EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Kapsons is one of the leading retailers of Northern sector in readymade garments, dealing with top most

national and International brands. We are the first north India owned western apparel store. Our intentions are to obtain 80% market share and become a central hub of shopping activity for the local population as well others who enjoy wearing Kapsons brands. It is the goal of KAPSONS to become North India’s top cultural retail store. We hope to obtain both high profits and a reputation for great customer satisfaction by offering a large variety of high quality and rare products to our customers through all modes available. We want to provide a central location for the growing loyal customers. E-retailing has witnessed a dramatic change in the business across the globe. This has given way for the retail outlets to do business over internet. The Business model we will follow will be Bricks and Clicks i.e. transition of the traditional retailers to ecommerce by offering products on internet. Objectives 1. To create a shopping environment that caters to the apparel needs of the urban and sub urban anywhere and everywhere they need. 2. To earn 80% market share and become the number one ethnic & western wear apparel store in North India and achieve name recognition all over the country.

To receive a 20-30% (modest) profit margin within the first year.

4. To have a customer base of 1,000 by the end of the first operating year.

To achieve a net profit of less% in first year and to achieve a positive net profit by year two.

Some of the main reasons why consumers and businesses prefer shopping online: 1. flash animation and comparing similar products etc. In this model the business house will have an e-commerce website which will list all their product categories with detailed information about products with photographs. In this model. Larger product selections 3. The business model will follow the Business to consumer (B2C) pathway. Effortless product comparison . Many product review resources 5. easy to shop around for selection of different vendors and best prices 4. name brand western wear in an assortment of sizes and styles to access all the potential markets and customers through Online medium and to incorporate traditional retail practices with internet technology.Mission Kapsons’ mission is to offer quality.. online businesses sell to individual consumers. for quick decision making over web. Better pricing 2. This is the most common model in e-commerce. Convenient.

• No EBOs agencies etc are involved in the business of ERetailing This will be front visual plan which will be appearing online through website: • Index page : Category page 1 : • MEN • Women • Juniors • Schemes • Category page 2 : • Casuals • Semiformals • Formals • Category page3 : • Tops . its layout and its visibility.com.com.eshopkap. www.onlinekapsons. www. www. www.g.Steps to launch E-retailing as a new business plan: Step 1 – Technology plans: We may start off in a small way and then based on the response we can get more funding and grow in a big way ➢ ➢ ➢ Need to finalize an attractive easy to remember domain name e.kapshop.ekapsons. The Website development plan will be as followed: • Only those items will be visible on the Website which are available in all 6 Kapsons main stores and the warehouse in Mohali.com. IT team to develop altogether a new ecommerce website.com Finalize a hosting server to book web space.

Features of a shopping cart: . Also by not dividing the webpage brand wise will keep our MBO legacy alive. submit order • Confirmation page : order details . All brands visible together may improve the possibility of shopping all brands together and also gives more variety and options to the user. Item Page: Item 1 – 10. continue shopping . proceed to checkout • Checkout page : Enter personal details . order tracking number • A link of “Track your order” – tracking the delivery of the order by the user. There will be a scroll in bottom which will symbolise all the brands that we own and sell. total amount of shopping . so on with MRP or our offer price and Item code • Selecting items and adding to the cart • View cart • Cart page : cart items . Some brands may remain untouched. credit card details ..• • • • • Bottoms Dresses Footwear Innerwear Accessories Brands page should not be visible as this will affect the shopping psychology of the user.

The task of the Photoshop expert will be divided team wise. special prices as per the inventory. ➢ . ➢ A team working on the back end systems of the website will be called as control panel Control Panel: This panel will include the following manpower for various tasks: If we distribute this task Category1 wise i. this group will be divided Category wise and include: Marketing person – making schemes . prices. KIDS ➢ A Photoshop expert to edit the clicked photographs or to edit the visuals received from the vendors in order to make the pictures suitable for website format. MEN.• Search Engine Friendly • • • • • • Email Marketing Built-in 100% Self Manage Your Store User Friendly Navigation Multiple Category Levels Site Statistics Reporting Import/Export & Instant Backup • Fast Product Search • Up sell with Related Items • Coupon & Email Promotions • Newsletter & Archiving Built-in • Multi-Level Security • Fast & Helpful Phone Support • Custom Pricing for Client/Membership Login • Industry standard Gateways & Merchant Accounts Compatibility STEP 2: Back office management /manpower or Human Resource: ➢ Kapsons solutions will develop the website as per the requirement. schemes etc. WOMEN. products. If total is 40 brands . approximately 150 images(visuals) a day • A group of people will be updating the items.e.

