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Iteration No: 2 PT Force Balanced DL Stresses (service) Stresses (initial)

Weight of PT Min OK Min OK Tens OK Tens OK

2.12 kg/m2 Max OK Max OK Comp OK Comp OK


NG = No requirem

OK = me

1 - Specify a constant or variable force along a single tendon path identified by tendon profile selected 2 - Specify a constant force for each of the tendon profiles selected <--------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Tendon

Left: face of s Center: midsp Right: face of P/A: average %DL balance balanced by t

<------------------------------------------------------- All Tendons

<---- Tendon Control Point Height --->

<---- Required

Units: Force [kN], PT Force per unit width [kN/m], Tendon height [mm], P/A [N/mm]