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Student Math Survey

Teachers Name: ________________________________________________ Subject (be specific): _____________________________________________ Grade (check one): 9th 10th 11th 12th Gender (check one): Strongly Disagree Disagree Date: ___________ Period: __________ Male Undecided Female Strongly Agree

Directions: This survey is not a test, and it is anonymous. It will not affect your grades or progress in school, but it will help give an idea of your attitude towards math. Answer as HONESTLY as you can by checking the term which tells how you feel about each statement. 1. I am interested in the things I learn in math. 2. I am comfortable expressing my own ideas about mathematics. 3. The challenge of math appeals to me. 4. In math, you can be creative and discover things by yourself. 5. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of solving a math problem. 6. Mathematics is not important in everyday life. 7. To learn math, I try to memorize formulas and procedures. 8. I am always under a terrible strain in my math class. 9. Math makes me feel uncomfortable and confused. 10. I worry that I will get poor grades in math. 11. I am happier in a math class than in any other class. 12. I am interested and willing to find further knowledge of math. 13. I want to develop my mathematical skills. 14. I have a lot of self-confidence when it comes to mathematics. 15. Mathematics helps develop my mind and think more clearly. 16. Mathematics is one of my most dreaded subjects. 17. Compared to other students, I am below average in math. 18. It is not important to me to do well in mathematics. 19. I am afraid of mathematics and have a hard time learning it. 20. I get very nervous doing math problems. 21. Compared to other students, I work hard in math. 22. I like to solve new problems in mathematics. 23. I am comfortable answering questions in math class. 24. Mathematics is enjoyable and stimulating to me. 25. I believe I am good at solving math problems. 26. I am not good in math and never have been. 27. I feel a sense of insecurity when attempting mathematics. 28. Mathematics is dull and boring. 29. I only do math because I have to. 30. I have never liked mathematics because I do poorly in it. I learn mathematics the best from (pick two): lectures repetition

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