• Working upon the complaints and coordinating with the stores to resolve the problems arising on order shipment and delivery • Coordination with the courier companies and negotiating rates. • He will update the track of the order for the User ➢ Documentation executive. • Maintaining reports for best sellers. SMS. • Keeping a track of the seasonal fashion trends and market demand. ➢ Content manager – Responsible for the content and item description as well as brand description on site. slow sellers • Sales forecast monthly. • Selecting the right product from the inventory to ensure fast sales. • Keep the track of the payments. • Submit that order to the inventory or to the regional office. Framing the mailers and newsletters scheme content and other material like policy framing about each brand and item related to the website. ➢ Customer relationship executive – regular mailers.  Query handling  Order tracking information .Maintain files for the customers with User ID and personal details. • Get the order packed and couriered to the destination. • He will maintain a database of the orders.➢ Items selection for uploading and item deletion which are non available. Order manager-This person will take care of all the orders submitted online. • ➢ Customer support executive – Taking daily calls from the customer. • Check availability of the item in the stores or inventory. schemes and contact with the customers.

Total manpower requirement on an initial basis: The manpower/ personnel requirement has been decided on the criteria of our launching of this project.e. – 3 TOTAL personnel . Our priority is to pull crowd of all ages to our online portal. Content manager – 3 Order manager – 3 Documentation exec. men . women & kids. Payment gateway: Selecting the modes of payment through 3rd party: ➢ Debit/ credit card ➢ DD/cheque ➢ Bank transfer . Later on after getting the clicks we can work upon individual brands. Marketing personnel as per category 1– 3 nos. Complaints registration and informing accordingly in the stores or the order manager.27 Website maintenance and development will be taken care by our Infosoft team with uploading and deleting. Initially we can filter our visuals as per the demand of the brands. As per the team in category 1 – it depends on the team how do they divide their items category or give schemes etc.( We can accommodate only 1 marketing manager for the e-portal depending on the work) Customer relationship exec .3 nos. Policies and rules for shopping conveyed to the customers. Schemes communication with the callers. ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Photoshop expert (2 in each category) – 6 nos. We will divide teams on the basis of category 1 i. – 3 Customer support exec.

partners and suppliers may connect to an Internet company right through the Internet. . customers. T4 and other links. partners. expiration dates. This order will be submitted to the appropriate regional store where the store manager will enter the article under the expenses and generate a cash voucher for the online sales.. services. telephones. including packet switched public data networks (PSPDNs) that use routers and similar switching/directing devices. This print cash voucher will be treated as money by the accounts for the balance sheet. Orders being accepted from the wrong clients. Payments being made to the wrong sources or goods and services being delivered to the wrong people. routers. can connect to the Internet through dial-up lines to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The latter are data warehouses containing information on products.The moment payment is confirmed. electric power companies. etc. etc. among many other security problems: • • • Credit card numbers. These people may have colocated or outsourced storage facilities. clients. such as digital subscriber lines (DSLs). Connections can also be established from LANs. suppliers. Through the PSTN Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be reached. billing. Customers using computers. STEP 3: Infrastructure requirement: How clients. etc. and owner information getting in the wrong hands. hubs and PBX and other switches on the Customer Premises In addition to the plain old telephone system (POTS) other operators offer connections to the Internet. Most are integrated with other networks. The ISPs can also be reached through dedicated lines that generally offer higher bit-rates. Security is of a major concern. payments. This includes concerns about the following. On the other side of these networks you will find the host computers of the product/service provider or seller. as well as T1. These include cable television operators.

and prevent malicious or criminal actions by outside persons. However. To prevent some of these security problems firewalls are installed at critical interfaces. You as a user can encrypt your messages in an end-to-end fashion and having your correspondent at the other end convert the message back into the . inhibit transmission of unwanted information (including viruses).• Viruses being allowed to pass through the system. a firewall cannot by itself prevent misuse of credit card numbers or identity fraud. Encryption is a way of improving security. The firewalls are supposed to filter the traffic.

compare similar products specification cost etc. and government (law enforcement) agencies want to be able to read your messages and in particular illegal ones. choose the products they are interested. they click to it. and confirm the items selected and finalize the invoice and make payment via their debit card / credit card bank account .. When they see the web site information link. complete the website registration process if any.Once the payment is received the order manager confirms the payment and start processing the order." Users want secure encryption end-to-end.original clear-text. most frequently all online users will find websites on the go by using Google search or any other search engines. post sales support and service should be facilitated to the customer in order to create good word of mouth and get a good returning customer base which is the key success factor for the e-Retailer . Encryption can also be used on individual links in the transmission chain. There has always been a competition between users and "authorities. Further if the product is carrying warranty. HOW AN E-COMMERCE SITE WORKS Normally a user will get to know about a online shopping web site through many ways. and ship the product to the user’s delivery / shipping address.

Information of the inventory will be upd Order is not available in thewith regional store details Order number customer provided to the (warehouse Order is couriered toinventory the required site with centre order Flow chart of the process of Kapsons e-retail SCM plan Website layout consisting of all brands and items Selection of items by the user and added in the cart Total order is confirmed and amount is calculated Confirmatio n of the order by the user and the order Code If details are fraud or not matched. no transaction is done and confirmed to the order manager. Unavailable product will not be visible on the site.e. 6 stores and finally to the warehouse of Mohali if the stock is unavailable.STEP 4: SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: Order delivery will be restricted only to the Kapsons regional main stores i. . Order cancellation information sent to Payment is received by the merchant bank and the details are cross checked by the Payment is done by the customer User ID is allotted and customer details are received.

