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app form for Close Up

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Published by: Derick Flores on Mar 24, 2013
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MARKET BACKGROUND Oral Hygiene concerns of Filipinos constitutes a large toothpaste market which has an annual growth rate

of 3.3%. This led the toothpaste market with a share of 51.7% in the Philippines. Based on the past records, the Colgate-Palmolive Company holds the name of being a leading player in the toothpaste market. The Colgate-Palmolive came into the country at an early stage, and has captured the majority of the market in the country. Mouthwash, dental floss, and other related products have been introduced by oral care companies to widen their market share. Single-serve sachets became more popular than regular tubes of toothpaste which led to a greater demand. These are commonly used by office workers or employees because of its convenience. Moreover, single-serve sachets fit their low monthly wages. Although, currently, Filipinos' usage of toothpaste are declining due to lower household income, competing firms are maximizing the exposure of their various products by making it affordable and appealing to the masses. They need to strengthen their relationship with their consumers so that their own consumers will stay loyal to them. Companies producing toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, dental floss, and such which concerns oral care of Filipinos are continuously presenting and campaigning their products' benefits in the market. This leads into more people entering the oral hygiene market and therefore increases the potential consumers of Close-Up. INSIGHT Young adults today usually belong to a circle of friends made of both males and females. They like to be adventurous with their friends and in the process, their ‘barkada’ becomes closer ; oftentimes that the circle already has young couple/s among them or would end up having a newly-formed couple/ s. Having lunch together in school or work, shopping at the mall, playing any sports together, working out with each other, outdoor adventures- these are the usual activities we have noticed that young adults do with their friends. This led us to our insight as we also belong to a ‘barkada’, and we like to engage in adventures in our own ways. We also observed that many groups of friends already have a young couple within them or the group ends up forming a new couple because of their close friendships. One of us even experienced seeing his two high school friends become a newly-formed couple who are within a ‘barkada’. Because of the two’s mutual companionship within their stay in high school, their relationship as friends blossomed into something romantic as time passed by. This is a similar case that also occurs to other sets of young adults. We could also infer a good example of this case from the popular TV series, “How I Met Your Mother”. They were just a group of five young adults when they first met and from that point, they went on adventures together and even had two of their members become husband and wife at one point.

CAMPAIGN IDEA Close-Up gel toothpaste helps young adults confidently take on adventures and develop deeper relationships with their friends. The aim of our campaign idea is to promote Close-Up gel toothpaste as a confidence-booster whenever a young adult is with his/her friends and put away any insecurities in communicating with

A 30-second TV commercial. The promotional tools for the teasers will run for about two months. CHANNEL EXECUTIONS The launching phase would feature standing tarpaulins in major groceries to serve as teasers for the launch of the new commercial. There would also be a contest that will basically need groups of 5 which will compete in a photo-liking contest. Star World and Studio 23. A Youtube channel would also be dedicated for Close-Up to give the audience an easier access to the TV commercial. They are both in a similar circle of friends and this circle of friends would be seen in the commercial in a camping scene where they will just talk and laugh and confidently opening up their stories to each other. . it starts with a female and male young adult brushing their teeth in the morning with Close-Up gel toothpaste and they would set off to school. ETC. The photo will be accompanied by a story of how Close-Up helped them achieve confidence and take on adventures with each other. GMA. Sometimes. when classes usually start in the Philippines. they can be as adventurous as they like and be closer to each other. unconfidence gets in the way in establishing better conversations with friends and it is important to gain that confidence to just be an open book to your friends. For print. a Youtube channel and a photo-liking contest will be used to promote CloseUp gel toothpaste. The magazine ads will start by June. The photos should feature the five members in front of different places wearing their big smiles and showing their teeth. With that. Close-Up can help them find their confidence inside them and share it with their group of friends. The TV commercial will air once in-between top-rating shows for young adults in the networks ABS-CBN. Side ads on Facebook would also be used for the teaser to lead the target market to the official Facebook page of Close-Up so they will have updates in their news feed often. Standing banners and Facebook side ads will be utilized for the teaser part of the launching phase. The magazines which specifically targets the young adults would be used to directly cater more to the intended audience. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY There will be two phases: the launching phase and the sustaining phase. magazine ads. They can experience the confidence they need when dealing with their friends. A new 30-second commercial would eventually debut in TV. magazine ads would be utilized. CAMPAIGN EFFECTIVENESS Our campaign which emphasizes friendship and adventure can have a desired change in consumer behaviour by incorporating that Close-Up can make them feel that they belong with a certain social circle. They can experience the spirit of adventure while using Close-Up and the value of friendship.them.


Events ba? Speed dating? Magiinvite ba kayo ng press people during the event? What will be newsworthy sa campaign? How will your sales promotion augment your adver and PR? . one dream. papano mo cya gagamitin to support your campaign? Online marketing ba? etc. composed yan ng Adver. PR.Ayan. for example: Overall theme: “Two hearts. ano ba talaga ang message na gusto nyong sabihin. pero dito ang iisipin ninyo. Sales promotion. can you see me? Eto. when you say IMC. tapos ganito: Theme of the campaign Hindi ko alam papano ito i-merge tatlong cells. one smile” Tapos papano mo icocommunicate etong message na ito? Magaadvertise ka ba? anong sasabihin mo? Papano mo execute? Yung public relations mo.

education. Radio. you have to start with this: Ano ba yung existing positioning nya? Sino ba si close up kung tao cya? Identify mo yung kanyang Age.. I’m just a humble thinker. in my opinion..) Of course.. What about close up? In my opinion.. etc. i-edit ko lang. Print) Public Relations Below the line (Non traditional media. activities. tapos gawa ka ng above the line and below the line.. may sense ba yung sinusulat ko? haha.. let me know your thoughts. All of them are my opinion. Don’t show this to other profs ha. gender. Come up wtih a campaign. it’s about seduction (attracting the opposite sex thru beautiful smile) What about colgate? protection against cavities.. activities. etc. So there you go. mali pala yun table ko kanina. close up is pang mag boyfriend What is so primal about hapee’s messages? smile. income.. social class. happiness.. Baka maraming experts dyan who can find loop holes sa mga ideas ko. Are you still communicating the message na consistent with your theme? Advertising Above the line (TV. like events. oh sige. ask youself. Sure. social media hype.Tapos pag naisip nyo na. hapee is pampamilya too.) Sales promotion Below the line (Non traditional media. social media hype. identify your audience. occupation and all. etc. do you want to communicate to this audience? How will you spice up their interest? To answer your question: go back to the basics.. like events. After that.. Sorry. Ano yung mga basic emotions ng tao? Pinaka primal. =) .. don’t forget to go back to the theme. and sell an idea to them. There are five diba? Positioning muna: Colgate is pampamilya.. plaque and tartar What is so primal about close up’s campaign? the hope of finding your significant other. unlike many...

come up with a theme.Identify your target audience. then execute nyo through adver. PR and SP .

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