Lesbian wife fucks the neighbor I knew it was wrong but when I opened the door and saw

Julie standing there in the hot pink figure hugging mini dress looking like a total slut for me I had to give her that kiss even before she got inside in. Julie is a younger then me and to have such a sexy hot huge breasted girl show such an overwhelming interest in me was something I'd dreamed of for a few years. We had met the day before in the store she worked in while I was looking at all the sexy lingerie. She came over and instantly I could see her interest was more then a sale. I usually didn't go out dressed as risky in such skimpy attire but after ten years of a boring marriage and my husband out of town on a job for two weeks I was going to test the waters and see if maybe I still had it. She certainly left no doubt in my mind I had plenty of what she wanted. I was wearing a light blue halter without a bra on my 38G-cup tits and a black tight mini skirt with black sheer nylons and heels. Walking in through the lot I got some obvious looks thinking to myself I must almost look like a hooker. My huge full tits wobbled obscenely in a bra without one and in the thin crossover top and the heels only increased the jiggle and bobbling motion about ten fold. The lingerie store turned out to be the one and only stop I made as Julie not only made a good sale but also snuck in a sensuous few minutes of felling up my over abundant chest while trying on some brassiere'. I had often fantasized over the years about making it with another female and the urge had been growing greater lately. Julie is twenty-three and really hot, at my height 5-5 she also has big luscious mounds, if not as large as mine her's are still very huge 36F-cups. She had made sure while she assisted me to make casual tit to tit contact on several occasions. I was unable to fight off the temptation to have sex with her so as I checked out my purchases I wrote her my number and told her to call. She didn't let me down and called later that night after she got off work. We nearly had phone sex and when I told her I was all alone for the next couple weeks she told me, not if she could help it! I invited her over immediately when she told me she was off the next day and agreed to come over early... I dressed that morning as though I was eighteen again feeling so horny wanting to impress her. I was wearing a black mini cocktail dress with spaghetti straps that was cut extremely low, actually more for someone with no more then DD-cups. The hem just covered the tops of my black sheer nylons and garter clasps. The heels I put on were 6" spiked stiletto's that laced around my ankles. Looking in the mirror after finishing my make-up I had to smile thinking that I had even out did the hooker look from the day before. When the doorbell rang I was in the kitchen and glanced at the clock that read nine-thirty noting if it was her she was a half-hour early, a very good sign.

Her tongue slipped into my mouth the instant our lips touched making me instinctively suck it. We were not moving from where we stood although our bodies squirmed together the friction adding to the intensity of our oral foreplay. I peeked out the small security lens and it was the stunning young thing. She sensed what my quizzical look meant and said. Still she was so intoxicating I let it happen. "I love fucking hot women with my strap-on friend so I wore specially for you honey!" I moved my hand between us almost doubting what I was hearing and felt between her legs to find the big hard rubber cock slipped down in the tight band of her thigh high nylon. I suddenly realized I was doing this with another female right in the open in the neighborhood where I as a married woman lived for over five years. Feeling her soft huge tits crushed to mine was even more exciting then I imagined it might be.. "Oh Sue nice to. I managed to get the door closed hoping no one had witnessed my lewd lesbian behavior but not breaking the oral connection with her. It was a wet moaning kiss one neither of us seemed eager to end as I sucked her tongue as she worked it in and out between my glossy lip covered full lips. We kissed like two long lost lovers with our hands moving over the firm curves of our scantly clad bodies. "well if you fuck anything like you look I think I'm going to get fucked incredibly. She reacted as I thought she might and moved a hand to my cheek holding the kiss longer then I had intended it to be. I opened the door seeing her smiling and taking a long look at my overly exposed cleavage she said. "fucked and fucked and fucked!" . I squeezed it and purred back to her. Moaning as she withdrew her tongue Julie whispered into my panting mouth. hmm darling!" She smiled slyly and nodded to me with a hiss said.see so much of you!" That did it to me and as she walked in brushing her luscious tightly clad deliciously exposed cleavage to mine I leaned in for the kiss.. "I really want to fuck you Sue!" I thought the comment was a bit strange coming from another woman until I felt her force my right thigh between hers and felt something hard rubbing against it. We melted together Julie dropping her bag on the floor and embracing me feverishly working that slippery tongue deeper into my accepting mouth.When I walked to the door I looked down at my bulging quivering tits above the low bodice and suddenly hoped it wasn't someone else.

