LECTIA II Exercitii cu concordanta timpurilor Exercitiul 1: 1. they were talking. 2. you were. 3. you were. 4.

I played/I was playing. 5. did not remember. 6. you spoke. 7. was shining. 8. I usually read. 9. You had to type. 10. he wanted. Exercitiul 2: 1. he had left. 2. I had done. 3. I had heard. 4. had already begun. 5. we had been digging. 6. he had stolen. 7. he had just left. 8. I had lost. 9. he had been travelling. 10. I had read, I had not enjoyed. Exercitiul 3: 1. they would remain. 2. he would finish. 3. you would soon have. 4. I would remain. 5. would end. 6. he would drive. 7. he would win. 8. prices would go up. 9. he would pass, he would give. 10. would be cancelled. Exercitiul 4: 1. I have received. 2. arrive. 3. you finish. 4. he has repaired. 5. I have. 6. you see, she looks. 7. you see, she has changed. 8. begin. 9. he tells. 10. she has learnt. 11. he has arrived. 12. we reach. 13. is born. 14. I finish. 15. you have just told. 16. she notices you have broken. 17. you see. 18. you have read. 19. they have been. 20. you have drunk. Exercitiul 5: 1. melts. 2. is. 3. is. 4. they have done. 5. you do. 6. I read, you are reading. 7. will soon move. 8. I will earn/will be earning. 9. I have been reading. 10. is. Exercitiul 6: 1. I finish. 2. he had never seen. 3. do not eat. 4. they had known. 5. it would not be raining when I arrived. 6. we went, they had been listening. 7. I would spend, I had not decided. 8. I want. 9. I was. 10. you had been wearing. 11. had failed, he trusted, he had not expected. 12. I was, I had not eaten. 13. he had to write,

16. 5. I have suffered. Father will give me a present after I have passed the exam. He asked me how many letters there are in the Chinese alphabet and I couldn’t answer him. he had eaten. 9. The thief did not realize that the police had been following him for a week. would not go. 18. 8. He was very upset because he had lost his dictionary and he was not sure he would find a new one in the bookshops. I will tell you the truth after I have found it myself. 19. 12. he would have. Exercitiul 7: l. we will drink. 15. he hoped.he would not remember. 10. 2. I work/I worked. The policeman will ask me what I have seen during the accident. I knew you were in Bucharest. 4. . I didn’t stay at home to wait for you because I didn’t know when you would come. 20. 11. The secretary told me the manager was busy. 3. The car I will buy will be imported from Germany. he would change. 14. 17. I promised him I would write to him when I arrived in London. I didn’t remember that we had met a year before. there are. 7. 6.

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