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Connect the three images to identify the Company and the Event

. 2. Identify the person from his works

3. What is the statistical technique that can uncover relationship patterns underlying hundreds of interacting phenomenon such as changes in interest rates, inflation, and or oil prices. Used in fields as diverse as horse racing and financial markets.

the ordering cost is $15 per order. of defects per year is 500. Ensure that assets continue to do what their users require in their present operating context 4. Total Productive Maintenance 1. the carrying cost is 30 %.000 units.4. what will be its sigma limit? 7. Calculate the period of reorder using the EOQ model. and the unit cost is $15. Predictive maintenance (PdM) c. Improved machine availability 3. 5. Involves directing corrective actions aimed at failure root causes 6. Evaluate the condition of equipment by performing periodic or continuous monitoring 2. Round off to the closest integer. The annual demand is 15. Proactive maintenance d. There is a machine whose capacity for the year is 15000 units and no. Match the following a. If the company wants to produce 50000units per year in that machine. Ans A) 5195 b) 6185 c) 6195 d) 6800 . A firm's sales for a product line during the 12 quarters of the past three years as follows: Quarter Sales 1 600 2 1550 3 1500 4 1500 5 2400 6 3100 7 2600 8 2900 9 3800 10 4500 11 4000 12 4900 The firm wants to forecast 16th quarter. Reliability Centered Maintenance b.

89 4. What is the capability of the process? Ans A) 1. 1236. 5412. User centric design 12. What are EOQ. 1319.through window for customer service.A) Cost Reduction B) Defect Reduction C) Increased efficiency d) Employee Satisfaction 11. Web-Based RPD 4. 4548.83 b) 1.5 10. 1137.6 c) 1. Data Insufficient . Management estimates that customer will arrive at the rate of 15 per hour. 1729. The western national bank is considering opening a drive. Construction & Evaluation in virtual environment Production CAD/Simulation of 'X' Testing of "X" This Diagram represents which “Recent” techniques:1. 980.09 .21 2. 25 per unit/year. Carrying cost= Rs.8. A sample is taken from production and it is found that the cans average 61 psi with standard deviation of 2 psi.12 .A) 15 B) 30 C) 12 D) 16 9. The quality assurance manager is assessing the capability of a process that puts pressurized grease in an aerosol can. 4/unit/year. Which are not the benefits of TQM? Ans. 3476. Given: . 300/order.59 3. The design specifications call for an average of 60 pounds per square inch (psi) in each can with an upper limit of 70 psi and lower limit of 50 psi. 1235. Ans. Ordering Cost = Rs.54 . Max Inventory & Total Cost? 1. Phase gate model 3.43 .09 . Backorder cost = Rs. The teller who will staff the window can service customers at the rate of one every three minutes.Demand =10000 units/year. DFSS 2. Find out the average waiting time in the system.147 .4 d) 1.

None of above 15. find out the flow time. The marginal value of time of a bottleneck resource is equal to the throughput of the product 2. The marginal value of time at a non-bottleneck is negligible 4. Knapsack problem could be solved using:1. Use of excessive quality checks at bottlenecks 3. . pictures the Connect 16.Which of the following is not a synchronous Manufacturing Principle:1.13. 2. Branch & Bound Algorithm LPP Linear Regression Cluster Analysis 14. The flow time of an auto assembly process is 5hrs and the throughput is 80 units an hour. 4. If the company wants to reduce the inventory to half while holding throughput constant. 3.

A. Leadership C. A. D. Management B. C. developed to apply _______ principles to process improvement.(Assumption – particular job will be done by only one person) . Workerr Job 1 2 3 4 A B C D 10 15 30 19 20 25 19 24 18 9 17 20 14 25 12 10 Find out the total time required to complete all the job. A competitor 20. A. Cycle time 18. Outsourcing landed cost is usually higher than insourcing cost.Value stream mapping is an application of process mapping. Value proposition analysis B. The cost of supplying material is passed on to the customer.17. The business loses sight of market trends. 19.Identify from the following list a major strategic risk associated with outsourcing. B. lean C. A consultant D. Supply chain D. The supplier is purchased by a competitor.11. _______ considers how your organization competes and is an essential element of corporate strategy.

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