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Title: Camping Rating: R Word Count: 252 Notes/Warning: AU, sexual situation

Ouch! Hermione squealed. She pushed on the chest of the blond man, who was sucking on her neck. Get off me, Malfoy. Sitting up, Draco allowed a large pout to mar his aristocratic features. Granger, how am I supposed to get you all hot and bothered and ready to shag, when you keep interrupting my love making attempts?

Well, excuse me. But there is a rock, or stick, or some other pointy piece of nature poking me in the back, Hermione complained wiggling around experimentally on floor of their tent trying to get comfortable. Take off your knickers and Il poke you with a pointy piece of nature, Draco smirked. Hermione rolled her eyes at him. Do you realize how unromantic that sounded? Cant be any less romantic than you wanting to have sex in a dog tent while sprawled out on a sheep bag, he informed her.

Its a pup tent and a sleeping bag, Malfoy. This is the way that Muggles camp. Well, its stupid, he replied. Remind me again why I agreed to do this? Because you love me? No, Im quite certain that wasnt the reason. Because you wanted to make me happy? Doesnt sound like me. Because you wanted to be the camp counselor who gets to punish the naughty camper who tried to sneak out after curfew?

Ah yes, Draco grinned, leaning over Hermione to unbutton her blouse. I remember, you were about to get a crash course in my own special version of wilderness survival.