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Summer Project Guidelines 12-13

Summer Project Guidelines 12-13

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Summer Project Guidelines 12-13
Summer Project Guidelines 12-13

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Published by: Mansi Patil on Mar 23, 2013
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Summer Project Guidelines



2. Procedures and Rules for Summer Project Summer Project is an integral part of the 24 months MMS/PGDM programmes of K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research (SIMSR). In case such a thing happens the summer project will be considered invalid. It should also highlight the impact of actions in one area or function. RM and FS) and the Master of Management Studies (MMS) at SIMSR. The period for the training is two to two and half months. tentatively during the months of April-June of every year. Mumbai. The recommendations made in the Summer Project Report should as far as possible be in both quantitative (costs and benefits) as well as qualitative terms. The Summer Project Report should demonstrate the integrated understanding of the various sub-branches of management that the student has learnt in the first year of his study. It is pertinent to note that the Summer Project Report represents a visible concrete output and may stand as testimony of the student's demonstrated potential in the managerial arena. the Summer Project Report should be an intelligent presentation of the student’s understanding and resolution/observations of management problems. To nurture the summer project pipeline for future students of SIMSR. 4. To provide an extensive exposure to the student hands-on experience in a corporate environment. To ensure that the corporate gets adequate return from the students in terms of the resources it spends on them during the training so that there is a mutual benefit of experience and learning. procedures and rules for the Summer Project which is a compulsory requirement for the award of Post-Graduate Diploma in Management including (IB. quality and performance of the students so that it results in concurrent projects or preplacement offers later if they so deem fit. From the point of view of academics. Objectives of the Summer Project 1. No student is allowed to change the organization of training assigned to him/ her. To provide a platform for the corporate to test the reliability. 2 .K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research Mumbai Guidelines. Purpose of summer project The objective of the Summer Project Report is to allow students to organize and report the learning gained during their summer placement. This manual includes guidelines. on the other area or functions in the organisation. 3.

Once the student has come up with a promising idea. organisational resources required for preparing a report. either from the data collected or methodology adopted Supervision During the training the student will be under the supervision of a person in the organization who will act as his/her corporate guide. in the business arena . It should also not be stated very broadly that it seems to provide an answer that can’t be generalized. one from the SIMSR faculty for academic and research inputs and the second from the sponsoring organization for managerial and/or work-life inputs. Please remember that the title should be precise and clear. Topic for Summer Project Report The Summer Project is to be carried out in the sponsoring organisation. The faculty guide will consult the corporate guide at least once in a fortnight either in person or through mail. The title should not claim more for the study than it actually delivers. keeping in view the time. 3 . so that he/she will bear upon it with his/her full creative abilities. The student is required to meet the faculty guide before departing for the summer training and take necessary instructions from him/her. he/she should subject it to careful scrutiny to determine whether it: i) ii) iii) Sustains student’s interest and stimulate his/her imagination. etc. The student will be required to report to the faculty guide immediately after joining the company for the project. Guides For supervising and guiding the summer project. This will help screen the ideas which are relevant to that organisation and also provide the student with an idea of how the business functions and what the possibilities are. Is manageable in size. the student would be consulting two guides.Summer Project Report Credit The Summer Project Report work is graded equivalent to 100 marks for the MMS program and on a 4 grade scale for the PG courses. Is built on the foundation of a minimum working knowledge of a company or organisation’s business proposition and practices. In addition. He/she will provide guidelines on how the student should work during the stay with the organization. scope. to obtain information on the progress of the Project work of the student. each student will be guided by a faculty of SIMSR. But the nature of work done there has to be based on a student’s idea of what he/she can do for the organisation.

v) Ensure the quality of the Summer Project Report and compliance with the SIMSR Guidelines laid down for preparing the summer project report. Ask questions but refrain from being too nosey or argumentative. he/she has to take necessary permission from the organization and the faculty guide before he/she proceeds on leave. Show enthusiasm for any project allotted to you. 5.Functions of the Academic Guide The academic guide for the summer project will help the student to: i) ii) iii) iv) Develop and vet the Summer Project Report proposal with the student. 6. Do not talk negative or try to be certain about everything. The student involved in any malpractice shall be duly penalized by SIMSR. 3. 8. Students are supposed to be working during the summer project and it is not vacation. Students are required to abide by the rules of the organization where they are undergoing their training. Please do not take breaks while doing the project. 9. All students are required to maintain strict confidentiality of any information they come across in the organizations in course of their training. Provide feedback from time to time based on his/her progress. Smile and enjoy hard work. Corporate organizations take a strong view of the punctuality and behavior of the student during the training and therefore the student is required to be on his/her best behavior and inculcate the good norms of the organization. No organization or person likes negative talk and people who ask too may questions. No student should try to copy or use information shared with him/her during the training in such a way that will jeopardize the interests of the organisation. Guidelines for student Conduct and Discipline during the summer project 1. In case a student has to take leave of absence. 4. While talking to the organization personnel do not degrade your institute or teachers. 7. Give written feedback on the draft of the Summer Project Report submitted by the student. Please do not miscommunicate with your company by saying the faculty guide is not available or our Institute needs a review etc. Such loose talk only affects your own respectability and dignity. 4 . 2. Supervise and guide the student. In case the student is to take up project based work at the instance of the company he/she should conduct it to his/her best capabilities under the guidance of the faculty/corporate guide.

