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The hazard and risk analysis shall, according to IEC 61508, determine the following issues:

• the hazards and the hazardous events of the EUC and associated control equipment;
• the event sequence leading to the hazards;


It should be noted that whereas IEC 61508 refers to EUC (Equipment Under Control), IEC 61511 refers to “Process”.

OLF Recommended Guidelines for the application of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 in the petroleum
activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

No.: 070 Date effective: 1.02.2001 Revision no.: 01 Date revised: NA

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• the EUC risks associated with the identified hazards;
• the requirements for risk reduction.

The hazard and risk analysis shall consider all reasonable foreseeable circumstances including possible fault
conditions, misuse and extreme environmental conditions. The hazard and risk analysis shall also consider possible
human errors and abnormal or infrequent modes of operation of the EUC.

As discussed in section 7.2, this guideline provides a table with minimum SIL requirements for determination of
integrity levels for “standard” safety functions. This approach, as compared to a fully risk based IEC 61508 analysis,
will limit the required scope and extent of the risk analysis, and will direct focus towards the hazard identification, and
in particular the identification of deviations from the minimum SIL table.

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