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Important Notice

Please Read
As a result of having some books I have uploaded removed due to

“... a result of a third-party notification that it holds the copyright

and has not given permission for it to appear on”


“...classified as being a breach of copyright...”

Which I must add that the particular document that was in question was in fact a public
domain document.

I have removed all books of which I own, except my own personal writings.

I even removed all books that were:

1. Creative commons licensing
2. Public Domain or
3. I had permission to share

I have not once claimed to be the author of any book I had uploaded and never requested
any kind of monetary or profit in regards to these books.

I had uploaded all previous books which I could lawfully do under the following conditions
of Fair Use:

1. The materials were not amended or changed in any way

2. I did not claim to be the author of said documents
3. The materials were supplied as a means of research or study only
4. The materials were not used for profiteering

As I am the owner of the documents I have the right to share or loan them to others. Which
is the same right if they were in hard format. eg. Giving a book as a gift. As there are many
people who can easily assess the Internet but not have easy assess to book stores or
libraries I was in fact offering a non-profit option for many people.

Many people also do not have the funds to purchase many books and if they are after a
particular book there are often times when the book in question is cannot be sourced from
a library due to:

1. Not available
2. Not in the library catalog
3. Has not been returned

The documents that I have personally deleted or had been deleted by Scribd have also
been seen on other people's profiles. I had questioned about these, especially about a set
of books in particular, as the ones that I had uploaded were deleted some time ago and yet
I had seen the same documents on others profiles that had been there for over 6 months
or more. This does not show an equal continuum of policies being upheld.

For this reason alone I will not be uploading many documents any more, including my own

Thank you to all who have read all past uploaded documents.