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BSD Cost Link -- Abbreviations

BSD Cost Link -- Abbreviations

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Published by: Emdad Yusuf on Mar 24, 2013
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Appendix B

Appendix B
R.S. Means Abbreviations
This chapter provides a list of the abbreviations used in the R.S. Means databases viewed in the Assemblies and Unit Prices resource windows.

BSD CostLink/AE User Manual


Appendix B : R.S. Means Abbreviations 130 BSD CostLink/AE User Manual .

Brz.T. E.F.. Eqlt.I. C. f. Constant Shear Bar Joist Cosecant Hundred Square Feet Construction Specifications Institute Current Transformer Copper Tube Size Copper. Clab. Elevating Electrical Metallic Conduit. Ampere Acrylonitrile Butadiene Stryrene. Eqol. B. Boil. Oilers Equipment Electric Resistance Welded Energy Saver Estimated Electrostatic Units Each Way Entering Water Temperature Excavation Expansion. ASCE. Oper. Db. BR Brg.W. B. Anod. Heavy Equip. b. Carp.S. C. BX °C c C C/C C-C Cab. A hr. Cubic Cubic Foot Continuous Wave Cool White. Cair. E. EWT Excav. Dbl.R. Compr.P. Conc. A. AD Addit. CPVC C. B&B B. Div. Brs.U. Approx. ERW E. A. D. Dp. cd cd/sf CD CDX Cefi.S. Exp.R. d. Agg. Calc Cap. Blk. Master Mechanic Equip. D./Hr.. C.E. C.L. Plywood Grade A & C American Concrete Institute Plywood.U. EPDM EPS Eqhv. C. Bm.B. DLH Do. Metal Pipe Concrete Masonry Unit Change Notice Column Carbon Dioxide Combination Compressor Concrete Continuous. EMT Eng.H. Bsn. Oper.. CSI C. & AC Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers American Society for Testing and Materials Attachment Average American Wire Gauge American Water Works Assoc. Asbestos Bonded Steel Alternating Current.I.Y. Light Equip.G. Dr. CF C.B.Pr.&S. Asb. CFM c..u. Avg. alt. esu E. Barrel Grade B and Better.A. Dia Distrib.M. Direct Expansion Dyne Eccentricity Equipment Only. A. Area Square Feet.M. Alum. C/P CPA Cplg. Engineered Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Expanded Polystyrene Equip. d D Dis. C. Eqmd. cem. Bitum. Attchmt.S.M. A. B.S. Adj.Abbreviations A ABS A. Balled & Burlapped Bell and Spigot Black and White Body-centered Cubic Bank Cubic Yards Bevel End Board Feet Bag of Cement Boiler Horsepower.M.E.H.F.Y EDP EIFS E.L. Container Corrugated Cosine Cotangent Cover Cedar on Paneling Control Point Adjustment Coupling Critical Path Method Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Hundred Pair Cold Rolled Channel Creosote Carpet & Linoleum Layer Cathode-ray Tube Carbon Steel.c. CO2 Comb.S. DHW DI Diag. CHW C. Grade C & D.X. Eqmm. Apt. af A.F. Bric.C. Bg.C.m. Refrig. Ext. Cold Water