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Day 3 Lesson Title: Learning About Food Webs Grade Level: 10th Date: March 14, 2012 Context:

Students spent the last day reviewing scientific terms that relate to ecology. During this days activity they will have to read a passage and understand these terms in order to construct a food web. Overview: Students will be constructing a Great Lakes food web from provided information and their knowledge from their previous reading assignment. A slideshow presenting the different organisms they will be organizing will play as they work to help students visual orient their food webs. Additionally, during the construction of their food web, the term invasive species will be introduced. Students will discuss how adding invasive species to their Great Lake food web will have an effect on all organisms in the Great Lakes ecosystem. For homework, students will read about the Northern Snakehead, a species that has recently invaded the Great Lakes, and construct a wanted poster for another invasive species in the state of Michigan. Connections to Standards/ Benchmarks/ Curriculum: Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations L3.p1A Provide examples of a population, community, and ecosystem. L3.p2C Describe the role of decomposers in the transfer of energy in an ecosystem. (prerequisite) L3.p3B Distinguish between the living (biotic) and nonliving (abiotic) components of an ecosystem. (prerequisite) B3.5C Predict the consequences of an invading organism on the survival of other organisms. B3.3A Use a food web to identify and distinguish producers, consumers, and decomposers and explain the transfer of energy through trophic levels Objectives: Students will be able to Define terms such as food web, community, producers, consumers, invasive species, native species, and decomposers. Indentify producers, consumers, invasive species, native species, and decomposers on a food web. Construct a food web containing organisms from the Great Lakes ecosystem. Classify different organism on a food web according to trophic level Explain the effects of invasive species on an ecosystem.


Students will use their food webs to compete a short quiz at the beginning of Day 4 and food webs will be collected for grading after the completion of this quiz.

Materials: Question handouts and food web activity handouts. Paper Coloring and writing utensils Fishzilla Video: 3:40MIN Management: Place all class and homework handouts at the announcement table. Have students pick up these materials as they enter the classroom. Instructional Sequence: Welcome students to class/take attendance (3 minutes) Model the process of constructing a food web (5 minutes) Students will work on food web assignment while slideshow is playing (30 minutes). Have students add invasive species to food web (indicated on assignment sheet) (3 minutes). Play preview clip Fishzilla: The Northern Snakehead (5 minutes) Homework: Read Snakehead article Complete WANTED: Michigan Invaders!