Fuzzy Logic Information Retrieval Model

 Conclusion.Fuzzy Logic and Information Retrieval.  Fuzzy query. fuzzy reasoning.  Fuzzy logic in information retrieval.  Fuzzy sets. . retrieval process. null values.  Common objections to fuzzy logic.

. to a number between zero and one. indicating its actual degree of membership A degree of zero means that the value is not in the set. Fuzzy Sets (1965).Theory of Fuzzy Logic Lotfi Zadeh introduced the theory of Fuzzy Logic in his paper. and a degree of one means that the value is completely representative of the set. which might be a member of a set. Fuzzy Logic provides a method of reducing as well as explaining the system complexity The Idea of Fuzzy Sets Fuzzy sets are functions that map a value.

Char C(x). For an ordinary set C.Characteristic Function: Conventionally we can specify a set C by its characteristic function. for a fuzzy set the characteristic function takes on all values between 0 and 1 and not just the discrete values 0 or 1.1} However for a Fuzzy set A we have Char F(x): U  [0.1] That is. If U is the universal set form which values of C are taken. . then we can represent C as C = { x | x  U and Char C(x) = 1} This is the representation for a crisp or non-fuzzy set. the characteristic function is of the form Char C(x): U  {0.

TALL(x) = 0. (Height(x) – 5’ )/ 2’ 1. if 5’<= Height(x) <= 7’ if height(x)> 7 feet . if Height(x) < 5’. 1 for “TALL” and 0 for “NOT TALL” Fuzzy sets may be used to show the relationship or degree of precision: If S is the set of all people in the Universe. a degree of membership is assigned to each person in set S to find the subset TALL.An example: By using conventional method we can call a person “TALL” if the height is 7 feet and a person with height 5 feet is NOT TALL. That is we represent the person is either “TALL” or “NOT TALL” in Boolean Logic 1 or 0. The membership function is based on the person’s height.

Degree of relationship .

Benefits of Fuzzy System Modeling Ability to Model Highly Complex Business Problems Ability to Model System Involving Multiple Experts Reduce Model Complexity Improve Handling of Uncertain and Possibilities .

output flow concept. like traditional Expert and Decision Support System. and the fundamental transformation activity embodied in the process itself . is based on the input. A fuzzy model differs in two important properties: What flows into and out of the process. process.Fuzzy Logic in IR Fuzzy Model Overview A fuzzy model.

Information flow in Fuzzy System .

is determined by the underlying semantics of the relation. Fuzzy Tuples and Interpretation A fuzzy tuple t. is any member of both r and P(D1) X P(D2)X…XP(Dm) .Basic Fuzzy Databases Approaches Fuzzy Relation : A fuzzy relation is a subset of the set corss product P(D1) X P(D2) X …X P(Dm) Membership in a specfic relation. r.

Each tuple corresponds to a site and its particular major source of pollution .The simplest form for a fuzzy database is the attachment of a membership value ( numeric or linguistic ) to each tuple. For a query POLLUITED_SITE. the membership values denotes the degree to which the tuple belongs within the relation.

6 .95 0.3 .0 0.7 0.POLLUTED_SITE SITE_ID POLLUTATN ps L121 M555 By11 M441 F65 Dioxin Oil Wastewater Mercury Landfill 1.

[Water Tolerable] } . EFFECT) ( ( NAME = F) (SURVEY) ) This yields the temporary relation R1: R1= { [ Oil Severe]. [Dioxin Extreme].QUERY1: What are the opinion of the resident F on environmental effects of pollutant? R1 = (  ( POLLUTANT.

Querying Fuzzy Relational Databases In systems that are relationally structured and using fuzzy set concepts. Pollutant Oil Oil Water Name A B C Effect Limited Extreme Moderate Type Expert Resident Resident . nearly all developments have considered various extensions of the relations algebra.

within the same zip code or by similar last name It constructs and attaches to a window discription a set expression for which an example (Cluster1  Cluster3)  ( Cluster2  Cluster3) Several properties of clusters are relevant.Data Storage and Retrieval Process When a query is made for the address of a Person the archived data is clustered according to the various criteria. e. Each Cluster entry is a key value followed by a set of archived record numbers.. .g. by similar street names.

109234.Example: If the destination is city is unambiguous and if “Plz” is detected as part of a street name. One measure of how well each matches is based on the number of changes necessary to copy a prefix of the key in the cluster entry onto the detected street name. There might exist a cluster classified among other destination city clusters and whose key entries are street names and abbreviations The contents of this cluster might appear as: Pizza / { 50873. 231709} Place / { 25670. Given the “Plz” example just shown. . 234144}…. 331992 } Plaza / { 12909. each of the key match to a certain extent. 43831.


Common Objections to Fuzzy Logic • Much of the opposition to fuzzy logic is based on the misconception • Fuzzy logic invites the belief that the modeling process generates imprecise answers .

Conclusion • The exact directions and extent of future developments will be dictated by advancing technology and market forces • Fuzzy logic is a tool and can only useful and powerful when combined with Analytical Methodologies and Machine Reasoning Techniques .

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