I’m swimmer, rider, sailor, sea; still pool and rushing water. I’m speaker, listener; air between; disappearing smoke and extinguished flame. I’m eyes that see. I’m things unseen. I’m storm’s breakers; ocean’s swells; dancing sandpiper and shifting sands. I’m root, worm and underground; seed, seedling ,tree; wind, leaf and shaken bough. I’m flower, sepals, stem. I’m first fruit eaten and fruit that grows again. I ‘m driver, drifter, drunk cajoled; calm old man and brutal boy; temperate father and childless debauchee.

I’m witness, victim, crime; guilty cop; guileless thief; hand that cuts; wound that bleeds; I ‘m drug, needle, dream; barman, bottle, bar; beggar’s palm and banker’s scheme. I ‘m clerk, merchant, stock-boy and cashier; groping lover and lonely man. I’m walker, umbrella, rain; echo answered and word withheld; softest whisper and voice that sings. I’m blade, butcher, beast; flour, baker, bread. I’m clef, notes, composer’s pen; violin, viola, lute. I’m players playing and the strings they play; sculptor, chisel, stone; arrow, archer and her aim. I’m the blood that beats inside you. I ‘m the bones that bear your name.

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