPHY Effective Planning in Marketing and Development World Class Marketing Marketing in Practice Human Resource Management Human Resource Management Human Capital Leslie Rae Kaye Thorne Blackwell C.Chabra Journal 61 .

.. g) ………Mari Gold 62 c) ………….Which biscuits gets you best freshness? (Tick your choice).What others brands of biscuits can you recall? a) ………………….CHAPTER 7 ANNEXURE a. a) ………Parle G c) ………Sun feast b) ………Parle d) ………Parle G b) ………Twice in a week d) ………. …………………… b) …………………. f). …………………….What is the frequency of biscuits you take? (Tick you prefer). Questionnaire 1. e) ………Once in a week f) ………Thrice in a week (Tick you prefer). 3. d) …………………. …………………… c) ………………….Any others h) g)..What brand do you have on occasions? 5.. Write down the first brand name that comes in your mind regarding biscuits? ………………………………………. e) 4.. ……………………. 2. 50-50 .

…………………………. Occupation: .h) ………. 5.……………………………………………………… 2. Bad quality f) ………Others reason 7. Dirty Rappers e) ………Shortage k) ……. Price to highd)…Non-availaParle G ity near by j) …….Have you any complain about the biscuits? (Just tick). Income Group:…………5.Can you change your mind for others brand. 4. …………Above 20. a) ………Parle G c) ………Sun feast available in shop which you prefer? (Just tick choice). Sex:.Which brand do you prefer mostly? (Just tick). a) …….Yes b) …….……………….000 ……….No Classification Data 1.000 b) ………Parle d) ………Parle G 8. i) …….Good Day d) …………… Krack Jack 6. if the brand is not 63 .15.10. Age: .……………Male ……………Female 3.000-10.000 ………….000.. Name: .000-20.000-15..

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