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Homeopathy Medicine for all disease

Homeopathy Medicine for all disease


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Homeopathic Medicine for all disease just for you use it and Send comment on this post if you find it useful
Homeopathic Medicine for all disease just for you use it and Send comment on this post if you find it useful

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Published by: sharad79 on Mar 12, 2009
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Constipation is the natural consequence of leading a sedentary, irregular,
modern life.

Homeopathic Treatment

Check if most symptoms of any of these remedies match with most of
your symptoms:

Alumina 30 : Constipation due to dryness and inactivity of the intestines.
There is no desire to evacuate the bowels till there is a large accumulation
of stools. The stool, even though soft, requires much straining to be
expelled; it adheres to the rectum like clay. The person has an abnormal
craving for indigestible things like chalk, charcoal, etc. and an aversion to
meat and potatoes.

Bryonia 30 : Constipation due to extreme dryness of mucous membranes
of the large intestine. There is no desire to pass stools. When they do
pass out, the stools are hard and dry (as if burnt). Constipation causes
headache which becomes worse on moving the head. There is extreme
thirst for large quantities of cold water. There is a dislike for milk and fried

Grapbites 30 : Constipation due to dryness of mucous membranes. The
stools are very hard, in the form of large lumps which are joined together
by slimy threads. Constipation is relieved by drinking hot milk. A dry,
cracking skin and a sad, weeping disposition are other features of this

Nux v 30 : Constipation from consuming an excess of tea-coffee and
leading a sedentary life. There is frequent, ineffectual desire to pass
stools. Only a small amount of stools are evacuated, the person never
feeling satisfied. Constipation, sometimes, alternates with diarrhoea. An
oversensitive nature and a tendency to catch colds are other pointers to
this remedy.

Senna 30 : The extract or concoction prepared from the leaves of senna
has been used as a purgative since ancient times. Severe constipation
with pain in the abdomen, especially in the liver region. The stools are
hard and dark. There is flatulence and loss of appetite.

Silicea 30 : Obstinate constipation; stools are retained for a long time in
the intestines. They pass out only after great straining. The stools are
partly expelled and then recede back, forcing the person to remove them
mechanically with the fingers. The patient has an intolerance for cold
weather. In fact, he wraps himself with warm clothes even in summer.
However, he has a liking for cold drinks and foods (ice-cream).

Notes :

1.Consume a high-fibre diet and drink plenty of fluids (water).
Perform exercises or yogasanas regularly.
2.Discontinue the medicine as soon as about fifty per cent
improvement occurs.
3.If the selected medicine fails to help, consult a competent
homoeopathic doctor.

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