Never say “this is not my work” or “that is not my work”. You will be surprised to know that there is no work which is not your work. The Summer Project Proposal The purpose of the Summer Project proposal is to enable the student to have a concrete business or managerial problem to work on for the period of two months. During the Summer Project During the period of the summer work. Behave like a professional manager in spirit and in action. Students should also fill in the Summer Project Report Activity Completion Schedule (Appendix 5) to the academic guide. It should clearly state the objective(s) of the project and the nature of activities proposed to be undertaken to address the objectives.1 0 . 13. You are student of SIMSR and therefore will observe the ethical conduct and norms of the Institute at all times. do it willingly MBA is not management by arrogance. Please dress appropriate to your organization. grasp and clarity of the subject matter and the context of the managerial problem. always wear professional clothes and accessories. students are required to consult their respective academic guides at least two times by email or telephone and take corrective advice on the progress of their work. Guidelines for Summer Project Report Preparation On completion of the summer work. This is intended to sensitise the students on the need for planning work and keeping to the plan. In case. All students are required to submit their proposal or a statement of what they intend to work on. 11. Even though no one specifies what to wear. duly signed by their industry guide to the academic guide within the first week of commencement of work. Writing of the proposal is intended to enhance the students’ understanding. you are not a student but an intern. When at work. not falling within the purview of your project. its business and environment. students shall submit TWO hard-bound copies of the Summer project report as per the deadline announced in the Institute every year duly 5 . the organization needs some urgent work to be done. They shall send this along with the Mid-Summer Evaluation Form (Appendix 2) latest by June 20 to the faculty guide. This 2 page document will have to be sent along with the Initial Joining Report (Appendix 1) to be sent to the faculty guide latest by May 10. and context description on the subject. Respect the organization’s rules while working with them. The proposal should contain a brief background of the company.

their consideration by the reader depends in a large measure upon an orderly presentation. or not accomplished. Presentation Guidelines & Format General advice: Be brief and to the point. The format is to serve as a guide to the students in the preparation and presentation of report. Training Program. While the ideas. Keep to the 15 minutes time allotted.) 3. The Summer Project Report Format given along with these Guidelines should be adhered to in order to maintain the quality and standard of report. Introduction (Identify yourself.approved by faculty and organisational guides. The student has to give a formal presentation on a specified date and time. Training Department. the student should submit three copies of the Summer Project Report to the Summer Project Examination Committee (SPEC) comprising of SIMSR faculty. Weekly Breakdown (Identify each task undertaken during each of the 8-weeks and state whether it was fully accomplished. Efforts should be made by the students and faculty guides to invite the organisational guide at the time of the presentation. tasks assigned to you. Evaluation of the training organization. Gained Benefits (Experience gained. Objective (Identify training area.) 6. (Appendix 3) A student's failure to fulfill this requirement may lead to his/her being debarred from promotion from first year to second year. Problems faced. including the faculty guide. Solutions or attempted solutions. Conclusion & Recommendations (Overall evaluation of the training period. Techniques learned. partially accomplished.) 5. Presentation Outline 2. 1. A Summer Project Completion Form should be submitted along with the report. This defense will be open to SIMSR faculty and all PG students besides the SPEC. training company. the findings and the inferences are of primary importance. Summer Project Presentation Once the faculty and organisational guides approve the final draft of the summer project report.) 6 . period of training.) 4. recommendations for future trainees.

Methodology 4. Oral Communication Skills 3. Time management & handling of questions : : : : 20% 5% 10% 5% Students will be awarded grades as follows: A – Excellent (80-100%) B – Good (60-79%) C – Average (49-59%).Summer Project evaluation Criteria: Total Marks 100 The breakup is as follows: : A. Logical sequence of organizing the report 6. In case the SPEC finds the quality of the Report and presentation below minimum expectations. To be able to benefit from reevaluation. Review of the Literature / text 3. the student would have to resubmit TWO copies of the Summer Project 7 . Logic and structure of presentation 2. Objective 2. Finding & Conclusion : : : : : : 10% 15% 15% 15% 15% 10% B. Survey / Data gathering & Analysis 5. it reserves the right to ask the student to rewrite a part or whole of the summer project. Presentation 1. Final Report : 80% 1. and D –(below 40%) Successful defense requires that the SPEC recommends acceptance of the Summer Project Report with a minimum grade award of C.

