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CHAPTER V Conclusion and Recommendation Conclusion Through the thorough research made by the researchers, they have concluded that the implementation of a web based registration system in San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite would be of the institutions advantage. The development and implementation of this system will eliminate the risks and errors that are involved in the traditional manual registration system used in the institution. Furthermore, this system may also be one of the institutions advantages among other universities since it is located in a metropolitan area. Also, the system will decrease the workload of the employees and would make the registration phase of their enrollment more efficient, effective and convenient for both the administration and students.

Recommendation The researchers recommend further study of web based registration systems as well as other systems with similar functions in order to gain more information as to which approach to use in the system’s development. Furthermore, the proposed system may be further developed through the implementation of the whole enrollment system wherein the payment of tuition fees may be made through online transactions.




REFERENCES:  ONLINE ENROLLMENT SYSTEM FOR CAVITE MARITIME INSTITUTE DASMARIÑAS, CAVITE By: Bacala, Mariel Reaño, Esmeralda  http://www.scribd.com/doc/39154553/Study-and-Design-of-ComputerizedEnrollment-System-Documentation  http://pcx.com.ph/


Interview Questions: 1. When was the last time the enrollment system in SSCRdC been developed? 2. How many systems has SSCRdC been through? a. Can you briefly explain the past systems used? 3. How long has SSCRdC been using the current enrollment system? 4. How is this system designed? 5. What are the preparations made by your office prior to the enrollment dates? 6. In your professional opinion, what are the common problems in out current system? 7. Have you considered developing an online enrollment system for SSCRdC? a. If yes, why and how will you be implementing this? b. If no, why? 8. We are aware that the insittution has its own system used to assist our manual enrollment system, may you further explain this sytem to us? a. Why isn’t this system open and used by the SSCRdC students?

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