Somewhere Out There We all have dreams and aspiration of something somewhere Whether it be to travel around the world

or one specific thing Do you ever have dreams of finding Mr. or Mrs. perfectly fair? Like the picket fence and married one time and just one ring It is undeniably in us all that yearning for our heart to feel safe What is this forever desire to be loved by one at least only one If we have children they love us lest we allow becoming waif Our image today is built upon our choices of the past we've done A few can openly admit to someone bad choices and carry on Many carry the burden of guilt to the grave as the selfish one With today's paper and yesterday's pen I write dusk till dawn As I reach in search of tranquility as proper thought till done Science, doctor or surgery cannot fix this we are all on our own I consider myself lucky to have traveled coast to coast I dare So many memories from my own past good people I've known As many two ships in the night all search Somewhere Out There ©2013 I.M. Nobody