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The Guidance Program renders the following services.docx

The Guidance Program renders the following services.docx

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The Guidance Program renders the following services


A. INDIVIDUAL INVENTORY SERVICE This service aims to gathered information about the students to better understanding them.

The objectives of the Individual Inventory Service are the following: To gather personal information about the students for the future references. To keep of update profile of every student design to give information that will aid them toward selfknowledge and self-realization. To maintain confidentiality of students individual records. The Individual Inventory Service aims to collect the following Data:

1. General Information It refers to the personal information of the students. It includes student’s name, date of birth, age, sex, civil status, height, guardian and others.

2. Family Background It refers to the name of the parents, their occupation, educational attainment, number of siblings, dialects spoken in the family, etc. The aims of which is to picture the student’s family.

3. Interest It includes the students hobbies, sports, abilities, membership to clubs and organization.

4. Achievement It pertains to the scholastic record such as subject taken, honors received, school last attended and rank.

5. Personal-Social Adjustments It refers to the student’s personal and social relationship with his peers, friends and parents.Activities to be undertaken are: Coordinate with the different teachers/professors for the accomplishment of the student information sheet.

. Activities to be undertaken are: Disseminate printed materials such as pamphlets and monographs. Conduct career counseling. social and occupational data to guide their choices and decisions. 2. including requirements. COUNSELING SERVICE It offers assistance to students to solve their own problems through face-to-face relationships. C. occupations. Established linkages with the different schools for job openings. Educational Service It provides information about the training and opportunities including curricular offerings together with the requirements for entrance. INFORMATION SERVICE It aims to gather and disseminate valuable information that would provide sufficient data about educational.Gather student data by using the guidance tools and techniques.The following are the types/kinds of information service: 1. conditions of work and incentives offered. make choices and to work toward the fulfillment of their plans. Occupational ServiceIt gives information about job opportunities. Tools and techniques to be used in gathering data in the Individual Inventory Service are: Student Information Sheet Referral Records Problem Checklist Anecdotal Record Counseling/Contact Record B. It provides opportunities to the students to devise their plans.

frustration and tensions.The objectives of Counseling Service are: To reach out student having problems on their studies. D. Activities to be undertaken are: Group Counseling Individual Counseling Career Counseling Conduct Orientation program for entering freshman students and the whole student body at the start of the school year to help them adjust to college life. The activities to be undertaken are: Establish and implement admission policies. Appraisal of entry requirement. To determines some specific indications of attitudes. Such tests are intelligence. Administer individual and group tests. To assist the students solve their problems. To identify the student’s present achievement as basis on effective motivation. mental ability. aptitude and personality tests. The purposes of Testing Service are: To identify the student’s strength and weaknesses in order to give corrective measure for guidance and counseling services. ADMISSION AND TESTING SERVICE Test are administered and interpreted individually or in groups. with their peers and emotional and family adjustments. conflicts. . Help students towards maximum self-realization and self-development to be a fully integrated mature and responsible person.

To help the student plan her educational career so that he may what is ahead of them. The activities to be undertaken are: 1. Facilities student’s contact with those people or agencies having services that meet the specific needs of students. courses. 2. Confer with other personnel and others about student’s concern. F. Conduct research using test results. educational or personal-social aspects The objectives of Placement Service are: 1. 2. in accordance with his ability and interest. To help students who need job or educational placement. 3. Consultation and Referral Service It seeks to refer an individual to a particular person or agency providing assistance beyond what is offered by the councilor and school. Placement Service Placement service offers the assistance to students taking the “next step” after the decisions are made whether in the occupational. The activities to be undertaken are: .Analyze and interpret tests results. specializations. To assist the student in selecting subjects. E.

Keeping up-to-date information on courses offered by other schools as well as requirement for entrance and school policies. Survey of drop-outs and causes of drop-outs. agencies. 5.1. industries and prospective employers of graduates. Holding of Freshmen Career Placement Program. 3. 2. Activities to be undertaken are: 1. 2. The objectives of Follow-Up Service are: 1. To maintained contacts with drop-outs in order to secure information concerning their problems and conditions for further aid. G Follow-up Service The follow-up service is concerned in finding out what happened to the students who have availed themselves with counseling and to the students who are referred to other personnel. Establish linkages with other schools. Gathering student’s data for proper filing. Holding of Career Perspective Program for the graduating students. 3. To have an information on failures of students in order to offer further aid and assistance. 4. Keeping up-to-date information on the world on the general characteristics of occupational life. . 2. Reaching out clients.

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