I used this time to keep an eye out for the figure to reveal them self. I love an aggressive lover. I lift one licking the underside then the other licking it up and to the nipple then sucking on it. she tended to dress sexy also maybe the same age as Julie." as I pulled the tight stretchy top of her dress down as she had did mine freeing her fat wobbly sexy flesh melons. "My turn honey. I lick them making them wet with my saliva juicing mouth taking eager sucks on each nipple but mostly licking the over abundant soft fleshiness of her sexy melons. Julie moved her fingers to my straps working the dress down off my massive tits until it was gathered around my waist. She is a cute. I was also using one hand to pull out the nice hard dildo from under her ultra short hem and stroke it like jacking off a man' dick. I lean over so my own giant boobs hang under me as I begin licking all over Julie' gorgeous tits. I would not mind one bit having sex with her but right now as a peeper I was finding her even more exciting. I wasn't surprised nor was I alarmed. I did not look directly at the window but I knew someone was watching us it made my heart race even more. "Oh fuck baby you love my huge tits like I love those giant ones of your'..it was my young neighbor Brooke! She had made vague suggestive remarks to me in the past about my huge chest that I always made me think she would be hot in bed but I resisted my urge avoiding a neighborhood affair. lick my fucking hot tits baby that will get you fucked more then you've ever been fucked!" I didn't expect another female to talk as filthy as Julie did but it only added to the excitement I was feeling for her and Brooke watching us. "Go baby suck my horny tits. I pulled Julie' face from my tits and said. I could feel Julie going for my huge tits caressing them. I toss my head slightly more from the pleasure of her mouth on my tits then a decoy but at the instant I peeked I could see who it was! Julie was sucking my right nipple moaning and soon licked across to my left as the figure had raised up to get a better angle. She moved her head down licking my tits all over wetly and with a feverish passion. . I turn her profile to the window so Brooke my nosey neighbor can get a good view of me sucking the sexy girl' massive tits..Just then I noticed a movement outside. I watched the window and in a few seconds I saw the figure had moved to the next window up pause and look in the corner. She grips my hair moaning. I didn't react right away but rather hugged Julie close rubbing my hand up and down the fake cock under the hem of her dress. with a well toned figure and my guess was at least D-cups. go get them baby suck my huge jugs!" she exclaimed rubbing her soft huge tits against mine hissing her remarks to me..

"I really need to fuck you baby.. Taking me by the hips she began thrusting and fucking me pumping that delicious cock in me thrusting so her stomach and velvety thighs banged against me. From the moment you walked in the store I knew you'd be a hot fuck!" she sighed working several inches of the hot lesbian dick in me. give it to me from behind!" "Oh yeah you want it bad hmm. I collected myself for a moment and panted. "fuck me right here baby.. my hot fucking sexy huge titty lesbian whore baby. it is designed to do it I've never used this one . "Oooooooooooo.. how can you cum using this fake cock on me?" She moaned back to me. I picked it knowing Brooke would see us perfectly from there and the thrill of her watching was increasing my sexual energy.. Moaning and calling for her to fuck me more and more Julie was up to it thrusting and fucking me hard. Julie looking at me as I leaned on the dining table with both hands wagged my round butt and sighed.. "Yes baby jack off my girl-dick. you need my girl-dick in that hot pussy baby. She was moaning as loud as I was making me wonder how she was getting pleasure from this lesbian fucking. "Honey.. Julie got behind me holding the nice stiff fake cock moved up working it in my soaked horny pussy making me shriek with pleasure biting my lower lip.She moaned. I was lost in the moment thrusting back into her fuck pumping..mmmmmmmmm.you sex starved hot fucking slut." she cooed loving the idea of fucking me bent over the table.. take us to the bedroom!" I kissed her quickly but instead of the bedroom I pulled her hand leading her to the dining room nearby and quickly pulled off my panties. Obviously it was enough and she pulled me up kissing me and rubbing her wet saliva covered tits to mine she swabbed my mouth with her tongue pulling back and hissing. "It is banging my clit. I was on fire sucking her nipples harder she was moaning those filthy obscene urges to me..oh fuck get it in baby fuck me like a whore!" "You are my whore. She moaned loud saying she was going to cum.mmmmmm. My head tossed enjoying this assault on my pussy more then any man had ever fucked me.. lick my huge tits get me boiling hot to fuck you!" Julie let my hair go reaching under me she got each nipple of my massive dangling tits and began pulling on them tugging with perfect firmness as though trying to milk them.oooooooh it is hitting my clit.

