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Tutorial 2

Biology 1002B/1202B

Advance Writing Prompt # 1

Complete the given response to the following letter in the style of a newspaper column for a general audience. You may need to do some research and you may write individually or collaborate with colleagues. Regardless of the degree of collaboration in the writing, you must bring one printed copy of your response to tutorial. Guidelines: i) up to 250 words in up to 3 paragraphs of connected prose with conventional sentence structure and punctuation (including the opening words of the response given below). ii) printed single-spaced in 12 point font on one side of a single sheet with at least 1 margins all around. At least 2 at the bottom. The back of the sheet should remain blank. iii) no identifying name or student number.

Dear Dr. Science Dont tell anyone, but I am making some extra money as a first year science student spying on Westerns new Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration. I have a miniature camera and a code name and a hollow tooth filled with cyanide that I will crack in the unlikely event that I am captured by campus police. Its this cyanide that Im writing to you about. Ive always wondered why and how that compound will kill me. Yours truly, Bond, James Dear Mr. Bond I am happy to spell out, step by step, why and how you will die if you crack that cyanide-filled tooth. First, Ill need to explain mitochondrial electron transport . . .