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Mariuxi Saavedra 11.03.


QUEER READING OF THE ANIMATED FILM WONDER WOMAN In this film we can see a group of amazon that fight for their freedom. They are seen as an extremely sensual and feminist society. In fact Princess Diana a.k.a. Wonder Woman was created by his mother, the queen of the amazons, from a bunch of sand in a petition to Afrodita: goddess of love, luxury, beauty, sexuality and reproduction. This reflects that there is no need of having a masculine presence in order to be born; they are selfsuficcient an autonom society. Their despise of men begins when Ares sexually abuse Queen Hipolita. So we have a selfish queen who doesnt want the other amazons to experiment the pleassure men can give them because for her it was a traumatic experience. Sexual necessity is a human necessity, so how do they get the pleassure they need? It can be very obvious thinking that in fact they are a very strong lesbian community that give themselves the pleasure they need so they dont miss men touch. They call themselves sisters in a very intimate sense of the word. They wear very attractive oufits that only them can appreciate. It could be that their queen, Hipolita, have them under the domain of certain psychotropic substance that forces them to act like zombies increasing the sexual act and influences them not to having the neccessity of escaping the island. As they are an amazon community, and they live from what the earth provides, they could have access to these psychotropic substances. They live under the domain of a woman that washes their brain by telling them how despicable men are and by sexually showing it them too. For example one of them, the amazon that betrayed them, was the keeper of the prison where Ares was detained for eternity. For a long time he showed her a world she wishes she could experience and the feelings she must be missing so she awaked from the dream she was living and therefore she

Mariuxi Saavedra 11.03.2013 GENDER AND MEDIA betrayed her people. The film contains lots of sexual material. There are shots were we can see exposed body parts of the amazons like half breasts and also their perfect bodies, sexual movements and also sexual insinuations.