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ARTIST STAMENT Veronica Casellas Jimenez is an etcetera artist. Her practice includes the areas of graphic design, fashion design, visual arts, performance, sound, circuit bending, street art and curating. In her work she explores the exchange between the art object and the viewer using methods of participation

Casellas is focused on the interactivity of the collective with an objective of fun and physical actions, innate procedures defeat typical techniques. Her art objects functions like a propose a new semantic connection and force the viewer to a dynamic of reading and understanding. Her defense for the independence of thinking and action is mainly her objective.

2009. Triangle Blanket. Fabric.Pink Ponk project. www.pinkponk.com.ve

Nov. 2011.” Brave Horse”. Yumanizumu Costume. AWOA, Cape Town , S.A

2011.Nov.-Dec. Independent Film Festival curated by Verónica Casellas, Cape Town. S.A

2012. Oct.-Nov. “Tiny Stories from a Beautiful Journey”,Side Street Studios,curated by Love and Hate Studios, Cape Town, South Africa.

2012.”Tiny Stories from a Beautiful Journey”,illustration exhibition.

2011.”We are making life Beat” A Word Of Art Gallery, curated by Ricky Lee Gordon, C.T, S.A.

2011.Oct. Communitarian Work, Workshop with Kids from the townships, organized by A Word of Art Gallery in Khayelitsha, C.T, S.A.

2011.Nov. “Heaven is the Same for Everyone” AWOA, collective exhibition with YUMANIZUMU (Japan) curated by Ricky Lee Gordon. C.T, S.A Photos by Adam Kent

Exhibition in A Word of Art Gallery, C.T. S.A

Exhibition in A Word of Art Gallery, C.T. S.A

2011.B-FAM, collective exhibition, curated by Kim Terry Smith, C.T.,S.A.

2009. Performance “We are Gravity”, 2009. “Uga Buga Photo Series”, published in CUT CLICK MAGAZINE issue 14, London, UK. presented in Chacao Cultural Foundation, ID Performance Festival, Caracas, Venezuela.

2002-current. Playa Paraiso, Sound Project. www.playa-paraiso.tumblr.com

Address: Rincón 1012, San Cristobál, Buenos Aires, República de Argentina.1225. Email: pinkponkdesign@gmail.com // info@pinkponk.com.ve Web:www.pinkponk.com.ve Phone Number: +54 11 20544677

2013. Current Work

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