FREE Activities with lunch provided for all: Ages 1-18 Spring Break -March 25-29, 2013 12 Noon – 1:00 p.m.

Salem-Keizer School Locations
Auburn Elementary School, 4612 Auburn Rd NE Cesar Chavez School, 2400 Walker Rd. NE ClaggeƩ Creek Middle School, 1810 Alder Dr. NE– Keizer Cummings Elementary School, 613 Cummings Ln. N – Keizer Four Corners Elementary School, 500 Elma SE Hallman Elementary School, 4000 Deerhaven Dr NE HarriƩ Elementary School, 2112 Linwood St. NW Highland Elementary School, 530 Highland Ave. NE Grant Elementary School, 725 Market St. NE Liberty Elementary School, 4871 Liberty Rd. S. Mary Eyre Elementary School, 4868 Buffalo Dr. SE Richmond Elementary School, 466 Richmond Ave. SE Salem Heights Elementary School, 3495 Liberty Rd. SE Washington Elementary School, 3165 Lansing Ave. NE Yoshikai Elementary School, 4900 Jade St. NE

Boys & Girls Club Locations
Swegle Boys & Girls Club, 4485 Market St. NE Knudson Boys & Girls Club, 1395 Summer St. NE Eastwood Boys & Girls Club,1120 Savage Rd. NE Keizer Boys & Girls Club, 4540 Noren Ave. NE, Keizer West Salem Boys & Girls Club, 925 Gerth NW

Other Salem-Keizer Locations
Salem First Free Methodist Church, 4455 Silverton Rd. NE Oak Park Community Church, 2990 Lancaster Dr. NE Orchard Park Apartments, 4100 Kacey Circle NE Town & Country Bowling Lanes, 3500 River Rd. N – Keizer Meadowlark Village Apartments, 4931 Sunnyside Rd. SE Colonia Libertad, Saddle Club Rd. SE Glen Creek Village Apartments, 1320 Orchard Hts. Rd. NW

Rural Marion County
Eugene Field Elementary School, 410 N. Water St., Silverton ScoƩs Mills Elementary School, 801 First St., ScoƩs Mills St. Mary’s Elementary School, 590 E. College St. Mt. Angel Aumsville Elementary School, 572 North 11th Street, Aumsville Jefferson Library, 128 N. Main St., Jefferson Stayton ChrisƟan Church, 189 E. Washington, Stayton Washington Elementary, 777 E. Lincoln St., Woodburn North Marion – Rivenes Park, 4th & D St., Hubbard Brooks Assembly of God Church, 9165 Portland Rd. NE, Brooks Gervais Middle School, 150 Douglas, Gervais

Rural Polk County
Whitworth Elementary School, 1151 SE Miller St., Dallas Dallas High School, 1250 SE Holman, Dallas Lyle Elementary School, 185 SW Levens St., Dallas LaCreole Elementary School, 701 SE LaCreole Dr., Dallas Henry Hill Elementary School, 750 S. 5th St., Independence Colonia Amistad, 30 S. Gun Club Rd., Independence Mountain Gospel Fellowship 303 N. Main St. Falls City

This program is sponsored by Marion-Polk Food Share, Salem-Keizer Food & NutriƟon Department (Sodexo), Salem-Keizer EducaƟon FoundaƟon, Boys and Girls Clubs of Salem, Marion and Polk CounƟes, Dallas Schools Food & NutriƟon Dept., Central Schools Food & NutriƟon Dept., Woodburn Schools Food & NutriƟon Dept., North Marion Schools Food & NutriƟon Dept., and in cooperaƟon with Salem Housing Authority and other community partners. Books are provided by Salem-Keizer EducaƟon FoundaƟon and Marion and Polk counƟes’ “Reading for All “ programs ." These InsƟtuƟons are equal opportunity providers.

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