“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world.

The unreasonable one persists in trying to adopt the world to himself therefore all progresses depends on the unreasonable man.” – G.Bernard Shaw "Man and superman” We always in the society talks about the crime and criminals but doesn't think about the sufferer of that crime who becames victim and suffer the dilemma in his life. So, the branch of victimology is a perfect subject, source, theory or whatever you can say for the compensation or to full fill and make victim as in the same condition he is... Victimilogy is the field of study which focuses of the study of victims compensation. This includes the victims of violent crimes, white collor crimes, accidents along with the people have been subjected to human right abuse, etc. Victimilogy can be studied on a wide range.It just like a pearl in the sea. But some interested topics are going to be explained by me. Like psychological impact of being a victim, using there studies to advance treatment technique in the field of psychotherapy for victims. Critique victimilogy, history of victimilogy, advantages and distadvantages, Victims and society, Victims and legal system and judical pronouncements and different provisions in constitution and criminal procedure code. For example some reasearcher are very interested about the treatement of rape survivers by the media, while other might study topic such as the treatement of victims of riots, war, terrorist attack and bigger accidents like Bhopal catostrophy. In twenty-first century the field of victimilogy emerges with a new topics deals with compensation under the different acts and provisions like consumer protection act, probation of offendar act, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act, municipal corporation act and motor vehicle act. Now a days government become aware about the compensation policies and they are drafting the different act for it and commissions were made.

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