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Homeopathy Medicine for all disease

Homeopathy Medicine for all disease


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Homeopathic Medicine for all disease just for you use it and Send comment on this post if you find it useful
Homeopathic Medicine for all disease just for you use it and Send comment on this post if you find it useful

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Published by: sharad79 on Mar 12, 2009
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Conjunctivitis means an inflammation (swelling) of the most superficial
membrane covering the eye. It is characterised by redness of and
discharge from the eyes, causing their agglutination in the morning.

Homeopathic Treatment

Check if most symptoms of any of the below-given remedies match with
most of your symptoms:

Aconite 30 : Sudden, acute conjunctivitis with red eyes and swollen eye-
lids. The eyes are dry and hot and there is a feeling of sand in them. The
victim is restless and anxious and feels he is going to die. There is an
unquenchable thirst for cold water.

Argentum n 30 : Severe conjunctivitis, the inner corners of the eyes
looking especially red. There is profuse, pus-like discharge from the eyes.
There is a tired, aching feeling in the eyes which lessens on tightly closing
the lids, or applying cold compresses. A craving for sweets and an
apprehensive nature (causing diarrhoea) are other features of this

Belladonna 30 : Sudden, severe conjunctivitis. Not only the eyes, but
the whole face appears red. Throbbing pain and burning in the eyes. The
pupils are abnormally large (dilated).

Euphrasia 30 : Acute conjunctivitis with redness and itching of the eyes.
The tears, which flow out constantly, are acrid, causing burning of the
eyes. Simultaneously, the nose also waters. But this fluid is bland (non-
burning). Warm applications to the eyes seem to worsen the problem.


1.Redness and pain, without any discharge from the eyes excludes
conjunctivitis and signifies some other (perhaps serious) eye-
problem, warranting the attention of an eye-doctor.
2.If redness and discharge do not diminish in a day or two, consult an
eye-doctor without further delay

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