Cwt.W.g. CTS Cu Cu.S. Dty.W.T. Eq. A. Btr. Conc. BE B. BHP B. CRT CS Csc C. C. BTU per Hour Built-up Roofing Interlocked Armored Cable degree centegrade Conductivity. Oper. Female. cw C. Bit. Elev. Amp. Cont. Btu 577 .C. A. Diam.R. Copper Sweat Hundred. Bit. AWWA Bbl. Grade A & D Additional Adjustable Audio-frequency American Gas Association Aggregate Ampere Hours Ampere-hour Air Handling Unit American Institute of Architects Ampere Interrupting Capacity Allowance Altitude Aluminum Ante Meridiem Ampere Anodized Approximate Apartment Asbestos American Standard Building Code Asbestos Worker American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of Heating. Asbe.F. Asbestos Cement. Cyl.P. Bkrs. Medium Equip. Clam C.C. 100 Pounds Cool White Deluxe Cubic Yard (27 cubic feet) Cubic Yard per Hour Cylinder Penny (nail size) Deep. Extru..Ave.A.f. Direct Radiation Equation elevation Electrician.Y. Est.C. C. CRC Creos..A. Fill Fabricated A.S. Brk.P. Continued. Bk. Ft. A.G.U. Commercial Hot Water Cast Iron Cast in Place Circuit Carload Lot Common Laborer Common maintenance laborer Hundred Linear Feet Current Limiting Fuse Cross Linked Polyethylene Centimeter Corr.A. a.&W. DWV DX dyn e E Ea.C.Y. Brake Horsepower Black Iron Bituminous Bituminous Concrete Backed Breakers Building Block Beam Boilermaker Blows per Minute Bedroom Bearing Bricklayer Helper Bricklayer Brick Bearing Brass Bronze Basin Better British Thermal Unit BTUH B. exterior glue Cement Finisher Cement Hundred Feet Cubic Feet Cubic Feet per Minute Center of Gravity Chilled Water. Cem. D. Equip.A. D. Diesel Deep Long Span Bar Joist Ditto Depth Double Pole. Crpt.c. East Each Encased Burial Economy Embankment Cubic Yards Electronic Data Processing Exterior Insulation Finish System Equiv.H.D. Electrical Elevator. D.B.. Dk. CN Col. D. Brhe.. A. Cedar on Cedar Center to Center Cabinet Air Tool Laborer Calculated Capacity Carpenter Circuit Breaker Chromate Copper Arsenate Hundred Cubic Feet Candela Candela per Square Foot Grade of Plywood Face & Back Plywood.H..I.M.S.. Oper. CLF CLP cm CMP C. Oper. Centigrade Center to Center.W. F Fab. Exposure Exterior Extrusion Fiber stress Fahrenheit.T.C. DC DDC Demob. Depth. Drink. Discharge Discharge Decibel Double Direct Current Direct Digital Control Demobilization Drainage Fixture Units Double Hung Domestic Hot Water Ductile Iron Diagonal Diameter Distribution Division Deck Dead Load. Thin Wall Conduit Engine.P. Air-Conditioning.B. Corr.I. Bldg. Disch. Econ.S.S. EL Elec. Circ. C. Single Throw Drive Drinking Double Strength Double Strength A Grade Double Strength B Grade Duty Drain Waste Vent Deluxe White. Brng.L. Cos Cot Cov.I. AIC Allow.F.

