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Old Man Story

Old Man Story

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Published by KauaiOhana
Old Man Story
Old Man Story

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Published by: KauaiOhana on Mar 23, 2013
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An old man sat next to an oasis once, near one Middle Eastern town.

A young man came to him and asked: “I’ve never been here before. What people live in this town?” The old man answered: “What were people in the town where you came from?” – “They were evil and egoistic. That is why I gladly left that place.” – “You will meet the same people here,” the old man said. After a while, another man came to the oasis and asked the same question: “I’ve just arrived. Please, tell me what people live in this town?” And the old man gave him the same answer: “Tell me, son, how did people behave in the town where you came from?” – “Well, they were kind, hospitable and noble. I have many friends there, so it was hard to part with them.” – “You will meet the same people here,” the old man said. A merchant, who was watering his camels not far off, heard both dialogues. As soon as the second man had gone away, the merchant reproached the old man: “How can you give two men two different answers on the same question?” “My son,” an old man answered, “everyone carries his world in his heart. The man, who couldn’t find anything good in the town he came from in the past, won’t find anything good here. On the other hand, the man, who had friends in other town, will find faithful and loyal friends here, too. Because, you see, people around us become what we find in them.” Degree of egoism in a man determines level of impudence of his deeds. (Michael Laitman)

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