" she confessed still panting for air. "I'll never fuck you again you lying bitch. "Are you going to fuck me?" I demanded to know... I was disappointed she had cum so fast not allowing me the complete pleasure I desired. "I've never had sex with another female and you just had me so hot I could not control myself.I. "I know I've wanted it so bad but this is. you told me you were a lesbian!" I said with a disgusted tone. "I have to go.. Julie went off as she said she was going to and jerked wildly falling on my back heaving into my sucking pussy she had a body rocking orgasm.fuck I'm going to cum!" I looked to the window turning my head quickly and Brooke was looking right at us but she would not know I saw her I rolled my eyes up as though I had not seen her.. "Oh Sue..." she paused..before.I've never did anything like this before... but sneaking in another glance seconds later she was gone..get the fuck out and leave that dildo you fucking bitch!" I yelled at her again. "But. "You... "I thought you were going to fuck me out of my mind!" I shouted disappointed at the sexy younger girl." she said making me look at her with a questioning _expression. She staggered back panting from the obvious draining orgasm she leaned against the near wall sucking in her breath..ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck.I. "well I never have so sue me!" she spat the last remark at me...but honest Sue I. I'm really off tomorrow can I fuck with you again?" she really made me mad with that admission. I walked over to her and taking her by the chin looking her deep in the eyes I said.I have to go to work I lied about being off today.." she whined as I cut her off..you never fucked another female. .... "No.. "What do you mean?" I asked hands on my hips glaring at her.. get out and get out now!" I said with a commanding hiss.

" I said almost purring in the phone feeling shivers crawl over me. "Sue this is Brooke is everything ok. "I'll be right over. She turned and almost ran for the door.well a woman run from your house and speed off I know Mike is gone so I wanted to check on you!" I wasn't surprised and she seemed to want to ignore the earlier peeping so I played along acting upset. I suppose being a woman she knew other women can be insane over protecting what is their'. I also noticed Brooke at the side of her house doing some stretches obviously going for her morning run I knew she did several times a week. "I'm not married to a man you stupid bitch. In place I felt the softer rubber back side fit against my clit. it made me quiver with excitement. She tried to get tough and said.. "Oh she was just a girl that somehow took something wrong that happened yesterday.. "Oh could you honey that would be so nice of you. she is a jealous nut!" I could see in her eyes she believed it. When I answered it I heard immediately. I just saw a very. She was wearing a red and black spandex running suit that must include a snug sports bra since her big tits were minimized in the sexy tight top. I quickly went in the bathroom and redid my lip gloss thinking of something to explain why I was dressed like this at ten-thirty in the . I watched out the window as she got in her car and left in a hurry.Scared now Julie rushed fixing her dress looking sheepishly at me she wiggled out of the satiny harness leaving the cock in the harness fall to the floor.it was just upsetting Brooke!" "Would you like me to come over. Pulling my dress back up over my massive tits I sat at the breakfast bar thinking how stupid I had been.. I had to move fast I took the strap-on and shimmied into it wiggling the satiny harness up to my hips and just as Julie had I took the dildo and pushed it in the top band of my nylon.. She watched doing a stretch as Julie rushed to her car and sped off then glanced over at my house.. I knew she could not see me but I moved away from the window anyway.I..... "I'm coming back and if you don't fuck for me your husband will find out about your little nasty secret life!" I walked over quickly and thinking fast said. I was disgusted with the entire event having looked forward to my first lesbian encounter I picked up the strap-on and laid it on the counter.." she said quickly hanging up. Suddenly the phone rang startling me..I. I live with female lover and she will tear you apart if she learns you fucked me.talk maybe?" she asked sweetly.