in. g G Ga.E.P.S. Fmg. Gen. MBF MBH MC M. kg kG kgf kHz Kip. L.H.F. GPD GPH GPM GR Gran. Inst.L.C. Ld. I. Mog. Fl. Lt. Fount. H H.M. MI mm Mill. HVAC Hvy. Lt.A. Mat. F. Ft lb. Insul.P. Mag.S. Help. log L-O-L long.C. Length. L.R. Factory Mutual Framing Foundation Foreman. M. MD M. IBC I. L. Length. Identification Inside Frosted Intermediate Metal Conduit Inch Incandescent Included. F. lb. & E.F. Man-Hour Megahertz Mile Malleable Iron. Hdr. J J.E. MHz Mi.V. H. Ventilation & AirConditioning Heavy Hot Water Hydraulic Hertz (cycles) Moment of Inertia International Building Code Interrupting Capacity Inside Diameter Inside Dimension.L. Lav. kV kVA K. Lt. Hr. Ftg. LR L.P..M. G. L Conduit Body Labor & Equipment Pounds per Hour Pounds per Linear Foot Pound-force per Square Inch Less than Carload Lot Loose Cubic Yard Load LE LED L.L. Inside Foreman. Incan.L. Metal Halide. Wt.A. Fixt.O. H.T. HW Hyd.Thousand Pounds.C. Furn. Htg. Material.V.M. Gal. High Density High Density Overlaid high density polyethelene Header Hardware Helper Average High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Mercury High Interrupting Capacity Hollow Metal high molecular weight polyethylene High Output Horizontal H. KJ K. Int.. Feet Fitting Footing Foot Pound Furniture Full Voltage Non-Reversing Female by Male Minimum Yield Stress of Steel Gram Gauss Gauge Gallon Gallon per Minute Galvanized General Ground Fault Interrupter Glazier Gallons per Day Gallons per Hour Gallons per Minute Grade Granular Ground High Henry High Capacity Heavy Duty.P. HEPA Hg HIC HM HMWPE H. Metal Clad Cable Thousand Cubic Feet Thousand Cubic Feet per Minute Thousand Circular Mils Motor Circuit Protector Medium Duty Medium Density Overlaid Medium Thousand Feet Thousand Feet Board Measure Manufacturing Manufacturers Milligram Million Gallons per Day Thousand Gallons per Hour Manhole. H.A. M. Medium Wall Copper Tubing Labor Latitude Lather Lavatory Pound Load Bearing. Med.D. Fori. K.F.F. Outside Fountain Feet per Minute Female Pipe Thread Frame Fire Rating Foil Reinforced Kraft Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Forged Steel Cast Body.S. M M2CA m/hr.F. Hdwe.T. M. FRK FRP FS FSC Ft.F. Mobil.F. FEP F. Mat’l.D. lb.. H. Fig. High Pressure High Power Factor Hour Hours per Day High Short Circuit Height Heating Heaters Heating. I. Foro. L. Ftng. lat Lath. Hz.C./Day HSC Ht. Incl. K. Horiz.O.P. KCMIL KD K. KW KWh L Lab. lbf/sq. I. mA Mach. Htrs. L./hr. FVNR FXM Fy. Flr.M. Nose L.F. Long. MPH MPT Lead Equivalent Light Emitting Diode Linear Foot Linear Foot of Stair Nosing Linear Foot of Stair Riser Long. Oz.D.F.P.Hydr. lm lm/sf lm/W L.c. Heavy Wall Copper Tubing. Km K. Str.F.I. Large Light and Heat Long Span Bar Joist Labor Hours Live Load Lamp Lumen Depreciation Lumen Lumen per Square Foot Lumen per Watt Length Over All Logarithm Lateralolet longitude Liquefied Petroleum.C.P. Extreme Compressive Stress Front End Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (Teflon) Flat Grain Federal Housing Administration Figure Finished Fixture Fluid Ounces Floor Frequency Modulation.C.O. minute Miscellaneous Milliliter. Cast Switch Box Foot. M. Maint. I.Y. gpm. Grnd.I.F. Mfrs. Mo.P.c. Fdn. L.W.D.M. fpm FPT Fr.C.B.C.H.C.S. Kelvin Thousand Amp. L&H LH L.D.C.R.I. Marb.D.O. gal. F. Horsepower.H. In.T.B.Abbreviations FBGS F. ml M.L. Including Interior Installation Insulation/Insulated Iron Pipe Iron Pipe Size Iron Pipe Threaded Indirect Waste Joule Joint Industrial Council Thousand. Light Wall Copper Tubing Meters Squared Contact Area Man-hour Milliampere Machine Magnetic Starter Maintenance Marble Setter Material Maximum Thousand Board Feet Thousand BTU’s per hr.P. Hours Thousand Circular Mils Knock Down Kiln Dried After Treatment Kilogram Kilogauss Kilogram Force Kilohertz 1000 Pounds Kiljoule Effective Length Factor Kips per Linear Foot Kilometer Kips per Square Foot Kips per Square Inch Kilovolt Kilovolt Ampere Kilovar (Reactance) Kilowatt Kilowatt-hour Labor Only./L. L. Rsr Lg.D. F.A. lb. Max. f. Mfg.L. Min. I. L. M. ID I. min. # L. L. Mainline Thousand Linear Feet Month Mobilization Mogul Base Miles per Hour Male Pipe Thread 578 . Fin. MF M. I. Ga.. f′c.H. Glaz. mg MGD MGPH MH.L. L. Misc. Low Pressure Low Power Factor Long Radius Lump Sum Light Light Gauge Less than Truckload Lot Lightweight Low Voltage Thousand.. GPM Galv. K K. Male. Fiberglass Footcandles Face-centered Cubic Compressive Stress in Concrete.F.F. Hrs.C.F. Mineral Insulated Millimeter Millwright Minimum.G. I.A.H.

