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Stone Soup

Once there was a town where the people were so selfish that they never shared anything with anyone.

Then one day, a stranger came to town and invited everyone to share her special stone soup. Everyone watched as the stranger dropped the stone into the pot.

She stirred and stirred and finally said that she wished she had some carrots to make the soup taste better. The mayor came forward and offered carrots from her garden.

The mayor tasted the soup. If only we could add some potatoes, she said. The fire chief stepped forward and offered a handful of potatoes from her pantry.

The soup smelled so good that soon everyone wanted to add something to the cooking pot. People ran home and brought back meat, onions, a tomato and some celery.

When the soup was ready, everybody had a bowl. It felt so good to enjoy something they all had shared in making. They thanked the stranger for her magic stone.

After the soup was gone, the townsfolk did something they had never done before. They had a party and danced and sang all night long.

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