Thus item has to be in central store Items are not available in the regional store then are checked in the central store Order number (CODE) with the items details and customer billing and shipping details are sent to After/ during the delivery of the parcel to the Order package is destination couriered within 7 Order tracking details are updated on the website Emails of order packaging and delivery status to the user Acknowledgem ent mails & SMS after the receipt of the order by the user Item is finally delivered to the customer at the requested destination . A confirmation mail is sent after 24 hrs to the customer Order items are available in the regional store If items are not even available in the inventory. the item will not be visible on the website.Details are confirmed by the bank to the our order manager Customer can cancel his order within 24 hrs duration from time of confirming the order Availability of the order items are checked in the regional store by the order manager Order is confirmed and processing on the order starts after 24 hrs of the order made.

All couriers will be done through 3rd party. Return policy: The return Policy should be drafted as per the company functions and in accordance with the policies of accounts. User can go to the nearest store and exchange with the new item within fix time Customer can return back the item and the right item will be returned with the courier cost bore by the user Customer can return back item and exchanged item will be delivered with all courier charges bearable by user. Courier charges will not be included in the item cost. logistics and marketing departments. The money will be returned and the person if wants to buy the right color or size will have to shop from the nearest store. It will be charged Rs 100 per order after the order confirmation. ➢ All wrong and defected shipments will be returned with the right order with no extra courier charges ➢ Order with wrong sizes or different color will also be accepted for the customer satisfaction but will not be delivered with exchanged product. Customer wants to exchange due to size problem or design/ color not liked. Tie up with the party. .Defected Item is delivered Wrong item is delivered by staff mistake.

excise etc. GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS IN RETAIL For the growth e-commerce. for electronic authentication via digital signatures. .Launching activities: ➢ ➢ ➢ Hoardings – Stating the arrival of the e shopping in the specific region. Indian government is taking necessary steps through effective Telecom policies. VAT.➢ No exchanges will be allowed and accepted online. our government has taken various steps to reduce cost and offer attractive plans for corporate and end users with high speed communication services getting increased day by day based on the demand. This will drive e-commerce transactions to huge growth in e-Retailing sector. This will avoid cyber space crimes. introduced Information Technology IT ACT to create necessary legal and administrative framework. The CCA (Controller of Certifying Authority) has created PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) i. Radio activity – Stating the arrival of the e shopping in the specific region.. State and central sales tax. For goods or services delivered still there are few confusions in customs duty. To build the confidence among common public to increase online business. To increase the use of internet. Exchanges can be accepted on the main Kaspsons store or any Kapsons pvt ltd EBO. This has to be clearly spell out by the government. STEP 5: Marketing Activities Pre.e. Papers – Stating the arrival of the e shopping in the specific region.

Flowing of the Mailers and SMS to the existing client database as a value added service MERITS AND DEMERITS OF E. Search engine optimization . Online banner visibility on searching portals. Pay per click – ad words 3. Marketing the website Online: 1.All Marketing activities should start almost a fortnight before the launch. media websites. twitter) 4.all content will be SEO based 2.RETAILING FOR HOST AND USER ➢ Advantages to the e-retailer: • Saves on the wages and premises • Reaches a larger audience . fashion sites etc(face book .

6. 3. The electronic channel gives the existing brick-store retailers an opportunity to reach new markets. For the existing retailers. it is an extension to leverage their skills and grow revenues and profits without creating an altogether new business. for instance the customers can shop from the comfort of their homes. The retailer’s server must be on 24*7. 4. E-Commerce channels are definitely efficient and retailers do not have to pay a heavy price for brick-n-mortar shops in costly shopping malls ➢ Disadvantages : • • • • • Credit card and debit card information worries Lack of personal and social interaction Cant feel the merchandise Premium charged for delivery Difficulties of returning goods or refund policy . The e-retail channels transcend all barriers of time and space. 5.• Accepts order 24 hours a day • More opportunities of CRM and micro marketing Merits of E-Retailing 1. E-Retailing overcomes some limitations of the traditional formats. 2. An order can come from any customer living any place at any time of the day. The e-commerce software that also traces the customer’s activities on the Net enables e-retailers to gain valuable insights into their customers shopping behavior.

Alternative Channel (Internet) to clear unsold stocks and end of season clothing. Using online storefront as a low cost platform .no high cost for rental and renovation. Expensive expansion cost for traditional brick & mortar clothing business • • . Fierce Competition among wholesalers & retailers • Profit Margin drops as a result of by price war Increasing holding cost of inventory.➢ Advantages to the user: • Cost effective • Convenient. easy and saves time • Easy search of variety • Customized shopping Outlook of E-retailing as a new business plan: The Challenges • The opportunities Find your niche . It is a low cost mode of business.use the power of internet to expand your sales channel and directly engage customers Capture market share and healthier profit in the shortest time by promoting it online.

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