S. Subs.C. O&P Oper.T. Pape. Helper Nylon Jacketed Wire Insulated Strand Wire 579 . Mile Round Trip Millisecond Thousand Square Feet Mosaic & Terrazzo Worker Thousand Square Yards Mounted Mosaic & Terrazzo Helper Mounting Multi.C.P.F. PEX Ph. S. Sty. Composition Roofer. SLH S.E. S. Orna. Rofc. Thrded Tilf. Pluh.U.R. Pipefitter Strength. Surf. sst. 100 Square Feet Square Head Square Inch Single Strength. Shlf. PAR Pc. P.P. Noise Reduction Coefficient/ Nuclear Regulator Commission Non Rising Stem Nanosecond Nanowatt Opposing Blade On Center Outside Diameter Outside Dimension Overhead Distribution System Ogee Overhead Overhead and Profit Operator Opening Ornamental Oriented Strand Board Outside Screw and Yoke Overhead Oil.Power Connector Pounds per Cubic Foot Phase Contrast Microscopy Professional Engineer. Precast Roofer Helpers (Composition) Roofer. Pile. P. NM nm No.S. N.&Y. Swbd. Double Throw Spruce Pine Fir Single Pole.S. Skwk. P. Plain End Perforated Cross linked polyethylene Phase Pressure Injected Pile Driver Package Pl. Stainless Steel Single Strength B Grade Stainless Steel Structural Steel Worker Structural Steel Welder Steel Sound Transmission Coefficient Standard Staging Select Tight Knot Standard Temperature & Pressure Steamfitter.M. NEHB N.C.R. Std.R.F. Sw. Qty.P. Spray Painter. Plah. Hd.C. Mtd. S4S Shee.E. Req’d.E. Pwr. M. Pkg.C.C. & G. ODS O. Sldr.B.Water or Gas Ounce Pole. Tilh.Stl. Pu PVC Pvmt. OWG Oz. Sch. M. S. S. rms Rnd. Reg.L. S..O. Bolted Circuit Breaker to 600V. M.I. OSB O.T. p.B.V. p.P. S. SelfPropelled Sprinkler Installer Static Pressure Water Gauge Single Pole..D. S.H. Mthe. spwg S. t. THHN THW. NO N. Sin. Str. Rsr RT S.T. S. Straight Stranded Structural Story Subject Subcontractors Surface Switch Switchboard Square Yard Synthetic Southern Yellow Pine System Thickness Temperature. & T. SL S. Sq. S.A.F. Prefab.A.P.S. Polyethylene. South Screw Cover Standard Cubic Feet per Minute Scaffold Schedule Modular Brick Sound Deadening Standard Dimension Ratio Surfaced Edge Select Service Entrance Cable Square Foot S. Rodm. SPT Sq.S.F. RGS R. Plas. PPL P.M. Sys. Ptns. RPM R.C. Plum.Ton Tangent Terra Cotta Threaded and Coupled Temperature Difference Telecommunications Device for the Deaf Transmission Electron Microscopy Tetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) Tongue & Groove. Spri.F. Mult. Hor. Quan.S. Struct. Prefin.O. P.M. P. SPF S. TFE T.E. Rgh.V. Resi. S. Ordinary Pages Polypropylene Parts per Million Pair Pre-engineered Steel Building Prefabricated Prefinished Propelled Pounds per Square Foot Pounds per Square Inch Pounds per Square Inch Gauge Plastic Sewer Pipe Painter.F. Q.Abbreviations MRT ms M.W.G.E. Ply. Rots.E. S. Q Qt..D.H. Sched. Opng. Single Pole. Rohe. S. ss Sswk. P. PSF. Non-Load-Bearing Non-Metallic Cable Nanometer Number Normally Open Not Otherwise Classified Nosing National Pipe Thread Combination Plug-on/Bolt on Circuit Breaker to 240V.D. Single Entrance.Applied Load. pp PP. MV MW MXM MYD N nA NA N.L. Projection Page Paperhanger Powered Air Purifying Respirator Parabolic Reflector Piece. Subj. S.M. Stg.. Ptd. S. Psst. S. Thn.A.R. Single Throw Standard Pipe Thread Square.C.R. Floor Tile Layer.P. psi PSIG PSP Pspr.F. Pord..C. Flr.T.F. P.B.S. Tdd T. Res.R. Pntd. S. Porcelain Enamel. STK STP Stpi.B. ns nW OB OC OD O.Tile & Slate Right of Way Revolutions per Minute Rapid Start Riser Round Trip Suction. Plate Plasterer Helper Plasterer Plumbers Helper Plumber Plywood Post Meridiem Painted Painter. Pieces Portland Cement. R. Strd. P. NC N. Mstz.D.A.W.Y. Reinf. Th. T Tan T. O.S.Y.F.G. Not Applicable National Building Code Normally Closed National Electrical Manufacturers Assoc. mtd.C.N. Nose.S. Starter. psf PSI. r R R. Multiply Million Volt Amperes Million Volt Amperes Reactance Megavolt Megawatt Male by Male Thousand Yards Natural. P. SC SCFM Scaf.C. Sswl. Rect. Perf.m. Mtng. Rofp.. Prop.. North Nanoampere Not Available. Structural Steel Potential Transformer Pressure & Temperature Painted Partitions Ultimate Load Polyvinyl Chloride Pavement Power Quantity Heat Flow Quart Quantity Quick Coupling Radius of Gyration Resistance Reinforced Concrete Pipe Rectangle Regular Reinforced Required Resistant Residential Rough Rigid Galvanized Steel Rubber.Thk.E. Pcs. Sel.R. Pr. Residential Hot Water Root Mean Square Round Rodman Roofer. Sq. S-O-L sp S. NQOD N. Syn.R. Heat & Water Resistant. N. Tar & Gravel Thick Thin Threaded Tile Layer. In.A.Y. Square Foot Contact Area Square Foot of Floor Square Foot of Ground Square Foot Horizontal Square Feet of Radiation Square Foot of Shelf Surface 4 Sides Sheet Metal Worker Sine Skilled Worker Saran Lined Slimline Solder Super Long Span Bar Joist Solid Neutral Socketolet Standpipe Static Pressure. Ovhd. T&C T.S. P.P. St.P.T.D.C.

