Letter for Press: To relevant members of the Diageo team. I am writing as Leader of the Labour Group in Medway.

As you may be aware, the Casino Rooms in Rochester are currently promoting their "National Cleavage Weekend" where women are given free entry to the nightclub by exposing their cleavage. I have stated I find this event totally unacceptable and it sends the worst possible messages when it comes to the issues of equality and body image. I note the promotional material has the Smirnoff Logo and a bottle of Smirnoff Ice on it. Can I therefore ask: 1) Did your company give permission for their branding to be used for this event? 2) Do Diageo agree with the concept of this event? 3) I note your company has recently signed UN Women's Empowerment Principles which I congratulate you on, do you feel being associated with this promotion aligns to that? As this is in the public interest I may publish both this letter and your response. Regards

Vince Maple Medway Labour Leader