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Corinne Pennock CI 401 Mr.

Hamilton Classroom Spatial Analysis

The arrangement of classroom encourages student-student interaction due to the fact that the students are sitting together at one table. The students sit next to each other on one side of the table and are two or three per table. This affects the communication of the students in that they probably talk more than students that sit at separate desks. It also affects their behavior because they are pretty rowdy and harder to control when they are all riled up. This arrangement affects teacher-student relations in that the U shape of the room makes it easier for the teacher to interact with more than one student at one time and easier access to students. Lastly, the arrangement of the classroom affects the teachers and students attitudes because when the students arent feeling into the lesson, they become more rowdy and it is easier for them to do this due to the arrangement. And the teachers attitude is affected because when she is feeling frustrated, she can just stand at the podium or just at her desk away from the students.