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Fiverr Sample

Fiverr Sample

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Published by Zac Ashraf
This is a sample of the writing you will receive from me if you order my gig.
This is a sample of the writing you will receive from me if you order my gig.

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Published by: Zac Ashraf on Mar 22, 2013
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Three Quick Tips For Your Next Home Painting Project Preparation is the enemy of failure and this

holds true with one of the most popular and commonly undertaken do it yourself (DIY) jobs – home painting. Deciding to do the job yourself is one of the most rewarding decisions a homeowner can make, however there are several portions of the job that are usually overlooked. This article will attempt to shed some light on them so future homeowners don’t run into any trouble. Firstly, it is widely thought to be true that priming is not necessary. This is false, and usually leads to an unsatisfactory paint job, or at the very least, more paint than is needed, wasted on a second coat. Priming serves several purposes the new house painter should know about. It prepares the surface to be more susceptible to ‘take on’ new paint – that is have it applied evenly. Failing to prime, and just slapping new paint over old will result in the area drying up and chances are the color will not dry as you expect it. You can prime either by investing a little more in an all-in-one paint and primer, or apply a quick coat prior to your color, and taking a break while it dries. Either way, to get the job done right, please prime! Secondly, first time house painters should “cross their T’s and dots their i’s” so to speak. This means investing a few more dollars all around in quality brushes, rollers, and drops (those things you cover the floor with). Low quality brushes leave behind residue and result in an uneven coat of paint. Chances are you are saving quite a bit not hiring a professional painting contractor, so try not to skimp too much on essential supplies. Drops are important as well, the thicker ones are more suitable since they are harder to slip and fall like on unlike a cheap plastic tarp. Finally, if you have a two day paint job, and don’t want to rinse your roller, use this quick little tip to avoid the extra workload. You can actually put your roller in a larger size zip lock bag and slip it into the freezer overnight. Take it out and let it cool down before you paint again and you won’t need to wash it off. You can also use saran wrap to cover the top of your paint can to keep the odour in overnight and avoid struggling with the sticky lid. Apply these techniques and your first time painting will be as painless as possible. Hopefully these tips are helpful and will aid you in not making any mistakes as a first time home painter.

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