Costing Of Garments:‐ 


Costing of woven fabric
5% 2% 7%

Direct Cost Rawmaterial Cost

Direct Cost Production cost


Direct Cost Size & Chemical  Cost Direct Cost Wages & Salaries


8% 66%

Direct Cost Shrinkage, wastage

Indirect Cost Overhead

Indirect Cost  depreciation, Loan interest

Spinning Cost:Natural Fibre • • • • Yarn cost depends on type of fibre ( cotton, linen, polyester, c/p blend etc). Finer the yarn more expensive it will be. Combed yarn is always more costly than carded yarn. Generally any yarn that is finer than 40s is combed. Ring spun yarn is always costlier than rotor yarn. Rotor yarn is always coarser yarn, count below 20s.

Manmade Fibre:• • • Finer the yarn more expensive it will be. Bright yarns are more costly than dull yarns. Textured yarns are more expensive than flat yarns. Page 1 

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GSM of Fabric:Generally cost increases with GSM as the fabric consumption increases. But for similar GSM cost of fabric will change with fineness of yarn & epi, ppi of fabric. GSM Calculation From epi, ppi & Fineness of warp & weft. Weight of warp in grams/sq mt of fabric = EPI x 0.6 / Count of Warp = A Weight of weft in grams/sq mt of fabric = PPI x 0.6 / Count of Weft GSM = A+B Sizing Cost: Sizing cost for finer yarn is more than sizing cost of coarser yarn. For Plied yarns sizing not required. Weaving Cost:• • • Quality of mill-made fabric is better than Loom-made fabric. So Price may be more up to 25% for Mill-Made fabric. If all other things are same then, cost of satin & twill fabric is same & it is more than plain Fabric. Jacquard fabric is more expensive than Dobby & Cam Fabric.

Dyeing Cost:• • • • Lighter the shade, lower the cost. Cost also depends on class of dye & Quality of Dye,( Vat dye> Reactive dye> direct dye) Within the same dye class some colors are more expensive than the other. For eg, turquoise and reds are more expensive. Lighter the fabric, quicker the dye uptake, so dyeing cost is also less.

For Formal & casual shirt, For Formal Trousers,

Garment cost = Fabric cost +Rs 60-70/Garment cost = Fabric cost +Rs 80-90/-

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