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X think what it is is the tabernacle in the desert - was waa a tent, you know, it had to be movable. The tabernacle. The Shiloh waa one of the permanent, semi-permanent resting placea and they had a fairly big thing there — thing that housed it. Shiloh waa where the civil war battle was. See all the, there's alot of the smitten people, people were smitten by fooling with the Ark. One guy got eaeraud* (?), that ia hemmoroids and a plague of mice waa aeat over the land. Th* infliction of boll* waa visited upon. Oh, Phlleatlne* on th* advice of their diviners returned it to the Israelite*. Give it back. That's right and that's one where X found-- and the Etonitaa carried it ia front of their Army ana soundly trounced by the Phlleatlne*. It didn't alwaya work. Right, it didn't alwaya work but th* idea waa that it worked it waa aa eloae as they could coma to the A-bomb ~ to the bomb, you know, to the big one. Z gueaa that*a There, I'll just /Sleep this for you?7 All right. Ok, well that's all' I can do. And thank you.






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