VAV VC Vent. U. Heavy Trailer Truck Driver.Watt.G.M.. T.H. XLPE XLP Y yd yr Δ % ∼ ∅ @ # < > Z Wrecker Water. Tot. Trlr Trlt. Petroleum Weight Welded Wire Fabric Transfer Transformer Extra Heavy Duty Cross-Linked Polyethylene Wire Insulation Cross-linked Polyethylene Wye Yard Year Delta Percent Approximately Phase. URD US Nylon Jacketed Wire Truckload Track Mounted Total Threadolet Trigger Start Trade Transformer Truck Driver. VRP W w/ W.F. Trhv.Abbreviations THWN T. Mile W-O-L W.Wide. VHO Vib.F. W. Light Teletypewriter Television Thermoplastic Water Resistant Wire Uniform Construction Index Underground Feeder Underground Feeder Ultra High Frequency United Inch Underwriters Laboratory unloading Unfinished Underground Residential Distribution United States USP UTP V V. T-O-L T. Tr.S.C.West With Water Column.P. Vol. U. V.I. V. UCI UF UGND U.F.L.G.A.Water Closet Wide Flange Water Gauge Welding Wire Mile Weldolet Water Resistant Wrck. Unfin.S.Wt. TTY TV T.C.W.T.R. WT. WWF XFER XFMR XHD XHHW. V. W. United States Primed Unshielded Twisted Pair Volt Volt Amperes Vinyl Composition Tile Variable Air Volume Veneer Core Ventilation Vertical Vinyl Faced Vertical Grain Very High Frequency Very High Output Vibrating Vertical Linear Foot Volume Vinyl Reinforced Polyester Wire. diameter At Pound.F.L. Vert.F. W. Steam. W.H. Uld. Wldg. V. V. Number Less Than Greater Than zone 580 . Transf.L.

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