"oh Sue that must have been traumatic.. they offer personal alterations and she just showed up offering to do the fitting here." she stammered obviously overwhelmed with the view I provided.. "You mean she tried to force you to have sex with her!" she said startled. the nerve of that gor." I acted to upset to go on. Her sexy round high butt was searing in the tight black and red shorts as she entered she looked at my overly exposed bulging tits. Brooke backed up looking at me with our faces only inches apart she said softly.I'm only to glad to help Sue.. I looked at my dress looking down as though reading her mind." I could see Brooke didn't really care her eyes were displaying total lust for my billowing scantly revealed tits. but I went on.." I noticed immediately she had taken off the work out bra and the tank style spandex top was doing all it could to contain her full sexy tits. Brooke walked over sliding on the sofa facing me and took my hands then moved in giving me a hug patting my back said.morning.. "I.." The hug was nice her soft tits rested against mine and I reacted by hugging her back with my head on her shoulder.I. She seemed to enjoy this giving me a firmer squeeze and we held the hug not saying a thing for a few seconds. she pulled the top down and my. "She had me put it on and then the next thing I knew she was all over me. I bought this dress yesterday and the girl you seen leaving had delivered it this morning.. "I should explain.I know there have been times we seem to" ...I mean girl.. She works at the store I bought it at. "Umm. I walked over to the sofa sitting with my hands at my face and nodded. Just then the doorbell rang and I went to it coming up with an excuse that sounded reasonable as I pulled open the door.. "I can't say that I blame her seeing you in this sexy dress is pretty well exciting." I smiled a bit and said. "Brooke thanks for coming over please come in.my..

. suck.oh fuck that feels wonderful!" I sighed pulling her face into my vast cleavage using my arms to billow them into her pretty face..I want to eat them up I love your huge hot sexy fucking tits!" she cooed back as she licked them letting me know she was willing to meet my nasty verbiage. I laid against the back of the sofa watching my sexy neighbor lap wetly over my enormous 38G-cup boobs.Brooke do it lick my big fucking tits. lick. "you are so hot honey I've wanted to suck your huge tits since we met!" I used my hands on the back of her head to pull her face into the cushy softness of my boobs cooing. .. "Oooooooooooo. "Suck them baby.. I reached sliding my hand down her top feeling her big tits bringing an encouraging moan from this sexy younger hot female.. suck them baby. "I know what you are thinking and if it's ok I'd love to act on it?" As her finger moved away we moved into each other and our lips met opening immediately to each others probing tongues. "Ohhhhhh Brooke that feels so fucking good!" I whispered letting her know I was not above being a slut. suck baby.oh fuck. I want you too!" Broke went into high sexual speed but rather then suck them she began to lick all over my vast fleshy tits giving each hard nipple a suck as she past over it.. suck my tits so good. "Mmmmmmmmm..She took the bait and put a finger to my lips licking her own sensuously said. She licked up and down in my cleavage and sighed..they are so huge Sue.. We rolled back on the sofa sharing the fiery kiss as Brooke moved her left hand over my huge tits caressing them through the thin material.yes more!" I sighed shaking my shoulder wobbling my heavy flesh melons on her face... "I'll suck them all fucking day and night Sue!" "Oh yes get nasty on my boobs lover. Her lips smeared off mine and whispered. I arched my barely covered tits into her caress letting her know I wanted more and she responded by moving the thin straps off my shoulder and pulling the bodice down freeing my heavy fleshy globes.. We rotated our heads making the kiss even more erotic as our soft lips curled together my heavy lip gloss acting like a lubricant smearing with the passion of the oral exchange.

