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Feed back to the student

Elizabeth Hogan wrote on 07/03/2012

I totally agree. Whenever you can place student/athletes in an elementary setting to work with the matter what students, all benefit. Exp. Record #: 10945 Date submitted: 07/02/2012 Elizabeth Hogan approved on 07/03/2012 Cohort: UEN 2011

Student Name: Velasquez, Loren Christopher (392205)

Field-Based Internship Reflection Form For Internship Experience Standard 1: Visionary Leadership; Standard 2: Instructional Leadership; Standard 3: Organizational Leadership; Standard 4: Collaborative Leadership; Standard 5: Ethical Leadership; Standard 6: Political Leadership Standard and Criteria 5.d Demonstrates appreciation for and sensitivity to diversity in the school community Level Elementary Time Spent 10 hour(s) Note

Briefly describe this field-based internship experience, including your specific role (1/2 page). My role in this experience was teacher at local middle school and varsity track coach at the local high school of the community. With my networking and connections, I was asked to help with a elementary school's family night out/dinner. The principal of the elementary also happened to be a parent of one of the track athletes. I also taught the young man a few years back in middle school. The relationship with the family was very strong and positive. At the moment I happened to be teaching a younger sibling in 8th grade social studies. So I was very well connected with the family and knew them all by first name. I was asked to gather a few of the track athletes that would be able to come to the elementary and volunteer to serve and simply just be there. There is a high enrollment population of African American students in all three of the schools mentioned. When choosing the athletes I made sure to ask a few different athletes and told them what and where we would be going. Long story short, all of the athletes had gone to the elementary and had nothing but good things to say about it. They were more than willing to volunteer their time and presence to help the community and give a good name to East High School. It was a very humbling moment for me, and I'm sure it was for the athletes. For some of the elementary families to see prized athletes from the high school their children were going to be at later was a big moment. It was especially rewarding because they went to the elementary school. Reflect on what you have learned from this experience, from mentor discussions, and how you will use this learning in future administrative leadership roles (no more than 1/2 page). Presence means a lot to people. Simply being there and volunteering time can have a monumental effect on the community. Bringing athletes from the same high school that were the same color as most of the students at the elementary meant a lot in the "unwritten" areas. We are humans, we are creatures of habit, it means more to the younger students when they get to see someone of there same race. It was a rewarding moment that I will remember for a long time. It was also not the only visit we did, I will reflect on another visit to the middle school in another form. As an administrator I will be sure to use my connections and networks to make moments like this happen in the school. It will be worth the short email or phone call asking for a favor. Mentor(s) Brad Schweppe The date approved by his/her lead mentor: 07/02/2012

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