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Thriller film audiences:

The audience for the thriller genre is very wide. However through my research on different thriller films you could conclude that general interested audience would be those of both genders aged 15-45. This is due to the fact that thriller films are often suspenseful and aim to leave audiences at the edge of their seats. However a more particular audience of thriller films is hugely dependent on the sub-genre, due to different age groups and genders having different attractions and interests. For example you could conclude that an action thriller is more likely to appeal to males aged 15-35, due to their perilous themes rather than females who may find it too extreme.

Here is an example of the action thriller Taken 2, in which has the age certificate 15, indicating it as inappropriate for audiences under this age. The film circulates a male character/actor, making it more relatable to male audiences. Through its themes related to violence its more likely to attract males interested in combat and conflict.

Here is an example of the psychological thriller Black Swan. This also has an age certificate of 15, deeming it unsuitable for those under that age. It however circulates a female character/actor making it more relatable to a female audience who have the common interest in dance and performing arts.

Crime thriller audience:

The sub-genre for our thriller film is Crime. This genre, more specifically, is often aimed at and attracted by males aged 15-35, due to the sub-genre films involving threat; suspense and often involving frequent killings and spying-attracting males interested in menace. The sub-genres films are also fast in pace and often involve the leading role being a male- relatable to amore masculine audience. The sub-genres audience is not specific to a certain ethnicity or class, but are documented worldwide having an international audience.

Here is the DVD cover to the Crime thriller Collateral. It has an age certificate of 15, identifying it as unsuitable and inappropriate for those under the age of 15. It also central around male characters/actors, identifiable by males aged 15-35 and making it more relatable to male individuals. It also features actors of different ethnicities making it commonly non-specific to a certain race.