"fuck me lover.. She sucked them so good I even lifted my tits by the nipples and let them both fall watching her _expression as the wobbled on my chest. give me . "Baby they quiver like jell-o when they fall back on your ribs. fuck me so I can suck these massive hot tits. I took her hand moving it under the hem of my dress opening my eyes in the kiss I had to see her reaction as I slowly moved her hand onto the hard female-sex cock. she pulled it lifting my boob from my chest and letting it flop back down slapping my ribs. "Your tits are so fucking huge and gorgeous Sue I find myself constantly fingering off just seeing them bobble as you walk from your car to the house!" she sighed as I did the move again. "I bet you cum hard too don't you Brooke?" I asked looking at her eyes. so fucking huge I've dreamed of sucking them for a long time now!" she hissed doing it again and again. not from behind like that big tit slut was fucking you let me suck your hot fucking huge tits!" I smiled almost wickedly as she pushed off the tight short. "I could almost pass out when I cum thinking of you honey!" she cooed moving over my mouth for another torrid kiss.. She did the left one too it was amazing the sensation it brought to me. Her eyes stayed closed and she moaned into my mouth curling her fingers around the dildo and stroking it against my thigh. shorts and threw herself back on the sofa rubbing her nicely trimmed cute pussy and cooing. fuck me good and hard. I closed my eyes and sucked in her tongue working it with my lips.She moved to suck my right nipple pulling it with her lips. "Ohhhhh Brooke that feels good darling make them quiver like that suck and lift them. I broke the kiss but before I could say a thing Brooke panted.Oh fuck!" I gasp as she repeatedly made my tits slap back onto my chest. "fuck me Sue. Our tongues were sliding deep tangled together licking at the insides of each others mouth the wetness of the kiss was incredible as the saliva leaked from our stirring mouths down my chin and flowed to my cleavage. She worked the dildo free and began to jack it in her small soft hand making the backside clit stimulator work over my overly excited clit..

. "I'll slap your pretty face red with my fucking massive jugs lover!" Brooke reached taking hold of the outsides of them and holding my tits said.. "OHHHHHHHHHHHH. We both thrust hips fucking each other the dildo doing the job on us both my clit so excited I was about .. "I could never get enough of these milkers Sue.....yes suck my heavy hanging horny fucking jugs!" I said adding a new word to our sexual vocabulary.OH BABY YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" she moaned loud tossing her head as I thrust over and over into her. "Suck it honey.. your giant fucking jugs lover!" I slapped them over her face fucking her with steady long pumping thrusts of the hard dildo..ohhhhhhhhhh. "yes .. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. these enormous milk melons!" Brooke moaned as she added her own new expressive word for my tits and sucked them moving quickly from one to the other each time letting the one go with a pop of her lips. I leaned on the arm of the sofa my tits dangling over her face as it wore a mask of total ecstasy.... She let it pop free and with a sexy giggle said. I was pumping my hips fucking her faster and faster fucking another woman that was sucking my massive tits was better then any sex I could dream of... She opened her eyes seeing my massive boobs swaying as I fucked her she craned her neck and sucked in my left nipple not holding my tits.Fuck.that lesbian-dick baby!" I got up quickly pushing my dress to the floor kicking it aside and moving back over her holding the hard rubber cock slipped it in her as she moaned loudly.FUCK ME YOU HOT SEXY BITCH!" I thrust into her dildo sucking pussy feeling the soft rubber pound against my clit as I fed the big femcock into her.YES.other then maybe having another female with us! Brooke sucked them harder moaning louder as I moaned loud knowing I was going to go off with her soon....

. Finally my arms could no longer hold me up and I rested my tits to hers our lips smearing in a hot kiss. I don't think one will be enough!" I get a sly snicker and smile in return as you moan. hard enough to send me off too! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... CUMMMMM.!" I screamed as I pounded into her the orgasm gripping my body like a big invisible hand shaking me wildly.OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.Brooke.to burst... "With tits like you've got here Sue I know one isn't near enough. Brooke sucked one of my nipples drawing it in hard and increasing the intensity of the sexual summit! We fucked and bucked into each other looking down I could see her big tits rolling up and down over her chest.. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" suddenly Brooke screamed. I pulled back and sighed. "CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!" she yelled thrashing into me faster and harder. "you fuck so hot honey... come on start fucking me again baby!" Mike was gone for two weeks I would be more then happy to lesbian fuck my sexy neighbor all day and night!!! -- . We rocked slowly to an easier fuck motion as we both panted hard to catch our breath.. We kissed for several minutes lathering tongues against each others..

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