Report duly signed by the faculty and organizational guides within two weeks from the date of defense. Summer Project Activity Completion Schedule Students are advised to keep track of the summer project report preparation activity with the help of the Summer Project Activity Completion Schedule (Appendix 5) 8 . The marks/grades awarded will be valid only after the submission of this form. Feedback on Summer Training Form The Summer Project is complete only with the filling of the Feedback on Summer Training Form jointly by every student and his/her respective HOD. However. in this case the student would be awarded a maximum grade of C.

Mobile Number e. 03. 06. Address c. 08. Designation b. Telephone Number d. 05. 02.Appendix 1 Summer Project \(INITIAL JOINING REPORT) 01. _____ 9 . 04. Email Address : : : : : : : : : : : : : (Signature of the Student) Signature of the Project Guide/ Departmental Head) Note : Send the hard copy/mail the scanned copy to the respective project guide latest by : 10th May. Name of the Student Roll No. Name of the Company Address for Communication Project Title Project Description Date of Joining Name of the Project Guide a. 07.

Report of the Project Guide a. d. 01.Appendix 2 Summer Project (MID-SUMMER EVALUATION FORM) Name of the organization Name of the Project Guide Designation Name of the Student Roll No. c. Efforts being put in by student Attitude towards work : : : : : : : : General discipline & attendance : Improvements required : (Signature of the Student) Signature of the Project Guide/ Departmental Head) Note : Send the hard copy/mail the scanned copy to the respective project guide latest by : 30th May 10 . b.

During this period his/ her conduct was good. assigned to me at (date) and have handed over all reports. Remark Name Designation : : Signature Date : : Note : The completion report should be submitted on completion of the Summer Project latest by 30th June 11 . (Name & Signature of the of Project guide with Date) (Name & Signature Department Head with Date) In case the company or any of the above mentioned authorities wish to report a matter in a manner different from the certification above. Signature of student Date : : No dues certificate (by the Company) Mr/ Ms ____________ has worked with our company for his/ her summer internship from-------(date) to (date). All the files. the space provided below should be used. reports or any other material issued to him/ her during the process of his/ her summer internship have been returned and there are no dues against him/ her in our Company. departmental head of HR. books. : Name of the Company : I have completed the project and all other assignments as part of Summer Project.Appendix 3 Summer Project (COMPLETION REPORT) Name of the student : Roll No. We wish him/ her best in all his/ her endeavors. files and books to the satisfaction of my project guide. We have no complaints against him/ her. material. I have also discussed and submitted my final summer project to the company.

No. drive and enthusiasm Communication effectiveness and keeping the superiors informed about the progress Prevention of mistakes and seeking guidance from the experienced persons Acceptance of mistakes Depth of study in relation to the scope envisaged Quality of analysis and diagnosis. sincerity & thoroughness in planning before the study started. : Project Title : PLEASE TICK THE APPROPRIATE BOX Excellent 90% and above Very Good (70-89%) Good (50-69%) Average (50-49%) Poor (Below 30%) S. Appendix 4 Summer Project (FEEDBACK ON SUMMER TRAINING) (To be filled up by the Project Guide / Departmental Head) Name of the Student : Roll No. Would you implement is : : Yes Yes No No 12 . punctuality and regularity Quality of reporting and presentation 02. Sense of responsibility and commitment Time and quality orientation Initiative. Depth & breadth Practicality or recommendation Vis-àvis purpose of the study Behavior and conduct Discipline.The report should be sent by the Company in a sealed envelope by hand of the concerned student. Is the report useful to company 03. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 Parameter Extent of conceptual reading and clarity Comprehension of the project Seriousness.

If yes. to what extent and in what respect can you implement it? 05. Date Name Designation Company Tel No. which he/ she needs to correct and School of Management should pay attention.04. can you please specify the reasons for it? 06. Email : : : : : : (Signature of the Project Guide / Departmental Head with Date) Note : The completion report should be submitted on completion of the Summer Project latest by 10th July The report should be sent by the Company in a sealed envelope by hand of the concerned student 13 . If no. 07. Any weaknesses observed. Any aspect on which he/ she should pay more attention to be more professional and effective.

1 Activity Selection of Organisation/Company Area of project Problem Formulation. Activity No. Expected Date of Completion 2 3 4 5 6 7 Rough Draft Final Draft Submission of the Report (This needs to be submitted along with the Initial Joining Report 14 . Setting of Objectives.to -------------.Appendix 5 Summer Project Report Activity Completion Schedule Duration of Summer Training: From -------------. Deciding on methodology of study/work Field Work Completion of the project and collection of Certificate as well as progress Report Sheet from Organisation/Company where you have done your project work.

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