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Romeo and Juliet ACT ONE, SCENE FOUR Group Work Mercutios Queen Mab speech is one of the

e most acclaimed speeches in Shakespearean Drama. In your group try to determine what the speech says; use the following questions as a guide. What does Queen Mab look like? Describe her coach Who drives her coach? What is Queen Mabs purpose, or job? What happens when Queen Mab drives her carriage over: o Courtiers knees (these are men who attend courts of kings) o Lawyers fingers? o Ladies lips o Courtiers noses? (these are men who attend courts of law) o Ministers noses? o Soldiers necks? How does Queen Mab torment: o Horses? o Lazy girls? o Maids? (virgins) What is Mercutios tone? What is the purpose of this speech? Why does Romeo interrupt Mercutio? How does Mercutio define dreams?