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hitler why are you sleepingggg you should have been locked up in prison to live out this age

why are you dead not dreaming of the next days salpeter laced food youd eat within your cage the thought of this and other things makes my heart fill with sage himmler why were you scheming you filled that boys head up some with sickened fantasies why are you so damn passe it seems neurotic to mentin you and not big cheese like i'm into some sort of whacked out radical right wing conspiracies there is something about master race and masturbation that sounds the same ther must be some way to imagine taking the gladness out for everyone else someone had to do it took the reins and said vunter leden locen loadin get on to it the next time we throw a partyyyyy lets not make it like the thirties and forties and know it could happen here welcome to the second post mccarthy years