Data from Surveys
Use the data in the tally chart. 1. How many people in the survey liked strawberry-flavored frozen yogurt best?
Banana Blueberry Strawberry Vanilla


Favorite Frozen Yogurt

lll llll llll ll llll llll lll

2. Which flavor of frozen yogurt received the most votes? 3. How many people liked vanilla frozen yogurt best? 4. How many people were surveyed? 5. Number Sense Could the frozen yogurt survey help restaurants choose flavors of frozen yogurt? Explain.

Practice 20-3

6. Which is the last step in taking a survey? A explain the results B write a survey question C count tallies D make a tally chart and ask the question

7. Writing to Explain Give an example of a topic for a survey question where the results for the answers could be similar.

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